Why Do Earbuds Hurt My Ears? Best Things To Know 2022

Why Do Earbuds Hurt My Ears Best Things To Know 2022
Need to know why do earbuds hurt my ears? Then you have come to the right page. Earbuds are a popular type of headphones that many people use. Earbuds are small, portable, and affordable headphones that you can use with any device. However, they can often be uncomfortable and cause pain and discomfort in the ears. They do not fit properly in the ear canal and create a seal. Read on for more information!

Are Earbuds Able To Cause Infection?

Earbuds will always try to bring dirt and bacteria into your ears. This is a recipe for infection. You don’t even have to drop your earphones onto the ground to pick up bacteria. Instead, you can use your hands to interact constantly with them.

Do you have ever seen hands at a microscopic level? They’re disgusting! They’re disgusting! The buds are kept in damp, dark places conducive to bacteria colonization.

According to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center (Jamaica Hospital Medical Center), earbud wear can prevent natural earwax drainage from the ear canal. This is a problem. Earwax can be more than charming bodily excrement. It must leave the canals to keep everything clean.

Earwax travels up and down the canals, picking up dirt and dust particles that have made their way onto your earbuds. This keeps your inner and middle ears clean and protects your eardrums against infection.

Are Earbuds Able To Cause Infection

Why Do Earbuds Hurt My Ears?

Earbuds off-the-shelf come in two types: molded plastic and rubber tips. You are the only one with your earbuds. There are nearly 8 billion worldwide.

Here are the top reasons earbuds can cause damage to your ears

Earbuds Off-The-Shelf Don’t Fit.

Those plastic earbuds that came in the box with your phone are like the glasses at 3D movies–uncomfortable, disposable, and, to be honest–a little underwhelming. They are “one-size-fits-all”. They can be used for small, medium, and large ears. There are three sizes of earbuds for 8 billion people. Yikes.

Because they are not correctly fitted, earbuds can cause discomfort because they sit unevenly in your ear canal. Even small, medium, or large tips can cause pressure points in your ears. This can lead to fatigue and discomfort.

All that wriggling in your ear can cause friction, leading to itching, chafing, or even bleeding.

Earbuds can cause ear damage in my ears. It’s The Midrange!

Audio quality is another important aspect. Sound can escape if it doesn’t have a good fit. It’s because there is always one person on the bus who unknowingly treats everyone to their music for the entire ride.

Non-custom earbuds cannot reproduce the sound they hear because of this problem.

Earbuds that are cheap often increase the bass to compensate for the loss of bass frequencies due to poor fitting. This works well for certain styles of music, but not all. They can also boost the mid-high frequencies to give the illusion of loudness.

Because our brains are programmed to hear sounds within that frequency range, such as the human voice, it works. However, too much can cause ear fatigue.

While it is true that boosting frequencies can improve sound quality in certain situations, wouldn’t you instead make your own decisions about what frequencies are best?

The Airpods Are Too Far In Your Ears

Wireless earbuds create a soft seal between the ear canal’s entrance and the headphone’s surface. Earbud tips and earbuds are not meant to be placed in the ear canal.

This can lead to ear infections and earaches if the AirPods are worn too close to your eardrum.

Solution: Use this insertion technique

To insert an earbud, gently pull your earlobe downward and insert the bud in your ear. Next, turn the long side downward to sit alongside your earlobe.

The earbud should form a soft seal between your eardrum and your ear canal. You should not insert earbuds into the actual ear canal.

You Gotta Play ‘Em Loud.

It’s a noisy world out there. What can you do when traffic noise, plane engines, and office chatter threaten to sabotage your workday? You can turn ’em on, of course. Your ears will soon ring like you just attended the longest Motorhead concert in the history of the world.

Plastic earbuds are uncomfortable and can make it challenging to listen to outside sounds. This can disrupt your concentration and sense of immersion. You won’t hear outside noises unless your device is turned up to maximum volume.

After only a few hours, hearing damage can occur when exposed to sounds above 85dBA. Some phones have earbuds that can be as loud as 110 dBA, which is just shy of Motorhead levels but enough volume to permanently damage your hearing in two minutes.

It is time to find a better way of dealing with ear pain, hearing loss, and uncomfortable earbuds. There is.

How Can You Avoid Ear Infections While Wearing Earbuds?

Regularly cleaning your earbuds will help to prevent ear infections. You need to clean your earbuds more than just wiping them against your shirt. I recommend that you also use cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.

The frequency you clean your earphones will depend on how often you use them. However, we recommend that you clean your case and earbuds at least once per week for those who listen regularly.

