Metro PCS Vs Cricket Wireless: Which Is Better 2022?

Metro PCS Vs Cricket Wireless Which Is Better

Metro PCS vs Cricket Wireless has been in a bitter battle for over a decade, fighting for the top spot in prepaid wireless. With a deeply rooted history, both companies keep fighting for better coverage, better pricing, and a better experience for their customers.

In this article, Rezence will compare their two prepaid plans, looking at things like network speed, customer service, monthly costs, and more.

Cricket Wireless Vs Metro PCS Overview

What Is Metro PCS?

T-mobile’s American prepaid wireless provider Metro PCS is owned by Tmobile. Although it was founded in 1994 under the name General Wireless Inc., its services began in 2002.

T-Mobile USA and Metro PCS reached an agreement in 2012, renaming the company to Metro by T-Mobile. This provider had 32 million subscribers, saw an additional 9million subscribers after the merger. Metro by T-Mobile offers high-speed wireless services and best unlimited data plans.

What Is Metro PCS


  • It provides superfast 5G coverage in America with satisfactory service for most users.
  • These plans are affordable and cheap. They offer plans starting at $40 per month and no annual contract.
  • There are many promotions available throughout the year.
  • These services are excellent, especially in high-coverage areas throughout the USA.
  • In the city, fast internet
  • Affordable prices


  • Poor customer service is a common problem. Clients are required to call multiple times before they can resolve their problems.
  • They lack security and have poor quality phones. They can overheat and have defective gadgets.
  • Internet can only be accessed via Wi-Fi. You cannot access the internet without Wi-Fi.

What Is Cricket Wireless?

With stores located in almost all major cities, Cricket Wireless is one of the largest Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

It is also known for its substantial marketing budget and the ability to save money throughout the year. AT&T currently owns the company, and it sells phone services over AT&T’s network.

I must say that while Cricket may not be the cheapest MVNO on the market, it does have a reliable network and a lot of benefits you should be aware of.

What Is Cricket Wireless


  • It utilizes AT&T coverage
  • Some plans are affordable
  • The prices are lower than some of its competitors
  • International calling and texting
  • 5G is now available
  • A large selection of phones


  • Interest rate financing
  • Most plans have speed limits
  • Customer service is poor

Cricket Wireless Vs. Metro PCS Comparison

Number of Available Plans

Metro by T-Mobile offers 5 cell phone plans. 4 of these are for individual use. One plan allows you to use up to 4 lines simultaneously for family use. Cricket Wireless offers 8 cell phone plans, three of which are family-friendly.

Plans And Pricing

MetroPCS offers many cell phone plans and add-on services, which do not require annual contracts. There are four plans available, two with data caps and one that has unlimited plan data.

Unlimited plan start at $50 per month for a single line. After adding more lines to your plan, the prices per line drop.

You can also get other special offers if you switch to them from another carrier. Amazon Prime is more costly and costs $60 per line per month.

Access add-on services that offer additional data internationally and robocall blocking can be added to your plan.

Online payment is possible as well as in-store. You will be charged a small fee if you pay in-store.

There are four Cricket cell phone plans you can choose from. Cricket offers plans that allow you to use one line. You can also save money by purchasing Family plan, which can be used for up to five lines. For $30 per month, the 2GB plan is for one line. It costs $150 for five lines.

Cricket wireless is the best in terms of pricing and plans. They offer affordable plans and the chance to save even more with Family Plans.

Cricket Wireless Vs. Metro PCS Comparison

Network Coverage

You want reliable coverage wherever you travel and whether you are calling, texting, or browsing the internet using 4G LTE data.

AT&T owns Cricket Wireless, and it uses the network’s towers and coverage. Cricket limits data download speeds for select plans and can slow down your speed when the network becomes congested.

Metro customers can use T-Mobile’s network but may experience slower speeds during busy times because of prioritization.


MetroPCS was initially available only in a few areas of the United States. With time, coverage has increased. After its merger with T-Mobile, the name was changed to Metro by T-Mobile.

It runs on T-Mobile’s network and relies on towers to increase coverage. Customers can also access nationwide 5G coverage.

Cricket, on the other side, uses the AT&T network for services to the market. This means that Cricket has the same coverage as AT&T.

T-Mobile and AT&T are both massive carriers in terms of coverage, so there is little to no difference in range between them. Cricket has better coverage.

Phone Options

There are no more restrictions on phone options when switching to a pre-paid carrier. Customers can buy a new phone from Cricket or Metro or bring in a compatible device.

Bring Your Own Phone

You must have your phone unlocked if you wish to keep it. To verify compatibility, locate the IMEI number of your device:

Buy A New Phone

These two carriers offer a range of phone options, including the latest Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone models. However, they are perhaps most well-known for their free phone promotions.

They usually offer free phones to transfer numbers. These phones are typically budget phones that sell for $200 or less.

Here’s an example. When I checked Metro by T-Mobile’s website last time, I noticed an advertisement for two Samsung Galaxy A20 phones free of charge when I switched. This device is almost $250.

