Best Wireless Headphones On Amazon: For Running, Music 2022

Best Wireless Headphones On Amazon For Running, Music In 2022
Looking for the best wireless headphones on Amazon? Look no further! We have searched through the vast inventory of headphones on Amazon and found the best options for you. We have you covered whether you are looking for headphones for workouts, music, or just everyday use.

What Are The Best Headphones On Amazon?

What Are The Best Headphones On Amazon

There are many things to consider when selecting the best headphones for Amazon. Here are some of the most important.


This guide includes a mixture of on-ear and over-ear headphones currently available on Amazon.

Although over-ear headphones can be bulkier and bulkier, they have better sound quality because the earcup surrounds your ears. Although they don’t have as many ear cups as on-ear headphones, they’re easier to use and are less bulky.

Wireless Vs. Wired

Below is a selection of wireless (Bluetooth) and wired headphones. Wired headphones are required if you need to hear music through a DAC (Digital Analog converter) or prefer the best sound quality. Wireless headphones are more convenient, and you can listen to music from any device, anywhere.

Noise Cancellation

A few wireless headphones are equipped with active noise cancellation. This feature uses microphones to prevent unwanted sounds such as office noises from irritating you. You can listen to music at a lower volume, which is better for your ears but consumes more battery life.

Top-Rated Headphones On Amazon

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Best Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Best Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Since the invention of Bluetooth, wireless earbuds have been a standard feature. Although they are battery-powered and don’t physically connect to your phone, there is a cord that hooks both buds and sometimes a band around your neck.

These are our top picks in the form factor category:

NuraLoop Headphones

Wireless in-ear headphones are the best you can find

NuraLoop distills the essence of the company’s original product, the Nuraphone, into a compact, rugged, and cost-effective package. It doesn’t lose much.

Its adaptive audio technology is the star of the show. This technology automatically determines the listening profile and then provides a well-balanced, rich sound.

This pair of Bluetooth headphones is genuinely a winner, thanks to their active noise-cancelling and social mode features.

[amazon box=”B08881P7NW” template=”horizontal”]


  • Rich, adaptive audio
  • ANC and social mode
  • Rugged, sweatproof design


  • A stiff neckband can be a hindrance.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

Wireless earbuds at an affordable price

OnePlus is most well-known for its flagship phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro and the OnePlus 7 Pro. However, the company also makes headphones. The best example is the Bullets Wireless 2, which offers exceptional value in the neck bud earphones segment.

These neckband earbuds are excellent in terms of audio quality. They have a vibrant soundstage and a clear presentation. However, bass-heads might want to consider other headphones that offer more bass.

They are comfortable to wear and have waterproof ratings. The inline remote is also a pain.

Although they are $30 more expensive than their predecessors, the better battery life and sound quality make them worth it. If you already have the originals and need a new pair of wireless headphones, it is also worth upgrading.


The most affordable neckband wireless in-ear headphones

The SoundMagic E11BTs wireless in-ear headphones are competent and affordable. They are very stylish and have excellent audio quality.

The ergonomically-designed ear tips make them comfortable, and the flat neckband won’t irritate you while you’re running or exercising, making it easy to wear. They are also IPX4 certified so that they can withstand sweaty sessions.


  • Amazing price
  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable with ergonomic tips


  • It is possible for treble tones to sound harsh

Shure Aonic 3

It’s hard to find better in-ear headphones for this price.

Shure has much experience in wired in-ear headphones. For starters, they are lightweight and comfortable. The headphone cable attaches to your ears and secures them at all times. However, it is not easy to get the swiveling buds into place.

You have nine options for ear tips to choose from, which allows you to isolate your ears well. You can also use an in-line mic and remote to control your music and answer calls.

They are a master of sound quality. They are dynamic and detailed, and they have a sense of rhythm and timing that must be heard. We don’t know of any in-ear headphones that come close to this price.

[amazon box=”B08BTR9RFR” template=”horizontal”]


  • Amazing dynamics and awe-inspiring humanity
  • A balanced and insightful sound
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Simple and elegant

Best Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Best On-Ear Headphones

Jabra Elite 45h On-Ear Wireless Headphones

With its lightweight feel and comfortable ear cups, the Jabra Elite 45h was very popular with my family. The 45h is designed for on-ear listening. It sits on your ears, not completely covering them. The Jabra 45h’s 50-hour battery life is another highlight. This could last you for a marathon of any Marvel movie.

