Can You Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer To A Soundbar? Best Things To Know 2022

Can You Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer To A Soundbar Best Things To Know 2022
Still searching the answer of “Can you connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar?”. It may seem frustrating that a soundbar does not have a built-in subwoofer, but you can easily fix this by connecting any wireless subwoofer to your soundbar.

If you’re hearing the sound from your TV coming through loud and clear but don’t feel the bass, a wireless subwoofer is a simple, affordable solution to make watching movies or listening to music more enjoyable. Please keep reading for more details.

5 Key Things When Choosing The Best Subwoofer For Your Soundbar

Soundbar Connections

Some soundbars do not allow for the connection of powered subwoofers or SVS. It would help if you are looking for a soundbar with an adapter cable such as the SVS SoundPath RCA Audio Interconnect Cable, or something similar. It should be compatible with most subwoofers, even all SVS models.

Size Of The Cabinet

Soundbars are popular because they have a minimal visual impact on a room. A compact subwoofer is best if you are concerned about your lifestyle. It can be hidden or discreetly integrated with a home’s decor.

A sealed cabinet subwoofer is usually the best option because it has smaller footprints and dimensions than its ported counterparts.

Playback Levels And Listening Preferences

Ed Mullen, the lead SVS Sound Expert, says that soundbars are not needed to be oversubscribed. Soundbars can’t produce the same output as a 5.1 surround sound system or even a pair of full-range stereo speakers.

A subwoofer will not significantly increase bass response or impact. If you like to dance and watch action movies at high volume, a larger, more powerful subwoofer might be the right choice for you.

Dimensions Of The Room

A small subwoofer might not generate the necessary energy in an ample space such as an open-plan living room or basement. You might consider a larger subwoofer to get an even bass response in large areas.

Accessories For Subwoofers

You can install a wireless subwoofer kit to reduce visual impact and give you more placement options. This is particularly useful when the subwoofer is located on the opposite wall to the soundbar.

It eliminates the need for a subwoofer cable interconnect cable. You can use an RCA Y adapter to connect two subwoofers to a soundbar. Although it is rare, this option is possible.

These SVS subwoofers, such as the SB-1000 Subwoofer, are the most sought-after for soundbars because of their compact cabinets, large output relative to enclosure size, easy integration into rooms, and three attractive finishes.

5 Key Things When Choosing The Best Subwoofer For Your Soundbar

Can You Connect A Wireless Subwoofer To Any Soundbar?

Wireless subwoofers function in the same way as wired subwoofers but transmit audio signals differently.

The wired subwoofers will use the connection cable to send the data. You can also add the amplifier via cable and attach it to the soundbar.

There are many types of cables, including HDMI, RCA and coaxial, optical, and auxiliary jack. They all require physical connectivity to work better.

Wireless subs can be hidden from view by simply hiding them. It all depends on the transmission mode. The sub will continue to receive the signals regardless of the transmitter’s location.

Both will produce the same sound quality due to their similar outputs, ratings, and power. The transmission mode can vary depending on the features.

Can You Connect A Wireless Subwoofer To Any Soundbar

Wireless Subwoofer And Soundbar Should Both Be From The Same Manufacturer

Match the features of each gadget. If they are both of the same brands, it will be easy to join them.

This will ensure that their hardware and other features are identical. This will allow them to be compatible and result in excellent sound quality.

Verify Compatibility

The sound quality can be affected if the features of both devices are different. This can affect the sound quality. Don’t worry if your devices aren’t of the same manufacturer.

Pairing different gadgets can also cause problems. To avoid disruption, make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Purchase Subwoofer And Soundbar Together

Most audio devices cannot be used as standalone products. This is only possible if both devices are sold together and designed in this way.

You can also buy them all together. You can choose from different packages that include additional speakers to improve the sound.

There are many options available depending on your budget. The sound system can be purchased according to your budget and your preference for audio quality.

