How To Pair Raycon Earbuds By Easiest Way? Top Step By Step Guide 2022

How To Pair Raycon Earbuds Top Full Guide 2022

Looking for a guide on how to pair Raycon earbuds? Look no further! This article will walk you through the process step-by-step for the best sound quality. We recommend pairing your Raycon earbuds to the Raycon app first. This will save you time and make it possible to customize settings on your Raycon app later.

Don’t worry, though! You can always skip this step and pair them directly to your Apple or Android device.

Raycon Earbuds

Which is better: wireless or wired headphones? There are no differences in the audio quality between wired and wireless headphones. Bluetooth headphones connect wirelessly to your phone using Bluetooth technology.

Also, there are no cables! The wired headphones come with a cord that runs from one earbud into the next. We recommend that you try both the wired and wireless versions of Raycon if you are new to Raycon.

Raycon earbuds are a popular choice for many streaming sites. Many of the biggest names on YouTube have endorsed them because of their excellent sound quality and affordable price.

You were probably attracted to the earphones because they appeared to be a cheap and great alternative to the Apple AirPods and Google Pixel Buds. If you are referring to everyday or performance earphones, you would be correct.

The Everday Earbuds

Raycon Everyday Earbuds are significant in specs and have an 8-hour battery. The case also comes with a wireless charging bag that you can use for up to 24 hours. They are IPX6 water- and splash-resistant, making them ideal for workouts. Users also love their sound quality.

The Everday Earbuds

The Fitness Earbuds

Raycon’s The Fitness wireless earphones are IPX7 rated, making them ideal for use at the gym. Raycon’s products have a variety of stabilizer fins to help them stay in your ears longer than other models. However, they cost $119.99 more.

The Work Earbuds

Raycon Work Earbuds, the most expensive Raycon models, are also the most costly. These products are the only ones with active noise cancellation and stems, which helps justify their high price.

Gaming Earbuds

Raycon Gaming Earbuds have been optimized for speed and accuracy. These models have a battery life of 31 hours and very low latency so that you can hear what you are hearing. The mic is optimized for gaming. The HyperSync Low Latency Technology ensures that your commands are received immediately.

How To Connect Raycon Earbuds

Pair Raycon Earbuds With Windows PC Or Laptop

Follow these steps to pair Raycon (Everyday Fitness, Gaming, and Work) earbuds on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC.

Step 1: Search for the Settings app in the Start Menu. Or, use the “Windows Key + I” keys to access it.


Step 2: Next, click on “Bluetooth and devices” in the left pane. Turn on Bluetooth from the right side.

Turn on Bluetooth

Step 3:  First, insert your Raycon earphones and then press both earbud buttons simultaneously on your Raycon earphones until Connected is heard.

Step 4: Click on “Add device” on your computer and then click “Bluetooth”.

Adding device

Step 5: From the pop-up window, select “Bluetooth”

Adding Bluetooth

Step 6: Wait for Windows 11 to search for devices, then click on Raycon earbuds to be added to the list.

Add Raycon Earbuds to your Windows PC

Pair Raycon Earbuds With Macbook, Macbook Air, And iMac

Follow these steps to connect it with your MacBook or Mac.

Step 1: First, open “System Preferences” on your computer.

Pair Raycon Earbuds With Macbook, Macbook Air, And Imac

Step 2: Next, tap “Bluetooth” to turn on the Bluetooth function

Step 3: To do this, insert your Raycon earbuds. Next, hold down both buttons simultaneously on your Raycon headphones until you hear the word “Connected”.

Step 4: Tap “Connect” when you see Raycon wireless earbuds in the list of nearby devices.

Step 5: That’s it! Now you’re done! Enjoy your music and life!

How To Pair Raycon Earbuds To iPhone

You can pair your Raycon (Everyday Fitness, Gaming, and Work) earbuds with your iPhone by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on iOS.

Step 2: Tap on “Bluetooth” on the Settings page.

Bluetooth On Setting Page

Step 3: Now, switch it into pairing mode by pressing down both buttons simultaneously until you hear “Connected”.

Add Raycon earphones to iPhone

Step 4: Next, after putting your bluetooth headphones or earphones into pairing mode, they will appear in the device list. You can tap the select earbud buttons, and that’s it.

Pair Raycon Earphones To Android Phone

Follow these steps to connect Raycon (Everyday Fitness, Gaming and Work) headphones or earphones with Samsung phones (Samsung Pixel, Xiaomi, and Google Pixel).

Step 1: If they are, either unpair them from the phone or disable Bluetooth.

Step 2: Open the phone’s Settings app for your Android phone.

Step 3: Next, locate and select the “Bluetooth” option in the Settings app.