Note: You did not fact-check this. It’s still a worthwhile goal. I didn’t need to take the charger out until the middle week during my testing. The 45h was able to handle a wide range of music genres almost as well as the pairs that cost a hundred.

[amazon box=”B0865439LD” template=”horizontal”]


  • Very comfortable
  • Amazing price definition


  • Leak sounds a little
  • Quality Iffy calls

Sony WH-CH510

These are the best on-ear headphones available for those with a tight budget.

The Sony WH-CH510 wireless on-ear headphones are amazing. They have decent sound quality, a USB-C port, and last for 35 hours.

You’re probably already prepared to make some sacrifices if you look for headphones at this price. Fortunately, Sony’s compromises with the WH–CH510 wasn’t too important.

The lack of an analog input mirrors most modern smartphones, while their lightweight, plastic construction increases their comfort and portability.

Although they may not have the same clarity, balance, and sense of space as their WH-1000XM4 siblings, the on-ear headphones’ sound quality is quite impressive for their price and size. Most genres will perform well here. However, tracks with low mids or bumped treble may not be as comfortable.

[amazon box=”B07WSKKYPR” template=”horizontal”]

Sennheiser HD 250BT

For audio fidelity, the best on-ear headphones

The Sennheiser HD250BT is not luxurious or overloaded with features. The sound of the HD 250BT is more than offset by the fact that they don’t feel or look any more expensive than they are. The headband is not padded, but the soundstage is large and well defined. That’s what matters.

They are lighter and more comfortable than people might think. The 25-hour battery lasts a decent amount of time but is not the best. The HD 250BT headphones are an affordable pair that sounds far better than they should at such a low price.

[amazon box=”B08N1RHYTB” template=”horizontal”]


  • Open, transparent, and engaging sound
  • Some EQ adjustments are available


  • It’s not what you would call ‘plush’.
  • Bass could sound heavier

AKG N60NC Wireless

The best on-ear headphones that have noise cancellation

AKG has been a leader in the mid-range and budget headphone market for many years. AKG is the leader in mid-range and budget headphones.

While other headphones with similar price points are trying to capture bass addicts at all costs, AKG prefers to focus on what it knows best: headphones that produce a balanced, refined audio experience you wouldn’t find in higher-end headphones.

The AKG N60NC Wireless wireless on-ear noise-cancelling headphones depart from their usual comfort zone. AKG’s aluminum-accented design is flashier than its regular offerings. The N60NCs’ noise-cancellation and wireless operation push the price to the top of AKG’s standard range.

[amazon box=”B0721KKLB4″ template=”horizontal”]


  • Amazingly balanced sound
  • High quality build


  • Cable noise
  • Polite highs

Grado GW100 Wireless Headphones

These are the best on-ear headphones with an open-back design.

Grado GW100 headphones are stunning. They have a wide soundstage, sound quality that is clear and crisp, and smooth mids and deep bass frequencies.

These headphones look great and have a retro, kitsch design that recalls Grado’s humble beginnings in Brooklyn 50’s. However, they don’t appeal to everyone. They do feel a bit fragile.

The Bluetooth connection is perfect, but we don’t understand why you need a pair of wireless open-back headphones.

We believe the Grado GW100s were designed for a niche market of audiophiles who want a natural sound and listen to much music at home. The Grado GW100s will be a great choice if you are like that. Closed-back models may be a better option.

[amazon box=”B07QJ43JY4″ template=”horizontal”]


  • Fantastic audio quality
  • Cool retro design
  • Comfortable


  • Leakage of heavy sound

Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT

Best on-ear headphones with the longest battery life

You want a pair of headphones that combine design and sound like everyone else. It might seem that you would need to spend much money to get such a pair. Pro tip: you don’t.

Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT headphones are a sturdy, well-made, high-quality, and long-lasting pair. We love the 40-hour battery life and its features. The Audio-Technica Audio-Technica S200BT is a technological breakthrough that does not necessarily mean a higher price.

[amazon box=”B07BPJX23S” template=”horizontal”]


  • Decent sound
  • Battery life of 40 hours


  • Keep your ears closed
  • Plastic look

Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 45

The Bose QuietComfort 45 looks almost identical to its predecessor, the QuietComfort 35 II. However, the most notable design change is the addition of a USB-C port instead of the Micro-USB. The QC45 is only 3 grams heavier than the QC35 at 238g. This should not be a problem.