Add A Wireless Subwoofer

  • Connect the power cord: Connect the power cord and the wireless device to the channel.
  • The system will be turned on when you turn on the unit. After that, both gadgets will connect automatically. The sound quality will be better if the device is closer to the gadget. This is why it’s important to place both devices close together.
  • Final Check: If your sub doesn’t produce the perfect bass sound after installation, check the following.

Any obstruction between the sub and head unit can cause problems. Problems can be caused by a device connected to the same frequency as your head unit.

A pairing problem may occur between the sub and soundbar. This issue can be fixed by pairing the sub and soundbar back together. This 5.1 channel soundbar can be used to achieve better results.

Stereo Mini Mixer and Receiver: Although this is not the traditional method, it can be done if you have the right equipment. This method requires a receiver, stereo mixer, soundbar, subwoofer, etc.

First, connect the soundbar to your receiver. Then, you’ll go from the front left to the front right and then the middle channel to the stereo mixer.

You can add the stereo mini mixer to the main unit and combine it with any other device. A box can be used to hide speaker wires and prevent walls from being cut.

This technique is only valid if all connections are made correctly and carefully. Otherwise, audio quality can be affected. You will also need to purchase the new package if you don’t have these items.

Why Would You Want To Add A Subwoofer To The Soundbar?

Why Would You Want To Add A Subwoofer To Your Soundbar

Many soundbar packages are available, including ones with external speakers and those with only built-in speakers. Some even have subwoofers.

While some soundbars can produce amazing sound without external speakers, others have fundamental sound. Your needs vary, but most people agree that a subwoofer is essential to enjoy the whole soundbar experience.

You might wonder whether a soundbar requires a subwoofer if you weigh the pros and cons of adding one. This is a topic we have an entire article on, but this is a quick overview:

The Gap A Subwoofer Fills

It is essential to know the purpose of a subwoofer before deciding whether a subwoofer should be installed. Subwoofers are loudspeakers that produce low-pitched audio frequencies. Other speakers can’t do this.

A subwoofer is essential for reproducing low-pitched sounds. Subwoofers can make a massive difference in the any sound system.

Soundbars were once a simple upgrade to flat-screen TV sound. But they now produce great sound and are a great option to surround sound systems.

Subwoofers are essential for movie and music lovers. Subwoofers are no longer bulky, cumbersome towers. They are wireless and portable, with minimal power loss.

Soundbars Need subwoofers

Soundbars generally produce front-heavy sound. This is because they are located in front of your room. Unless you have external speakers, this is where your sound comes from. Moreover, soundbars are not equipped with powerful bass.

A subwoofer can be used to achieve a richer and more powerful sound from a soundbar. You can create a better surround sound experience in your living room, media room, or home theater by knowing where to place the subwoofer and soundbar.

The placement of subwoofers varies from one room to the next. However, they are most effective in the front and corners of the room.


FAQs About How To Connect Subwoofer To Soundbar

Can You Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer To A Samsung Soundbar?

Samsung uses Bluetooth to transmit audio to the sub. You may be able to connect the soundbar via a Bluetooth receiver. You can use any wireless sub kit if it supports wired sub out.

What Is The Function Of A Wireless Subwoofer?

Low-frequency impulses are sent via a wireless transmitter to the wireless subwoofer by the home theater receiver. You can hear the sound thanks to the built-in amplifier.

Is There A Subwoofer That Will Work With The Vizio Soundbar?

It will not work with the sub of another system. The soundbars can still work with wired subwoofers, although they have a wired input. The Bluetooth function of the soundbars is to receive audio and not connect a subwoofer. It is therefore labeled an INPUT button.


Many soundbars cannot connect to subwoofers, but others have this ability, so it is vital to verify that your speaker does. If you can’t find a wireless subwoofer that will work with your soundbar, here’s another alternative. You can also purchase additional speakers and packages to improve the sound quality.

There are many options available, depending on your budget. Rezence has tried to keep this article as neutral as possible so that it could apply to anyone’s budget. Also, please let us know in the comments if you found this article helpful or not!

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