How to Connect Wireless Speakers to TV Best Full Guides 2022

How to Connect Wireless Speakers to TV? Best Full Guides 2022

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In this article, we’ll tell you how to connect wireless speakers to TV. Wireless speakers are the perfect option for those who have a TV and want to listen to music from another room. And now, we’ll go through everything about this topic.

Can I Add Wireless Speakers To My Tv?

Yes, wireless speakers can connect to a TV using a Bluetooth Transmitter. Bluetooth Transmitters can be connected to TVs with a 3.5mm audio output port or a component audio out port.

The TVs will then pair to Bluetooth speakers, which play the sound wirelessly.

How Do Wireless Speakers For Tv Work?

Let’s start with how speakers work before we get into the meat and gist of this blog. Next, we’ll look at how wireless sound is transmitted. Wireless speakers work almost identically to traditional speakers, which should clarify some things.

The primary function of a speaker system is to act as a transducer. A transducer is an instrument that converts energy into another form.

A speaker converts electrical energy into mechanical energy in the case of an audio system. Electrical energy refers only to audio signals, while mechanical energy refers to sound waves.

Stereos can be made up of many components. However, the driver is the component responsible for energy conversion.

The audio signals activate the driver. The driver’s movements cause the surrounding air to push and pull, creating sound waves similar to the audio signal.

How Do Wireless Speakers For Tv Work

What Is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth technology is something you’ve used many times. It can be used to connect your phone to your car or to connect a game console to your phone. Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard that allows devices to exchange data over short distances using ultra-high frequency (UHF), radio waves.

Bluetooth is a complicated topic because it offers a wide range of applications, including remote control, streaming, and communication between devices.

We won’t be diving into Bluetooth in-depth for this blog. Instead, we will scratch the surface. You should know that all devices that use Bluetooth have a profile. To allow two devices to work together, they must support the same profile.

What Is Bluetooth Technology

The Role Of Wireless Speaker Transmitters

Referring to the operation of speakers, we know that audio signals must be received by the driver in order for them to produce sound waves. The way the driver receives audio signals can vary between devices.

The signal is transmitted through the wires of wired speakers. On the other side, wireless speakers receive audio signals from an electronic component called a transmitter.

An antenna is used to create radio waves. The transmitter broadcasts radio waves to the connected wireless device by sending audio signals from your TV (or audio source). The two devices will connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi most of the time.

The wireless speakers then use a receiver to pick up the radio waves in real-time, without delay.

The Role Of Wireless Speaker Transmitters

How Do I Hook Up Wireless Speakers To My TV?

How Do I Hook Up Wireless Speakers To My TV

Standard Wireless Speakers

Step 1: The single end of the adapter cable Y is to be plugged into the transmitter’s audio input, while the two ends are to be plugged into the television’s color-matching audio output jacks. The power adapter for the transmitter can be plugged into one end and the other into a wall outlet.

Step 2: The speakers should be within the range of the transmitter. Distances vary by model so make sure to check the documentation. Reduce the volume of both speakers. The power adapters should be plugged into the speakers and then to the nearest wall outlet.

Step 3: Turn on the TV and adjust the volume to normal. Turn on all power buttons and ensure that the power indicator lights are on.

Step 4: Turn up the volume on the speakers to a comfortable setting. If static is coming from the speakers, adjust the channel selection switch at the rear of your transmitter.

Bluetooth Speakers

Step 1: Turn on the speakers, plug them in, and set them to discoverable mode. To do this, press and hold a button on the speaker until it turns on. To locate the button, refer to your speaker’s documentation. The speakers should be placed within 3 feet of your television.

Step 2: Turn on the TV and then use the menu system to activate Bluetooth. Then it will search for compatible bluetooth devices. For specific instructions, refer to the user manual of your television.

Step 3: Next, choose the speaker from the list of devices discovered and confirm your selection. To find your PIN, refer to your speaker’s user manual.

Step 4: Set the volume to a comfortable level.

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What Happens If Your TV Does Not Have A Bluetooth Network Built-In?

Your TV might not have a built-in Bluetooth network. For example, many VIZIO models only offer Bluetooth LE. This low-frequency connection doesn’t allow for a speaker to be connected.

You can add Bluetooth to your VIZIO model by connecting a Bluetooth transmitter. This connects via a Bluetooth 3.5-millimeter connector, optic, or USB.

To pair your Bluetooth transmitter with your speaker, press the Bluetooth transmitter button. After the speaker has been added and activated, you can turn up the volume and connect.

Pro tip: Soundbars can be purchased with Bluetooth technology, but some are designed for use via third-party applications such as Alexa or Roku TVs.

It’s all down to the wires

A Bluetooth speaker can also be connected to your TV via a direct-wired connection using a port measuring 3.5 millimeters.

This is a stupid thing to do. Bluetooth is supposed to be used without wires. Your other bluetooth devices will be able to connect wirelessly to the wired speaker.

What Happens If Your TV Does Not Have A Bluetooth Network Built-In


You can easily play audio from your TV to wireless speakers with the proper hardware. The most popular method is to add a Bluetooth transmitter to a television. To ensure that you get the correct adapter for your set, make sure you know what audio ports your TV has.

Rezence hopes you found this article useful and let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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