How To Wear Wireless Earbuds – Best Things To Know 2022

How To Wear Wireless Earbuds - Best Things To Know 2022
Seeking ways on how to wear wireless earbuds? Then, you have come to the right page. Wireless earbuds are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of headphones, but they have been taking off in recent years because you can use them in a wide variety of settings.

Whether it’s using them to listen to music while jogging, biking, or just walking around, these earbuds are designed to offer a perfect fit and provide clear, crisp sound for almost any occasion. You can find out everything in this guide below. Let’s get started!

What’s The Difference Between Earbuds & In-Ear Monitors?

Before we get into the details of how to keep your headphones on, let’s first clarify the differences between earbuds (IEMs) and In-ear monitors.

Earbuds can be described as small types of headphones placed in the outer ear. They are facing the ear canal but are not inserted. They are meant to be worn on the outer portion of your ears (antitragus or concha).

Earbuds are also notable for their non-replaceable ear tips, often made of plastic.

In-ear monitors (IEMs) are smaller headphones that can be slipped into the ear canal.

Earphones with replaceable tips are often categorized as IEMs. These are usually made of soft silicone material. A few models can be made with different types of ear tips.

Many people still misunderstand and confuse earbuds with IEMs. This article will address the issue of keeping earbuds on.

What's The Difference Between Earbuds & In-Ear Monitors

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What Causes Your Earbuds to Fall Out?

Earbuds and IEMs should fit comfortably into your ears. However, sometimes they fall out. Here are the top reasons:

Unique Ear Shape And Size

Earphones, especially earbuds, come in a standard size that fits most people.

It was discovered that every person’s ears are more individual than their fingerprints. This means that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work well for many people.

If your ears are more significant than the standard size, the earbuds will drop out as they don’t have any support. The earbuds will pop out if they can’t reach deep enough.

Materials From Eartips

Today, most IEMs have silicone ear tips, while earbuds are more likely to have plastic tips.

These materials can become slippery if earwax or sweat build-up in the ears. These materials are not standard, but they tend to slip more than other materials such as foam and fabric.

Earwax Could Be A Problem

Although our ears can clean themselves, external factors can sometimes hinder them. Two of these external factors are as easy as wearing earbuds or cleaning your ears with cotton buds.

Earwax buildup can cause the ears to become too slippery, making it difficult for the earphones and earbuds to stay in place.

In worse cases, impacted wax can block IEMs from reaching the ear canal. They don’t have enough surface to hold on to, and eventually, they fall off with a few slight movements.

What Causes Your Earbuds to Fall Out

Ears May Be Too Close To The Jaw

Each skull has a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in front for a brief overview. These are the connections between our jaws and our skull’s temporal bones.

Your ears will be closer to your jaw the closer they will be with your TMJs. Talking or chewing, as well as simple movements such as talking and chewing, can change the shape and size of your ear canal. These movements can cause the earbuds to move out of their place and fall off.

It Could Be That You Are Wearing It Incorrectly

Sometimes your earbuds can fall out because you are wearing them incorrectly. Earbuds are made to fit the specific ear. If you place the wrong earbud in the wrong ear, the earbuds will likely fall out.

Some earbuds are made to be worn in unique ways, such as those with around-the-ear designs. These designs are not recommended.

Your earbuds may not be suitable for the activity that you are engaged in

Not all earbuds can withstand the jerking and jolting required for extreme activities (e.g., Some earbuds might not stay in place if you do gymnastics or breakdancing.

In general, if you plan on using your earbuds to do specific activities, such as working out, it is best to buy specialized earbuds.

How To Wear Wireless Earbuds Correctly

Secure Earbuds in Your Ears

To find the fitting earbuds for you, try different brands and types. There are many ear canal shapes and sizes.

Therefore, there is no universal earbud. Try out other brands and styles to find the best earbuds for you. Ask the sales staff at an electronics shop if they can help you try out several pairs of earbuds and see which one feels best.

Men generally have larger ear canals than women and need larger earbuds.

You should place the earbuds in your ear canal. It may be helpful to give the earbuds 2-3 twists in each direction to help them stay in place.

The wireless earbuds can be inserted into your ear canal to block any ambient sound.

To secure the earbuds, pull on your earlobes. After you have one earbud in each ear, gently tug with the opposite hand on each earlobe. The ear canal will be slightly opened and expanded by this. Press the earbud further into the socket with your index finger as you tug.

Gently tug with your left hand on the earlobe to secure your earbuds in your right ear. To push the earbud into the ear canal, use your index finger with your right hand.

If your earbuds aren’t fitting correctly, clean out the earwax. The ear canal’s shape and size can be affected by wax buildup. If this happens, the earbuds may become loose or fall out of your ears. You may notice that the buds aren’t as secure in your ears anymore. Use Q-tips to clean your ears.

If you find yellow ear wax on your earbuds, clean them. Keep your fingers out of the ear. Gently push the wax outwards, but don’t push it further in.

If you are able, don’t move your jaw when using earbuds. Earbuds may be loosened depending on how your jaw shapes and the proximity of your ear canal. However, you can’t help but move your jaw while on a call; it’s essential not to allow your jaw to move too much when using the earbuds.

