Samsung Earbuds Plus Vs Live: Which Is Suitable For You 2022?

Samsung Earbuds Plus Vs Live Which Is Better In 2022
The Samsung Earbuds Plus vs Live debate is one that has been ongoing for years. While both sides have pros and cons, it can be difficult to decide which option is best for you. So, which is better?

The Samsung earbuds Plus are a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality sound. They provide a clear and crisp sound and are also comfortable to wear. However, if you’re looking for something more affordable, the Live earbuds might be a better option for you. Read on for more details!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Overview

This is an excellent product. The earbuds have noise cancelling but no seal. The active noise cancelling works in some cases. These true wireless earphones will appeal to listeners who enjoy the idea of being more aware of their surroundings and are looking for something that stands out.

These earphones fit better than the AirPods and offer wireless charging. The Galaxy Buds Plus is a better alternative to the Galaxy Buds Live.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Overview


  • Bixby is always on
  • Touch controls that can be customized
  • Bluetooth 5.0; AAC, and Samsung scalable codec
  • Wireless charging and fast charging (USB C)
  • Comfortable, clever design
  • Incredible bass weight
  • Calls can be made with good noise reduction
  • IPX2 water-resistant
  •  Cloud blue battery life is excellent


  • Sound quality is subpar, especially at high volumes
  • Charging cases
  • There are some bugs in the system
  • It may not be suitable for the smallest ears
  • Signal interference occasionally
  • ANC fails
  • Open design allows for ambient sound to be in

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Overview

Samsung’s new earbuds are not the same as the old design. They have been redesigned to improve sound quality, battery life, and call quality.

The iOS companion app brings most Buds+ features to Apple devices, making them more competitive with AirPods. The price was kept at just $150 by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Overview


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Scalable Samsung codec and aAC
  • Qi Wireless charge
  • Integration with iOS deeper
  • Higher call quality
  • Impressive sound
  • Rated for an 11-hour total battery life


  • Insufficient aptX
  • There is no auto-resume music playback
  • Multipoint limit
  • Touch controls are sensitive
  • Only IPX2 is rated

Samsung Earbuds Live Vs Plus Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Vs Galaxy Buds Plus: Price and Value

The Galaxy Buds Plus are $149 and the Buds Live at $169.

The cheaper Galaxy Buds Plus are the best option if you’re looking for the cheapest buds. We’ll show you why the Buds Plus may be worth it.

Design & Comfort

Galaxy Buds Live and Plus look great and are attractive. But Buds Live is just as good. Bean shaped Galaxy buds design is less prominent than Buds Plus.

Samsung has a wide range of colors available for both earbuds. The Buds Plus is available in White, Black, and Red. Buds Live is also available in Mystic White and Mystic Black. Buds Plus offers a wide range of colors, while Buds Live is more premium.

These charging cases are also sleek. The Buds Live is available in a slightly larger charging case than the Galaxy Buds Plus, a rectangular-shaped one. Both issues can be used wirelessly, a significant advantage over similarly-priced buds.

Samsung’s earbuds can be quite comfortable to wear. However, Buds Live seems to be a more snug fit. They are incredibly lightweight, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Samsung Earbuds Live Vs Plus Comparison


Both earbuds provide a range of controls. However, not all are accessible. Oversensitive controls can cause accidental pauses when your finger touches them. Sometimes single taps can be considered double taps.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, however, seemed to work in the opposite direction. These buds only register inputs from solid touches.

The two buds offer the same functionality: pause music, skip music and return to previous music with a single tap. You can also adjust the volume or summon the voice assistant by long-tapping on the buds. You can activate Bixby with Buds Live if your Galaxy phone is compatible.

Audio Quality

This round has no contest. The Live earbuds provides superior audio, with clear vocals and deep bass. While the Buds Plus provides decent audio, music sounds more distant and has lower bass.

On the Buds Live, Phoebe Bridgers soft, bouncy, indie rock song “Garden Song”, sounded bright and warm, allowing her somber vocals, which were able to rise above the plucky reverberated guitarists without drowning them out. However, the backing instrumentals on the Buds Plus were far more prominent.

Juice WRLD’s emotional hip-hop “Wishing Well”, which was also heard on Buds Live, sounded just as urgent, allowing the spacey vocals, bright guitars, and snappy drum beats to shine equally. The Buds Plus was more difficult to hear the guitars and bass.

Winner: Galaxy Buds Live

Battery Life

Here’s where Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus outperforms Buds Live — and almost all other true wireless earbuds. The battery life of the Buds Plus is 11 hours, and 22 from their charging case.

This was largely true in real-world testing. The Buds Plus survived a two-day trip that involved long walks and a 6-hour flight without ever needing to be charged.

The Buds Live are also no slouch. They can hold up to 8 hours with ANC, and Bixby voices wake up and take 29 hours with juice. With ANC and Bixby, you’ll get approximately 6 hours/21 hours and 5.5 hours/20 with just ANC.

This was consistent with my testing. I was able to use the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for two days with a mixture of ANC and on-off ANC before refueling the charging case. The Buds Plus can last longer than the average earbud.

Winner: Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Ambient Listening And Noise Cancellation

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live’s noise cancellation is a top feature. However, it’s not as good as the Apple AirPods Pro or Sony WF-1000xM3.

