How To Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard? Best Things To Know 2022

How To Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard Best Things To Know 2022
Dell wireless keyboards are great for your situation. This guide will show you how to connect Dell wireless keyboard. There are two different ways to do it depending on what operating system you’re using. So, let’s get started!

Pairing Overview

When the dongle adapter is attached to the wireless and Bluetooth(r) computer, a connection occurs between the device and the computer. The device won’t work correctly without this connection.

This is a simple way to remember which type of pairing your adapter requires:

Bluetooth adapters cannot be paired with the operating system.

According to their configuration, external adapters (USB dongles) can be paired outside or inside the operating systems.

Pairing Overview

How To Connect A Dell Wireless Keyboard Easily

How To Connect A Dell Wireless Keyboard Easily

You can use either Bluetooth or a wireless receiver to connect your Dell wireless keyboard. The wireless USB receiver can be connected to your laptop by plugging it into the receiver and turning on the wireless keyboard. Before you can start typing with Bluetooth, you must first pair your computer and keyboard.

This is an easy-to-follow guide that will show you how to connect your Dell wireless keyboard quickly and easily.

Step 1: Install the keyboard

Before you can connect your keyboard with either one of these methods, you must first power it on. To function, the wireless keyboard requires two AA batteries.

To insert the batteries

  • Slide the battery cover outwards from underneath the keyboard.
  • Place the two AA batteries in the battery bay
  • Replace the battery cover

After properly installing the batteries, turn on your keyboard by using the power switch at the bottom.

Step 2: Connect the Keyboard

You can either use a Bluetooth or USB wireless receiver depending on the make and preference of your keyboard.

How to connect using a USB receiver

  • Connect the USB receiver by pressing the Connection Button
  • Place the universal receiver in the USB port of your laptop, and wait for it to connect
  • After the connection has been established, the blinking Bluetooth LED light will turn on and the keyboard will be steady. This indicates that the computer and keyboard have been successfully connected via a wireless receiver.

That’s it! Now you can start typing on your Dell wireless keyboard.

Dell USB Receiver

How to connect using Bluetooth

It will take slightly longer to connect the Bluetooth keyboard than using a USB receiver. These steps will help you establish a Bluetooth connection between the keyboard and your laptop.

Please turn on your keyboard by pressing the power button beneath it. Turn on the Bluetooth connection button on your keyboard. The Bluetooth connection button is located underneath the keyboard, near the power switch.

This will place the Keyboard in Discovery mode. The Bluetooth icon at the top of the keyboard will begin blinking. Switch off the Bluetooth connection button until the Bluetooth LED blinks.

Start the Windows OS search bar and type Bluetooth. Click on Bluetooth and Other Device Settings. You can also click on the Bluetooth icon in your taskbar and choose to Add a Bluetooth device.

Ensure that the Bluetooth ON/OFF switch is turned to ON in the pop-up window. Click on Add Bluetooth or Other Devices.

Click on Bluetooth in the pop-up window. The laptop will begin searching for Bluetooth devices nearby. If the keyboard has been properly configured to enable pairing, your laptop should show something like Dell WK717 in the list.

Next, click on the keyboard name (which is Dell WK717), then Pair. You might be asked to enter a passkey in some cases before the devices can connect. Click on the Choose a Passkey for Me prompt to open.

To complete pairing:

  • Type the Passkey generated on the keyboard.
  • Hit enter. Once the connection is established, you can start typing on your keyboard.
  • If the connection fails, ensure that your keyboard is within Bluetooth range and that Bluetooth pairing mode is activated on the keyboard.

Try again if you are unable to establish a connection. Ensure that the driver for Dell Bluetooth Keyboard has been installed and working. If you don’t have Windows 10, it might take a little longer, mainly if you use the Bluetooth Device Wizard.

Once the keyboard and computer have been connected, you won’t need to do this again every time you turn on your computer. Unless you turn off Bluetooth or Discovery mode on your keyboard, the keyboard will automatically be available for use.

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How Do I Fix A Dell Wireless Keyboard That Isn’t Working?

How Do I Fix A Dell Wireless Keyboard That Isn't Working

First, identify the root cause of your problem. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Test the batteries

First, check for any tabs on your battery that could prevent the wireless keyboard from charging. Next, remove any tabs.

Replace the batteries with a new pair. When replacing batteries, ensure that the positive end is aligned with the positive side.

Check to see if your wireless keyboard is working again after the replacement. If it does, congratulations! Your worn-out batteries should be the problem.

Step 2: Switch on the power

It would help if you verified that the power switch on your wireless keyboard is turned on. You will usually find the power switch on the keyboard’s bottom. Make sure that it is ON.

Step 3: Connect the USB receiver to another port

The USB receiver might already be installed if you have an all-in-one PC. If this is the case, skip this step and move on to the next.

Please take out the USB receiver from your wireless keyboard and disconnect it from the port you are currently using. Wait for approximately 10 seconds.

Connect the receiver to another USB port. The port at the back of your computer is the preferred one, as it contains more electricity. You might need to wait for your computer to recognize the new device.

Verify that your keyboard is functioning properly. If it is not working, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Disable any devices that could weaken the wireless signal

There is a possibility that other devices are nearby and have disrupted the wireless connection between your USB receiver and your device. You should be aware of this:

  • Take out any nearby items such as speakers, cordless phones, or TVs that are too close to your keyboard.
  • All wireless devices, including Bluetooth, must be turned off
  • Your keyboard should be within 30 cm (1 foot) of the USB receiver.
  • Verify that your wireless keyboard works properly. If it is not working, please move on to the next step.

Step 5: Connect your keyboard with another computer/laptop

This is an essential step in determining if the problem is with your keyboard or computer. Connect your wireless keyboard to another laptop/computer and test it.

If so, it could be a problem with your wireless keyboard.

If you are in the first scenario, you can go to Step 6 to look into your problem more closely. However, if you are in the second, you need to visit Dell Support for technical assistance or warranty options.

Step 6: Reconnect your device

If your USB receiver does not have a Connect button, you should skip this step. You can also consult your manual for detailed instructions on connecting the wireless keyboard to the USB receiver.

Follow these instructions if your USB receiver has a connect button.

  • Plug your USB receiver into a usable port. Next, press and hold on to the Connect button until the LED light blinks.
  • Hold the Connect button until the USB receiver’s light stops flashing. Your keyboard will now be in sync to the USB receiver.
  • To test if your keyboard works properly, If your keyboard is not working, please proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Upgrading the device driver

An impaired driver installation could also cause the keyboard-not-working problem. You should immediately update the driver to fix it.

There are 3 ways to update your Dell wireless keyboard driver.

  • Option 1 – Automatically (Recommended). This is the fastest and easiest way to go. You can do it in just a few mouse clicks. It is easy for even the most novice computer user.
  • Option 2 – Manually via Device Manager. This is a simple way to get the latest drivers, but Windows might not recognize it. It might be difficult to open Device Manager without using a physical keyboard.
  • Option 3: Manually via the official site – This option requires some computer skills and patience. You will need to search for the exact driver online and download it. Then, you’ll have to install it step-by-step.


This guide will show you the way to connect your Dell Wireless keyboard. We’ll be joining a Dell Wireless keyboard to a Windows 10 computer for this guide. Both Apple’s and Android’s on-screen keyboards can be paired to their respective systems via Bluetooth, but a physical keyboard is required for quick, accurate typists.

Rezence hopes you found the article useful. You can also take a look at our article about how do wireless keyboards work.

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