While the Bose 700 has many fans, many people (including myself) think the QuietComfort design of the headphones is slightly more comfortable. The headphones can be folded up and folded flat. This is undoubtedly the most comfortable pair of headphones available.

The sound is very similar to that of the QC 35 II, and the drivers have no changes. The noise cancellation (there is a transparency mode), where you will notice an improvement, which could very well be the best available right now.

Bose claims that a new electronics package powers the new ANC system. This improves the muffled sound quality of the midrange frequencies (voices) you would typically hear on commuter trains, busy offices, and cafes.

These headphones have a slight advantage over the Headphones 700XM4 and the Sony WH-1000XM4 in noise cancellation. However, you can’t adjust the noise cancelling level like the Sony models. They offer more robust features, especially Sony. The app doesn’t have an equalizer, and you can’t adjust the sound.

The headset’s performance has improved with improved noise reduction during calls. These headsets also offer multipoint Bluetooth pairing. This means that you can pair the QC45 simultaneously with two devices, such as a smartphone or a PC. You can also switch between audio channels as necessary.

They are equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 and can support the widely-compatible AAC audio codec, but not aptX.

These headphones have some advantages over the Headphones 700XM4 and Sony WH-10000XM4 and sound great. However, the Sony sound slightly better. The Sony’s bass is more dynamic, and the 700 has a more natural sound. This makes it difficult to choose between the three models.

[amazon box=”B098FKXT8L” template=”horizontal”]

Mark Levinson No. 5909

If you have the means to afford it, great!

The No. The Mark Levinson premium headphones 5909 were Mark Levinson’s first and most expensive. They cost $999. They’re great. They are sturdy without feeling heavy on the head.

They have excellent noise cancelling and sound quality. Their voice-calling performance is also top-notch. You can pair them with multiple devices via multipoint Bluetooth pairing so that they can be used simultaneously with a smartphone and a computer.

The No. The No. 5909 high-res certifications include Sony’s LDAC codecs and Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive codecs. This allows for almost-lossless streaming via Bluetooth. Apple’s iPhones or iPads do not support those codecs but specific Android devices.

The No.5909 headphones were used over Bluetooth to my iPhone 13 Pro. It sounded more natural and refined than the AirPods Max (the No. The sound of 5909 was a little more pure and precise.

The No. I paired the No. 5909 with my Google Pixel 4 XL, which supports LDAC and uses the Qobuz audio streaming service, which offers high-resolution streaming. Overall, the sound has more depth and texture, and there’s more sparkle, definition, and openness.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Great for making calls

Although the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 is not a significant leap forward, these headphones provide superior sound quality and noise cancellation, as well as top-notch headset performance for voice calls. These headphones are powerful audio performers that can last up to 20 hours on a single charge.

They also have a longer-lasting design than their predecessor. Some people find them slightly more comfortable than the QuietComfort 35 II headphones.

They were $400 at launch but have recently fallen in price. The white version has dropped to $299, while the silver and black versions have risen to $340. The new Sony WH1000XM4 headphones have also been discounted, a close competitor.

[amazon box=”B07Q9MJKBV” template=”horizontal”]


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • A fun, energetic sound


  • Battery life could be longer

Sony WH-1000XM3

For two years, the Sony WH-1100XM3 headphones were the best noise cancelling headphones globally. They’ve since been surpassed only by the new Sony WH-1100XM4, but there are still many things to love about these over-ear headphones.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 is a great option for music lovers. It features aptX HD (Sony LDAC) and aptX HD (Sony WH-1000XM3), which are two of the best ways to listen on your phone to high-resolution music without a wire. Sony’s previous flagship ANC headphones have both Alexa and Google Assistant support.

[amazon box=”B07H2DBFQZ” template=”horizontal”]


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Battery life of 30 hours


  • Small adjustments starting at 1000XM2

Shure AONIC 50

These are the best noise-cancelling headphones available for audiophiles.

Shure AONIC 50 is a wireless, active noise cancelling over-ear design. It’s priced at a premium to rival the Bose NC 700 Headphones and the Sony WH1000XM4.

The Shure AONIC 50 headphones are the best noise-cancelling headphones available for audiophiles.

[amazon box=”B084RZSFCX” template=”horizontal”]


  • A rich, convincing sound
  • Construction that is sturdy
  • Good ANC


  • No touch controls

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95

These are the best luxury noise-cancelling headphones.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay H95 headphones are beautiful noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones offer the same level of luxury we have come to expect from the Danish audio brand.

