How To Find Lost Bluetooth Headphones That Are Turned Off 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Find Lost Bluetooth Headphones When They Are Turned Off
Have you ever lost your headphones and couldn’t find them because they were turned off? It can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can do to try and locate them. This article will give you some tips on how to find lost Bluetooth headphones when they are turned off.

The Bluetooth Beacon

All Bluetooth-enabled devices produce a continuous signal that other Bluetooth-capable devices may pick up. This is how they transmit data wirelessly and how the devices communicate.

Using this Bluetooth characteristic, a smartphone software called Wunderfind for iPhone or Android may assist you in physically locating a lost, concealed, or unrecognized Bluetooth item. PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, AirPods, smartwatches, smart home gadgets, and more devices are included. To find any of these devices through Bluetooth signals, they must be turned on, and Bluetooth enabled.

Wunderfind is free to use with no bothersome advertising, and the Pro edition with more features is now available for a modest $5 in-app purchase (as of May 2022). Other Bluetooth tracker applications exist. However, we’ve discovered that some feature predatory app subscriptions or invasive adverts. Wunderkind does not presently have any of these issues. Here’s how to put it to use.

How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Headphone: 7 Things to Remember

How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Headphone 7 Things to Remember

Our initial pointers are simple. Some may seem obvious, and you may have considered some of them. But believe us. It is worthwhile to look through them all to ensure that you locate your misplaced Bluetooth gadget that has been switched off.

Consider it a treasure hunt. Only you already have the reward.

Check places where headphones could get destroyed first.

Check places where headphones could get destroyed first.

First and foremost. How do you discover a Bluetooth device that is turned off? To begin, compile a list of potential locations for your headphones to be damaged. Falling down the back of the sofa isn’t too bad—falling into the footwell of the automobile, for example, maybe worse since someone might trample on them.

Similarly, if they are secure in a drawer somewhere, it is unnecessary to discover them. If you left them in the garden after a jog, in the bathroom, or in any other area where they may become wet, it is better to look there first.

Top tip: first, build a list of all the locations you might have gone to, and then, if you’re not in a rush, run through the worst-case situations. See our helpful suggestion number 2 if you’re in a hurry.

Play loud music (if your headphones are still connected to your phone)

Play loud music (if your headphones are still connected to your phone)

While this will not help you discover lost Bluetooth headphones switched off, it will help you how to find a lost bluetooth device that is off that is still linked to your phone. If your home or workplace is silent, play music from your phone at maximum volume, and the sound should come from your headphones. Follow it till you arrive!

Unclutter your work and home areas

Unclutter your work and home areas

Uncluttering your house and office is a simple way to discover a Bluetooth device while it is turned off. Once everything is in order, you may keep your headphones in one location. You don’t have to continually look for them as long as your living environment is neat and they are always within easy reach. You may also color coordinate your entire space in The Home Edit manner.

Check the places they have the highest probability of being

Check the places they have the highest probability of being

Do you have a habit of leaving your headphones somewhere? Perhaps on your nightstand or at the dinner table? Regardless of whether you looked previously, it’s worth reviewing and examining properly under the circumstances. When we are in a hurry to find anything, we can merely give an area a cursory glance. Your headphones may be buried someplace, especially if they are a drab color. Matt black looks excellent while worn, but it’s not ideal for popping out when searching.

Indeed, this is one of the simplest methods for locating missing Bluetooth headphones switched off. Take your list and go on a headphone treasure hunt. We’ll give you a moment now to check.

Ask people around you.

Ask people around you.

While you’re racking your brain, it’s usually a good idea to ask anyone who happens to be nearby whether they know where your headphones are.

Another alternative that may come to mind is if you are anxious or blame yourself for losing your headphones. Someone nearby, whether at home, work, or on the train, may have noticed your headphones and not known you needed them at the time.

Similarly, they may have transferred them mistakenly believing that they were assisting you by putting them in a secure location. However, this may be considered a confession if you borrowed someone else’s headphones!

And don’t worry—show them this page if they question how you can discover a Bluetooth device while it’s turned off.