Bluetooth Option In The Setting Apps

Step 4: Turn on Bluetooth and locate your Raycon earbuds in the scanned list. Click on it to pair them with your Android smartphone.

Step 5: Click the “Pair” buttons.

Confirming To Pair

How to Charge Raycon Earbuds

How to Charge Raycon Earbuds

Raycon wireless headphones include a charging case to charge them. Charge the earbuds by placing them in the charging bag and connecting the case to a USB port.

The charging case’s LED will glow red while charging and then turn green once fully charged. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes for the earbuds to charge. The LED turns red when they are charged.

Raycon’s battery can take about two hours, from zero to full charge. It will show a blue light when fully charged, just like all Qi-certified wireless chargers.

For two seconds, hold the power button for your earbuds down until you see a red light. Hold down the power button on your earphones for approximately five seconds until you see a green light to turn Bluetooth off.

You can use the micro-USB charging cable included to charge Raycon if your phone doesn’t have wireless charging. The USB port on your charging case is only for charging and will not charge it.

Why Are My Raycon Wireless Earbuds Not Working?

Are your Raycon earbuds not pairing well with your phone? Are you hearing a constant hum? This is how to fix the problem with Raycons earbud models


You can reboot your earbuds by clearing out the Raycon bluetooth names from all Bluetooth settings. Place the earbuds in their case and turn them off. Allow them to rest for a while before taking them out and resetting them.


Here’s how to fix this issue with your E50 and E100 Raycons

  • Turn it off
  • Remove Raycon Bluetooth names in the settings of on paired devices
  • Hold the earphones for 30 seconds to turn off.
  • Place them in the bag. Take them out of the case again.
  • Pair your Racon E50/Raycon E100 with your device.

Raycon Earphones E50

Raycon H20

If your Raycon H20s don’t sound right, ensure they are fully charged, and both are on. To ensure the sound is in the right place, adjust the volume.

If that fails, you can clear the Bluetooth pairings on any device. Hold down the power button for five seconds to turn off the device. This should resolve the problem.

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How To Troubleshoot Raycon Earbuds

Raycon wireless earbuds may not be working correctly for many reasons. Here’s how to fix them.

Make sure they are powered on by looking at the LED light in the Bluetooth receiver. If it is red, this means there has been no signal from your devices, and you will need troubleshooting. If it’s blue, your earbuds have been connected to a device, but there is no sound.

  • Ensure that your Raycon earbuds have been turned on by holding down the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds. When they turn on, the LED light will blink blue.
  • Ensure that your devices are properly and securely connected using an aux cord or Bluetooth connection. To verify that it is connected, refer to the manual.
  • You can check the Raycon website for any updates regarding the Raycon earbuds. You can download and install any updates yourself.
  • Contact customer service if none of the above solutions work.

How To Troubleshoot Raycon Earbuds

How To Care For Raycon Earbuds

It is essential to properly care for your earphones to get the best sound quality. These are some tips to help you care for it.

Keep your ear tips clean. The ear tips should be cleaned regularly using mild soap and water.

Ear tips do not come in one size. Make sure you choose the right ear tip size for your ears. Sound quality will be affected if you do not.

These products should be dry and clean before being stored in their case or any other storage device. Earbuds that are damp or dirty can lead to bacteria and fungus growth, which could cause infection or other problems.

It is best to take out the battery from Raycon earbuds if you won’t be using them for a long time. This will preserve the battery’s lifespan and prevent corrosion of the contacts.

For more information about how to properly care for it, make sure you read the instruction manual included with them.


FAQs About Raycon Earbuds How To Pair

How Do I Reset Raycon Wireless Earbuds?

It is easy to do a factory reset. For thirty seconds, hold down the power buttons on two earbuds. This will return your earbuds back to factory settings.

Why Does One Of My Raycon Earbuds Flash Red And Blue?

This indicates that the Raycon earbuds on your right and left are interacting. Both have red and blue LED lights.

If the earbuds flash solidly blue, it means that they are powered by one another. The earbuds are awaiting to pair together by flashing red and blue lights alternately.

Your two buds are paired if you hear “power on” followed by “connected“.

Is My Raycons Waterproof?

Raycons earbuds have water resistance. The E25 Everyday Earbuds, and the E85 Work Earbuds, are IPX4 weather- and sweat-resistant. They can be used poolside and are suitable for exercise, but they should not be worn while swimming or showering. The E55s can be waterproof up to IPx6 standards.


If you still have problems pairing, charging, or resetting your Raycon earbuds, there are three options available. You can read the manual online or go to an office and ask for further assistance. Raycon offers excellent customer service. They can help you find a solution. Raycon will send a replacement pair if the hardware problem is not resolved. We hope you found this article useful. Contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

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