How Do Wireless Keyboards Work Best Things To Know 2022

How Do Wireless Keyboards Work? Best Things To Know 2022

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We have so many things going on all the time, it’s hard to know how do wireless keyboards work? Wireless keyboards transmit information via a radio frequency, using a USB receiver to pick up the signal and send it to the computer.

Most often, this is done with infrared signals, but there are Bluetooth keyboards that can transmit data via radio waves (wireless) or lasers (optical). And this article will detail everything about the topic. So, let’s get started!

How Does The Keyboard Gain Power?

Wired keyboards can be connected using a five-pin serial connection (or a USB cable) or a traditional serial port. This cable would provide power to the keyboard and transmit commands to the computer. These models are powered by batteries and transmit their signal to a receiver connected to the computer via a USB port.

How Does The Keyboard Gain Power

How Does The Computer Obtain The Information?

The information sent from the keyboard is received by a radio frequency (RF), or Bluetooth antenna receiver. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple Computer have the ability to interpret wireless commands.

Different Types Of Wireless Keyboards

Different Types Of Wireless Keyboards

You can use many wireless keyboards to organize your desk and eliminate messy cords. The technology used to connect them to the computers is what separates them. You need to be able to distinguish between them before you can choose. Here are some examples of the types you should consider:

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards

Bluetooth keyboards are the most popular wireless one. They use Bluetooth protocol to communicate with the paired device. Although there is a limit to the range, this technology allows faster and more secure data transmission.

The range for connecting is approximately 30 feet. They cannot sync through direct lines of sight.

This type can be used in offices where clutter is likely due to their reliable connection. Bluetooth keyboards can prove annoying because they frequently need to be paired with the computer.

RF Keyboards

Unlike Bluetooth, which does not decommission USB, RF keyboards use radio frequency and require a transceiver and transmitter to transmit data to a paired computer.

The transceiver connects to the USB port while the transmitter is within the keyboard. The laptop recognizes your keyboard and allows you to type as if wired.

Wireless keyboards are most popular using RF technology due to their ease of use and reduced interference. These keyboards operate at 27 MHz. However, some models like Logitech have introduced 2.4 GHz. The new peripheral offers reliable encryption and interference-free performance. It also has extended battery life.

The range of RF is also greater than their Bluetooth counterparts. The range of most models is approximately 33 feet (10 meters), but some models can connect up to 100 feet (approx. 30 feet from the computer.)

Infrared Keyboards

Infrared keyboards communicate with computers via light waves. This technology is used in remote controls and wireless devices, but it is rare for computer keyboards. The range of most IR keyboards is approximately 33 feet (10 meters), as long as there’s a direct line of sight.

They will not connect if there is an obstruction between the keyboard and the computer. It can be not very pleasant, so some people avoid IR types. Few still prefer them because of their high data transmission rate.

How Does A Wireless Keyboard Work

How Does A Wireless Keyboard Work

Inbuilt transmitters are built into wireless keyboards and send information via Bluetooth protocols, radio frequency, or light waves. To use the RF keyboard, you must connect a receiver to your computer’s USB port.

The receiver will send commands to your computer via the keyboard transmitter. This allows you to work as though the keyboard were wired to your computer.

To pair the Bluetooth keyboard with your computer, you must first pair it. Bluetooth must be enabled on the computer or any other device that can pair with it.

It must have a Bluetooth antenna to receive information from the keyboard protocol. Computer operating systems are designed for wireless data transmission and interpret the keyboard commands accordingly.

Is A Wireless Keyboard Required To Connect To Wi-Fi?

These keyboards don’t require Wi-Fi for connection to the computer. They use either Bluetooth or the RF receiver. You can use the Bluetooth keyboard to get rid of the USB port.

As long as your computer has an integrated Bluetooth receiver, you will be able to use it. Most devices can be paired with wireless keyboards and are Bluetooth-enabled.

What Distance Can Wireless Keyboards Be Used?

It work well within a range of approximately 30 feet. 9 meters). You might not be able to reach a good connection at all 10 feet (approx. 3 meters) away.

