Meet Rezence

Rezence™ is a wireless power transfer technology and specification based on the principles of magnetic resonance. This technology offers superior features and capabilities, and is endorsed by the world’s leading mobile chipmakers, mobile phone manufacturers, and other key industry partners.

PROBLEM: First-generation Technology Has Critical Limitations

Various industry groups have been formed over the last several years to promote wireless charging technologies. While these groups have done well to generate excitement for wireless charging, none of these technologies have been deployed on a mass scale.

The primary reason for this is that these solutions are using an older, first-generation charging technology. This technology works well enough when a single device is positioned perfectly on a charging pad, but its limited charging range and inability to handle different power requirements at the same time (i.e., charging a tablet and a smartphone together), or function in the presence of metal (e.g., keys, coins and metal backed devices) has made this technology impractical.

SOLUTION: Meet Rezence, The Next Generation in Wireless Charging Technology

Rezence is based on the concept of spatial freedom, which extends wireless power applications “beyond the mat” and accessories market into almost any mobile device or surface.

Unlike older technologies, Rezence uses the principles of magnetic resonance, which brings a number of unique benefits to the wireless charging ecosystem.


A superior charging range allowing for a true drop and go charging experience, through almost any surface and through objects such as books and clothing.


Ability to charge multiple devices with different power requirements at the same time, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and Bluetooth headsets.


Charging surfaces powered by Rezence will operate in the presence of metallic objects such as keys, coins, and utensils, making it an ideal choice for automotive, retail, and kitchen applications.


Uses existing Bluetooth Smart technology, minimizing the manufacturer’s hardware requirements, as well as opening the door for future, Smart Charging Zones.

In short, Rezence provides the flexibility and capabilities to bring wireless charging into the mass market.

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