Retrace your steps and look for where they might have fallen

Retrace your steps and look for where they might have fallen

We’ll be your mother here. Did you glance in every direction you traveled today? Really? Everywhere?

It’s always worth retracing your steps to ensure you haven’t placed your headphones somewhere unusual. As a result, if you’ve generated a list of likely locations but haven’t discovered your device yet, these must be your next actions.

Clear your mind and start meditating

Clear your mind and start meditating

When you are worried, it isn’t easy to think clearly. Generally, a tense circumstance involves looking for misplaced headphones and attempting to locate a switched-off Bluetooth headset. This adds even more pressure if you spend a lot of money on your headphones.

If you see yourself growing increasingly worried, the greatest thing you can do is take a beat to settle your thoughts. When you are calmer, you may be able to think more clearly and locate your misplaced gadget more quickly. Keeping this in mind, the NHS UK website provides some excellent stress-relieving behaviors that you may try at home. The ability to think positively is especially important. You will discover your headphones! It could simply take some time.

How to Find Lost Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Turned Off?

How to Find Lost Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Turned Off

Don’t worry if you can’t find your misplaced Bluetooth headphones – we’re here to assist. Follow these basic guidelines, and you’ll be well on locating them in no time.

1. Check the Bluetooth connection

Check the Bluetooth connection

You may always verify the Bluetooth connection if you’re not sure if your headphones are switched off. When you switch on your headphones, they will display as linked devices on your phone or computer.

To test the connection, go to your device’s settings and look for the Bluetooth option. If you switch off your headphones, they will not display as linked devices.

2. Check your phone’s settings

Check your phone's settings

You may also check your phone’s settings to discover your misplaced Bluetooth headphones. This will help you determine whether your headphones are still linked to your smartphone. If they aren’t, you’ll know they’re gone for good.

3. Track them by using the headphone app

Track them by using the headphone app

If you can’t find your headphones, the best thing to do is search them down with a headphone app. This will allow you to see where they were last seen and provide hints about where they could be.

For AirPods:

Before you lose your AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, you must disable lost mode and register your phone number or email address.

  1. Install the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. When the app is launched, navigate to the Devices section and choose your AirPods.
  3. Scroll down to Mark as Lost and press the Activate button.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions if you wish your contact information to be shown to anybody who discovers your AirPods.
  5. Even if your AirPods are no longer connected, you may still receive their last known position or instructions for where they were last linked.
  6. If they become available again, you will be notified of the bluetooth device finder with which you use them.
  7. Hopefully, this tutorial has assisted you in locating your misplaced Bluetooth headphones.

For the general process of every headphone:

Almost every headset has an app that allows you to control your headphones or earbuds. If you can’t find your headphones, go to the Play Store or App Store app and choose “Find my device” or “Find My headphones.” This function displays the last location where your headphones were connected to your phone.

For Android devices:

There are several techniques for finding misplaced Bluetooth headphones on Android smartphones.

  1. The Android Device Manager is one possibility. This service will assist you in tracking your device, providing location information, and the ability to lock or wipe your data remotely.
  2. Another approach is to utilize the “Where’re My Headphones?” app. This program will display the last known position of your headphones on a map and allow you to return to that spot to find them.
  3. The final method is to utilize the “Find My Device” feature. This software is created by Google and will allow you to track your smartphone and lock or wipe your data remotely.

For Bose Headphones:

If you’ve misplaced your Bose headphones and turned them off, you may utilize the “Find My Buds” function in the Bose Connect app to help you find them.

  1. This function will display the last known location of your headphones on a map, and you can go back to that spot to find them.
  2. You may get the Bose Connect app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Connect your headphones to your mobile device.
  4. The Bose Connect app enables the “Find My Buds” feature.
  5. If your earphones go missing, you may use the Bose Connect app’s “Find My Buds” function to locate them.
  6. This feature shows your present position on a map and the location of your most recently used mobile device and earbud.
  7. If you’re within Bluetooth range and your earphones still have power, you’ll be able to play a sound via them by pressing the chirp button. Chirping will help you find your buddies if you can’t see them.
  8. So, how to find lost tozo earbuds? “The earbud locator alert is going to go off,” the alarm will ring in each earbud. Take off your earphones right now.”
  9. If you have any issues concerning the “Find My Buds” function, please get in touch with Bose Customer Support.