If you chew gum or eat a snack while listening to music, your jaw motion could cause the buds to slip out of your ears.

How To Wear Wireless Earbuds Correctly

Using Wireless Earbuds

Pair your earbuds and your smartphone or other devices

Turn on your device by tapping the Bluetooth button. Next, tap on the “seek” button at the side of one earbud. To connect your device, you will need to tap on the Bluetooth menu icon of your phone. It may take some time if your earbuds are trying to be paired with a new device.

For specific instructions on how to pair your device with a wireless one, refer to your phone’s user manual.

The remote control allows you to control the earbuds

Many wireless earbuds have a remote control approximately two by 3 inches (5.1 cm) x 7.6 cm. You can use the remote interface to skip songs, adjust volume, or mute a phone call.

It would help if you always had the remote handy when you go out, such as jogging or using the earbuds while running. Otherwise, you will struggle to control your music.

You can control the music on your phone if you forget your remote control

If the earbuds don’t have a remote control, tap the buttons to activate them. Other brands have small buttons on their sides but no remote control. These buttons can be used to pause, play or skip tracks, as well as to answer, mute, or hang up a phone call. Before you put the buds in your ear, please look at them to make sure you don’t tap the wrong button.

You can adjust the music or hang up by using your phone’s interface if the buttons are too small.

If you notice any wax buildup, clean the earbuds

You can clean the earbuds with a cotton swab, rubbing alcohol, and a cotton swab if wax has built up in your ears. You can wipe the earbuds’ surfaces until all the wax is gone.

It would help if you did not clean wireless earbuds with soap. Never rinse them under the tap.

When you aren’t using your wireless earbuds, charge them. While the exact charging mechanism will vary from one set to another, all earbuds will have a small port where they can charge.

The port should be plugged into the wall outlet in your living room or bedroom. Connect them to the charging port when you aren’t using your earbuds.

You won’t be allowed to use your earbuds if you forget to charge them. Dead earbuds can be a problem if you use them for important business conferences, for instance.

How To Keep Your Earbuds From Falling Out

How To Keep Your Earbuds From Falling Out

Choose The Best Ear Tips (For IEMs)

Many IEMs come with replaceable tips in different sizes. Most IEMs come with medium-sized ear tips in the box. However, it is good to test the other ear tips provided to find the one that fits you the best.

Try different sizes if it feels too loose, too tight, or both. If none of the supplied ear tips fit well, you might consider buying a separate set.

You can upgrade your ear tips to memory foam tips to improve comfort, sound isolation, and fit.

Avoid Using Cotton Swabs

Because cotton swabs can block your ear’s natural cleaning process, They can push the earwax further into the ear canal rather than pushing it out. This causes excess earwax buildup.

You may be wondering: “If the most common method of cleaning our ears doesn’t work, what should we do?”

These steps will help you get rid of ear wax.

  • To soften the earwax, add a few drops to your ear.
  • After the earwax is softened, use a bulb syringe to irrigate your ears and then add warm water.
  • After you have finished irrigating your ears, turn your head over to drain any excess water.
  • You can dry your outer ear with a clean cloth.
  • Use ear warmers to cover your ears

Wear Ear Warmers Over Your Earbuds

Pro tip: Make sure your ear warmers are not too tight, especially if you have bulky earbuds.

Wear Ear Warmers Over Your Earbuds

Third-Party Accessories To Prevent Earbuds From Falling Out

You may need third-party accessories to secure your earbuds. These are some of the best third-party accessories that you might consider:

Comply Isolation Plus

These Comply Isolation Plus replacement tips are designed for IEMs. These ear tips are designed to cancel out external noise and provide superior audio quality.

The Super-Soft Memory Foam material adapts to the natural contours of the ear and prevents earphone fatigue. This memory foam is 30x more soft than average silicone ear tips.

These ear tips are perfect for people who want to replace their earplugs. They have a comfortable fit but don’t feel too tight or loose.

Covers For Earbuds

These Ougual foam replacement sponge covers for earbuds measuring 13-18mm are ideal. The tips are approximately 3mm in diameter. The thick sponges feel soft and provide the stability that prevents the earbuds from falling out.

Far End Gear Budloks Sport Grips For Earphones

These soft silicone wings allow users to lock their earbuds in their ears while performing rigorous activities or exercises.

LICHIFIT Anti-Lost Strap

The anti-lost strap is made from high-quality silicone material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and sweatproof. This accessory is ideal for active and adventurous people because it allows you to enjoy intense activities without worrying about your earbuds/IEMs falling off the ground.

This accessory will not stop your earbuds from popping out of your ears. This accessory is extra protection that will prevent your wireless earbuds from falling out of your ears. It is an excellent upgrade for wireless headphones.


It can be challenging to find the right pair of earbuds for your ears. Finding the fitting earbuds can be a joy. Try out different earbuds. You will know when you find the right ones. Your ears will not hurt after using them, and they will sound great.

Did this article provide the answers to your questions? If not, please leave a comment below with any questions or thoughts about this topic. Rezence would love to hear from you!

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