Even if you have the LG TONE Free HDBS-FN6 with UVnano disinfecting case, you should clean your earbuds.

Earwax impaction, which can lead to infection, should be avoided. You should limit the time you have earbuds/earplugs in your ears. We make it almost impossible for the earwax to escape by inserting these objects into our ears.

Worse, we can push it further down and trap it there. To reduce moisture buildup in the ears, they must breathe. This could even help reduce outer ear pimples (if you have this).

People who tend to get ear infections or excessive ear wax production may consider switching to over-ear or on-ear headphones.

How Can You Avoid Ear Infections While Wearing Earbuds

Tips For Choosing Comfortable Headphones

A new pair of headphones may be the best choice if you’re still having problems with your headphones. When choosing headphones, comfort and convenience are the most critical factors. Even if you spend a lot of money on headphones, it won’t be worth it if they don’t fit your needs well.

These are the specifications you should look out for when purchasing a new pair of headphones.


Headphones below 0.55 lbs. Headphones that weigh less than 0.55 lbs are considered light, while headphones that weigh more than 0.75 lbs are considered heavy—considered heavy.

Heavier headphones will not put too much pressure on your head than lighter ones. Even if you plan to use them for a long time, they can provide you with long-lasting comfort.

However, lighter doesn’t always mean better. It is possible to buy heavier headphones than necessary but still provides comfort. Make sure that the padding is sufficient to support your head and ears. Also, distribute the headphones’ mass evenly.

Clamping Force

You can use a special weighing scale to objectively determine the headphones’ clamping force. This is because everyone has different head shapes, so it’s more subjective.

If the headphones feel snug or loose, you will be able to tell if the clamping force suits your head.


The ideal headbands and ear cups for over-ear or on-ear headphones are thick, smooth, dense, packed, and even. These paddings should not feel thin or wrinkly as these characteristics can easily damage them.

For their durability and breathability, padding made from genuine leather is best. Also, consider microfiber and velour.

Tips For Choosing Comfortable Headphones

Size Of The Ear Cup And Ear-Tip

Earcups: To ensure the best comfort for users of over-ear headphones, it is recommended that ear cups are not too low on the ears. Ear cups that are deeper than average offer more excellent stability and protect the ears from the headphones’ drivers. Ear cups should also be larger if the ears are larger.

Ear tips: IEM and earbud wearers need a perfect fit for their ear tips. Ear tips: IEMs are inserted directly into the ear canal. Therefore, make sure they fit comfortably. Earbud users should choose an earbud size that fits comfortably on their concha.


The better the headphones, the more flexible they will be. These headphones allow you to adjust the fit and position of the headphones to best suit your needs. The headphones should be customized to suit your needs.


FAQs About Why Do My Earbuds Hurt My Ears

Are Earbuds Dangerous?

Earbuds aren’t necessarily dangerous. However, they do carry a small risk. This article will address the worst-case scenarios resulting from constant, continuous earbuds wearing. These problems are unlikely to occur if you take the necessary precautions.

Is It Possible To Lose Your Hearing By Listening Too Loudly To Music?

Noise-induced hearing loss is a condition where you listen to music via headphones or earbuds all day. Listening to music at a volume higher than 85dB(SPL) is not advisable. This is not an easy task. We all know how tempting and dangerous it can be to turn up the volume to drown out the train noises.

While it may be easier to deal with the immediate situation, a lifetime of doing this could cause damage to your stereocilia. These hairs are essential for high-frequency sounds, and if they become damaged, it will make your hearing worse. Although diminished hearing is normal with age, loud music can accelerate this process.

What Can I Do To Make My Earbuds Feel More Comfortable?

A proper fit is achieved by using the correct sized ear tips. You can experiment with the different sizes of silicone and foam tips that come with your earphones.

Foam tips can accommodate various sizes, making them an excellent choice for people with hard-to-fit ears. Specialized tips can be purchased for comfort and better fitting.

Are My Ears Too Small To Accept Earbuds?

Dr. Voigt says that if your ear canal’s too big, then the earbuds won’t have anything against which to rest and will fall out quickly.” “And if your ear canal is too small, the earbuds won’t be deep enough to fit correctly.

How Far Should Earbuds Be Inserted?

Reach up with your right arm and grab your left side earlobe. To open your ear canal, pull the lobe down a bit. Next, gently push the tip into your ear with your index finger. Do not push it in all the way, but just enough to feel the seal.


It is not easy to find headphones that provide the best comfort. With the right knowledge and approach, we can reduce or eliminate certain factors that make headphones uncomfortable. We hope you found this article interesting and helpful.

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