4. Use director finder software

If you’re having trouble locating your misplaced Bluetooth headphones, you may consider utilizing director finder software. This will assist you in locating the precise equipment you’re looking for and can be a lifeline in some cases.

5. Retrace your steps

If you’ve been using Bluetooth headphones and suddenly can’t find them, you should retrace your actions. This means you’ll have to go back over your previous locations and see if you can locate them any place. It is not a flawless strategy, but it can be useful in some circumstances.

6. Bluetooth scanner app

Bluetooth scanner app

Several Bluetooth scanning applications are available to help you locate your misplaced headphones. These apps will show you all the Bluetooth devices linked to your network. This might assist you in locating your headphones.

7. Contact the manufacturer

You may always contact the manufacturer if you cannot locate your headphones using the instructions provided above. They might be able to assist you with locating your headphones or give other useful information.

Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Tracked?

Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Tracked

The answer is: Under specific conditions. For example, if you have AirPods, this is a lot easier (see below). You should know that the following requirements must be followed to monitor your Bluetooth headphones using the Bluetooth function.

  • The battery in the Bluetooth headphones must be charged.
  • The Bluetooth wireless earphones must be turned on.
  • They must be attached to your phone and cannot be disconnected.
  • You must be in the vicinity of where you misplaced my wireless headphones.
  • The earphones must be removed from the case.

Why Are Bluetooth Devices So Easy to Lose?

Why Are Bluetooth Devices So Easy to Lose

It is typical to misplace your headphones. So is Googling for “how to discover a Bluetooth gadget after it is turned off,” which pretty much says it all. Why is this so common in the current world? Especially in societies that are preparing for 5G?

Bluetooth technology has advanced significantly over the last couple of decades. As a result, Bluetooth 5.0 offers faster transfer speeds and can broadcast over greater distances (up to 800ft/240m unhindered). You may learn more about Bluetooth 5.0 by visiting our blog.

Bluetooth gadgets are becoming increasingly compact as their power increases and technology shrinks. Ultra-small headsets, for example, are now available, usually in black and silver. True Wireless headset technology allows you to misplace one earpiece at a time.

Smaller = Easier to Lose

Smaller goods are more easily misplaced. You can put them down without thinking about it and then miss them while you frantically hunt for them. This is considerably more difficult when attempting to locate a misplaced Bluetooth device switched off.

While you may be stumped as to how to locate missing headphones that have run out of battery power, there is still hope if they are turned on and linked to your phone. This is because your headphones may be monitored in this case. Alternatively, you may go back to tip seven and play loud music through them until you discover them.

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How do I find a hidden Bluetooth device?

Before searching for an active Bluetooth device, ensure your smartphone has Bluetooth enabled. Begin Wunderfind by downloading the app on your iPhone or Android device. If your smartphone has a built-in Bluetooth radio, you’ll get a list of all Bluetooth items it has recognized immediately.

Can someone hack my Bluetooth headphones?

Scammers capture your Bluetooth connection and hack into your smartphone using specialist software. It’s known as “blue bugging.”

How far away can Bluetooth be hacked?

Bluetooth hacks occur when hackers use their Bluetooth connection to access your phone. This is only possible if a prospective hacker’s phone is within Bluetooth range. This range is usually approximately 30 feet.

Can someone spy on you through Bluetooth?

Yes, a Bluetooth gadget may be used to spy on someone, but the hacker will require access to the person being spied on by phone. Or, even simpler, use a Bluetooth surveillance app. Bluetooth is possibly one of the earliest instruments used by mobile phones; it existed long before smartphones.


If you’re still having trouble finding your lost Bluetooth headphones, even after following the tips in this article, there’s one more thing you can try. Check to see if your headphones are turned off. They may not appear on your device’s Bluetooth list if they are.

To turn them on, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Once they’re on, they should appear on your list, and you should be able to connect to them. Thanks for reading this article.

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