You can try the following steps to resolve a problem with your keyboard connectivity range:

Find out what might be causing the keyboard range problems. This could be caused by

  • The keyboard is not as good as the software or battery life.
  •  Make sure your keyboard batteries are in good condition and replace any that do not work. It is low.
  • Keep your computer in clear sight of the wireless receiver. You don’t have to be too strong to overcome barriers.
  • Unplug any other USB devices while using the wireless keyboard with the receiver connected to the computer
  • Other electronic devices may interfere with the connection so try to keep it as simple as possible. They will be able to use the wireless keyboard to remove them
  • Use range extender to reach the desired range

Which Keyboard Is Better: Wired Or Wireless?

Which Keyboard Is Better Wired Or Wireless

There are two types of computer keyboards: wired and wireless. While the former connects to the computer using cords, the latter uses RF or Bluetooth to sync. It is easier to make informed decisions when you are familiar with the benefits and drawbacks. These are explained in the following:


A clutter-free workplace

Dealing with wires connecting to a computer using a traditional keyboard can be stressful. Wireless keyboards are much easier to use as they sync directly to your computer. You will be able to work at a better table. You can also type from a distance away from your PC.


Wireless keyboards are becoming more popular due to their mobility and convenience. They can be used in places where wired typing is impossible, such as on a bed or a lap.

The majority of computers can be connected to the computer within 30 feet (approx. Most can connect with the PC up to 30 feet (approx. 9 meters) depending on the technology.

For greater flexibility, you may choose RF or Bluetooth wireless technology over IR wireless types. It does not need a direct line-of-sight to work.

Comfortable posture

A neat and clean desk will make it easier to place wireless keyboards in a comfortable position. Unlike the wired, the wireless keyboard can be placed centrally to avoid any injuries, pains, or aches, which limits your options.


Battery Life

Small radio transmitters are often included in these keyboards. They require power to function, just like any radio transmitter. Batteries usually provide the emphasis. If the batteries run out, the keyboard won’t work. Keep extra batteries handy or have a traditional spare keyboard if you need it.

Potential Interference

You’re adding another radio signal in your environment when you use a wireless keyboard. It shouldn’t matter if you’re working alone. However, if you’re working in an office with many wireless keyboards and Bluetooth earpieces, your keyboard may not be functioning as well as it should.

Radio congestion makes it difficult for your keyboard and the receiver to communicate with your computer.

Security Issues

It could pose security risks. A cybercriminal can install a keylogger on your computer to intercept what you type on a wireless keyboard. It is much easier to intercept signals from these keyboards. All you need is a radio and the software to decrypt and download them.

Wireless keyboards are often unencrypted and leave everything open. This problem can be avoided by using a wired keyboard or Bluetooth. It is designed to be secure.

Qualitative Construction

These keyboards use membrane switches for keypress registration. Although these switches are standard and inexpensive, typists who prefer the feel and function of mechanical keyboards such as those found in 1980s-era IBM PCs will not find them to be sufficient.

Although wireless keyboards are now available, they are expensive and rare.

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FAQs About How Keyboards Work

Is A Wireless Keyboard Required To Have A USB Port?

No. A wireless keyboard/mouse does not use regular Wi-Fi (i.e. 802.11x and can only be paired with the receiver that it came with. Logitech Unifying receiver is an exception. It allows you to connect any Logitech device supporting it to one receiver. However, it can only use one USB port.

Are All Wireless Keyboards Powered By Batteries?

Wireless keyboards and mice don’t get power from computers like wired models, so batteries are required.

Wireless Keyboards Can They Interfere With Wifi?

Bluetooth devices and wireless mice in 2.4Ghz can cause interference with other 2.4Ghz devices. Laptops’ wireless performance is varied because of this. If you want to maximize 802.11a 2.4Ghz throughput (b/g/n), then you can live with the interference.


Wireless keyboards are best suited for specific tasks. These models can be disappointing if you’re a gamer due to latency and lag. For normal use, Bluetooth or RF keyboards work best. They’re ideal for use on the couch or in your lap, where wires can get tangled. Rezence hopes you found the article useful and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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