The subtle ANC effect of Buds Live will cancel low-frequency noises, allowing you to listen to clearer podcasts. However, it won’t drown out noises such as construction and chatter from nearby areas.

The Buds Plus is unique because it has an ambient noise feature that allows noise to be inhaled outside, such as pedestrians or cars. This feature is excellent, but it can also amplify unwanted noises like the wind.

Charging Case

The cases look very similar, except for the differences in size and shape. Both cases use magnets to secure your earbuds. They also support USB-C charging and Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare.

This means that you can charge your Samsung Galaxy phone with the included cable or battery power. Wireless charging can be used by any Qi-compatible mat, even if you don’t own a Samsung Galaxy device.

The connection quality and Bluetooth codec support are identical.

Both earbuds share identical connectivity technologies. Both use Bluetooth connection to keep connected and function as wireless buds. They support up to the latest firmware 5.0. They support the Samsung Scalable Codec, which is excellent news to Galaxy smartphone owners.

Both pairs support AAC codecs so iPhone users can stream high-quality audio. However, this is a disappointment for Android adopters.

Worse, neither team can support Bluetooth multipoint connectivity. Instead of connecting to two devices simultaneously, you will need to switch between them manually.

Microsoft Swift Pair makes this easy with Windows and Android devices. Instead of connecting to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth, you can force a connection using your laptop’s Bluetooth menu.

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Offer Better Isolation

This point may have been obvious from the previous section. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus provides superior isolation to the Galaxy Buds Live. The beans are active noise-cancelling, but they only work so far if they don’t seal well.

Even small adjustments like wiggling your ears can cause the Galaxy Buds Live to lose its ANC performance and hinder effectiveness. The Buds Plus seal the ear better and are less prone to ambient noise mode.

It’s interesting: a pair of perfect Galaxy Buds would combine both and provide active noise cancellation with a comfortable seal, akin to the Sony WF1000XM3. Samsung could have produced a pair of great traditional ANC true wireless earbuds, which could have been competitive with the AirPods Pro.

It knows the market. The Apple AirPods are still the most popular wireless headsets. No other company has managed to achieve that level of popularity.

The earphones are a compelling alternative for the AirPods standard by offering a new open-type and noise-canceling design. Samsung said that the Galaxy Buds Live is not meant to replace the Buds Plus. The two headsets are intended to be used together.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are better at blocking out the outside world objectively. However, we understand that audio is not all about objective numbers. The Live earbuds is worth looking at if you like the idea and novelty of being constantly aware of your surroundings.

EQ and Special Features

Many of the software perks shared by Buds Plus and Buds Live are possible thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable App for iOS and Android. With six custom EQ settings, you can adjust each bud’s sound (normal, bass boost and soft, dynamic, clear, or treble boost), as well as activate Spotify using a single touch.

To locate your Buds Plus or Buds Live, you can also use Find My Earbuds. You can summon Bixby hands-free with the Buds Live app.

Winner: Draw

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Vs Galaxy Buds Plus EQ and Special Features

Call Quality

Both true wireless earbuds have a triple-microphone array, which allows for clear calls. However, I found that Samsung’s buds were more affordable and delivered better quality calls in my tests. Although Buds Plus could hear me clearly, my friends and colleagues sometimes noticed that I sound muted and distant using Buds Live.

Winner: Galaxy Buds Plus


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro appears to be a major step up from its predecessors, especially noise cancelling technology.

If they can live up to their claims, additional features such as Active Noise Control, Auto Switch, and 360 Audio will give them an advantage over older Samsung earbuds and even rivals like the AirPods Pro.

Apart from the 360 Audio feature, the dual-driver design of the Galaxy Buds Pro should result in an improvement in sound quality.

The Galaxy Buds Plus’ dramatically increased water resistance rating will appeal to fitness enthusiasts. For those looking for the longest-lasting buds, the Galaxy Buds Plus’s battery life could prove to be a problem.

The Buds Pro are, in my opinion, the best wireless earbuds by the brand. They’ve had middling success so far, but this latest version is the most high-spec and a more affordable alternative to the Apple AirPods Pro.

Call Quality

Although the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro’s call quality is quite good, friends and family felt that we sound a lot clearer using our smartphone’s built-in microphone. This is not a criticism of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

While most earbuds sound better than a smartphone’s microphone, it does mean that you should be cautious about using these earbuds to make phone calls.

Three microphones are located inside each earbud – one inner and one exterior – filtering out any unwanted sound during calls. The signal-to-noise ratio of the external microphone is high, which should improve audio clarity.

Special technology was also implemented to minimize the impact of weather conditions on your phone call’s audio quality. This includes a more tightly fitted chamber and meshed, which should reduce wind noise.

Galaxy Buds Live was not short of innovative technology. The Voice Pickup Unit uses an accelerometer to detect movement in your jaw and converts that kinetic energy into speech signals via bone conduction. This feature worked very well for us.

Three microphones are also included in the Galaxy Buds Plus. We found the call quality to still be quite good, even with background music.


The price is right if you are looking for a great deal on a Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. However, the new Galaxy Buds Live is the most stylish and feature-rich earbud on the market. Rezence hope you found this article helpful. Let us know if you have any questions about the Galaxy Buds Plus or other wireless earbuds.

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