It’s better to pay the total price if you don’t want the free phone but still buy a device from these companies.

You may get unique monthly payment plans, but you should be aware of the interest rates. If there were a 0% deal, I would not finance a phone from any carrier.

Data Speed

High data speeds make web browsing easy. MetroPCS was tested several times. The average download speed was 18.8Mbps and the average upload speed was 1113Mbps.

This is an acceptable speed, especially if you stream videos from streaming services like Netflix or YouTube. Cricket Wireless, however, has lower data speed. MetroPCS offers the fastest data speeds.

Text And Call Performance

The T-Mobile powers metro. Before switching, you need to ensure that you have strong T-Mobile network connections.

If you travel to an area without coverage, it may not work. You may not be able to access any text or phone calls until you are connected. If you are in an area with a reliable network, you will be able to access all your text and phone calls without any problems.

Cricket receives its network from AT&T so there is little chance of network quality being compromised. AT&T is the American Market’s best Internet Provider.

There is also potential for data limitations and deprioritization, significantly if you exceed your monthly limit. This is not surprising as both AT&T & T-Mobile prioritize their customers during peak seasons.

MetroPCS vs. Cricket Features

You will find additional features when you purchase Metro by T-Mobile (Metro PCS). MetroPCS offers international calling plans to many countries, including Canada and Mexico. They also provide a variety of data packages.

You can set up Caller Tunes for your family and friends. While they wait to be answered, they can listen to a song.

It includes a security feature including Name ID, Scam ID, and Scam Block. The Name ID blocks call from unknown callers and anonymous callers. Scam block alerts you when you receive a scam phone call.

Customer Service

It isn’t easy to review customer service because your experience may be very different from mine. So we found a J.D. study. Power ranked all non-contract full-service cell phone carriers, and Cricket Wireless was number one.

Metro by T-Mobile was not far behind in the study, and both were above the industry average.

Metro and Cricket are not the only prepaid companies that offer chat support, but they have physical stores and toll-free numbers where customers can get help.

If you need assistance, either of these providers is a viable option.

You can call Cricket or Metro before you sign up for service. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide feedback.

Below are the numbers I have provided to contact customer service.

  • Cricket Wireless: 1 (800) 274-2538
  • Metro by T-Mobile 1 (888) 863-8768

Metro By T-Mobile Vs Cricket: The Main Competitors

These two companies may not meet all your requirements for an MVNO. There are many other providers you could choose from.

MetroPCS and Cricket are not the only wireless service providers in the country.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is the winner in the best cell phone plans. It is a prepaid phone company that currently uses Sprint and T-Mobile Network.

It offers unlimited plans and some of the lowest prices. This is the best carrier for those who want unlimited talk plans and text.

You might be curious about what makes Republic wireless stand out in this market and why it is a winner. First, Republic wireless uses a technology called Adaptive Coverage. This technology automatically blends calls and texts across all available Wi-Fi networks.

Metro By T-Mobile Vs Cricket The Main Competitors


Freedom Pop, another reliable wireless provider, runs on the Sprint network. It provides a free mobile phone plan. What’s the catch?

You will receive 200 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 200Mbs each month. The 1GB and 2GB high-speed plans are the most affordable on the market.

It does have some issues, such as slow speeds and poor coverage. It does not offer an unlimited plan or international calling.


Tello is one of the lesser-known MVNOs in the nation. This wireless provider is powered by Sprint Network and offers some incredible deals.

The main selling point of the Build Your Plan feature is it. You can pick your monthly text, data, or call options.

Predefined plans are available, which can be more expensive if you have higher data allowances. For people who frequently call Mexico and Canada, this company is a great choice.


Ting uses T-Mobile and Sprint Network. Ting uses the network of two companies, which means they have the best connectivity plan.

Ting has the best connections in the country, no matter where you live. Although Ting may not be as cheap as some competitors, they will credit you to cancel any existing contract. You will receive a $75 credit that can be used to cancel your current agreement.

Which is better MetroPCS Or Cricket?

Because it is owned by one of the largest carriers in the country, cricket has been praised for its coverage. AT&amp owns MetroPCS and Cricket;T.

The coverage between the two carriers is good. T-Mobile has better coverage than AT&T. However, T-Mobile’s coverage has improved over time.


Is MetroPCS Similar To Cricket?

These two companies have their networks from different carriers. MetroPCS receives coverage from T-Mobile, while AT&amp covers cricket;T. This is why there is a slight difference in reliability and coverage.

Is It Possible To Order A Metro By T-Mobile Phone Online?

You will be able to purchase a line in many physical shops.

What Is Metro By T-Mobile’S Deprioritization Threshold?

Data deprioritization starts at 35GB.


Both mobile carriers offer special deals, but Metro from T-Mobile has better plans. This is especially true since every program provides unlimited data. This makes it an even better mobile carrier than Cricket Wireless. We hope you found this article helpful. We’d love to hear what you think of the service in the comments below.

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