The headphones have excellent sound quality and come with a control app. The headphones are also excellent at noise cancellation, blocking almost all ambient sounds. You can adjust the volume to your heart’s content.

As you would expect from a premium pair of headphones by B&O, they are costly. This pair of headphones is worth looking at if you look for excellent quality and a budget-friendly option.

[amazon box=”B0916JNV9T” template=”horizontal”]


  • Beautifully constructed
  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Excellent noise cancellation


  • Extremely expensive compared to other competitors
  • There is no auto-pause option
  • Vegan-friendly not

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

These are the best noise-cancelling headphones that will work with voice assistants.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II is ranked eighth. It’s almost identical to the Bose QuietComfort 35, but it has been updated with Google Assistant. You still get the world-class noise cancellation Bose is famous for, excellent sound quality, and fantastic comfort.

Plus, you have a handy assistant that can answer any questions you may have while on the road.

The Bose QC35 II NC headphones are a great pair of headphones for commuters and travelers. Bose has crafted a balanced set of features to please most mainstream listeners.

[amazon box=”B0756CYWWD” template=”horizontal”]


  • Clear and wide soundstage
  • Amazing noise cancellation


  • An acquired taste for active EQ
  • Boring looks

Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max is the most anticipated headphones in a while. They have been the subject of speculation and rumor for over two years. They feature active noise cancellation, excellent audio quality, and a different design from other noise-cancelling headphones.

Their exceptional audio performance, class-leading ANC, and outstanding audio quality are impressive. Still, they are let down by the high price, confusing carrying case, and insufficient support for Hi-Res Audio codecs.

The AirPods Max, despite its high price tag, is not intended for audiophiles. They lack a 3.5mm audio port and are instead targeted at card-carrying Apple ecosystem members.

The AirPods Max for Android is just a pair of high-performance noise-cancelling headphones. They have an uncommon design, and we don’t think they can be justified at a high price.

If you already have an Apple account, you will not find better or easier headphones to use than the AirPods Max.

[amazon box=”B08PZHYWJS” template=”horizontal”]


  • Unbelievable audio performance
  • Amazing user experience
  • Amazing extra features for iOS
  • Great noise cancellation


  • Very expensive
  • No 3.5mm audio port
  • Android has limited features
  • Carrying case ineffective

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

These headphones are the best for solid audio and intelligent features.

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones are outstanding in terms of sound quality. They have a rich, natural sound and a warm bass.

These headphones offer customizable noise cancellation, which is good but not up to the same level as the Sony WH1000XM4 Wireless headphones.

They are not as long-lasting as Sony’s headphones, and they are also more expensive. This begs the question: Why would you buy the Sennheisers if you could have the WH-1100XM4?

If Tile tracking appeals and you prefer the industrial design of the Momentum 3 Wireless, then that might be enough. And if you choose them over the Sony model, you won’t lose any audio quality. They are genuinely comparable in this respect.

[amazon box=”B07VW98ZKG” template=”horizontal”]


  • Brilliant audio quality
  • Cool design
  • You can customize the settings


  • Battery life isn’t great

JBL Tune 750BTNC

High quality, noise-cancelling headphones at an affordable price

JBL is a well-known brand in the world Bluetooth speakers and headphones. The brand is solidly reliable, and consumers know what they can expect from it – decent sound quality at a reasonable price.

This is what we did with the JBL Live650BTNC last year. Now, the JBL Tune750BTNC is ready to replace them with a premium set of over-ear headphones.

JBL Tune’s 750BTNC are fantastic sounding, look great and fit perfectly. Although you may miss waterproofing or other minor features, the JBL Tune 750BTNC is reliable and simple to use. However, at this price, it seems foolish to complain.

[amazon box=”B0818P1Q7L” template=”horizontal”]


  • High-quality sound quality
  • Active noise cancellation


  • There is no waterproofing
  • Battery life average

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

These headphones are the best for great bass and noise cancellation.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 is the second pair of noise-cancelling headphones from the tech giant. They offer many improvements over the original Surface Headphones while maintaining some of their best features.

The Surface Headphones 2 are significantly cheaper than their predecessors.

They are a great option for the Sony WH-1100XM4 best-selling headphones and lower prices.

[amazon box=”B086Q9YGD3″ template=”horizontal”]


  • Warm and wide soundstage
  • Excellent controls


  • Sound could be even more detailed
  • A little boring.

Best Wireless Headphones For Music

Best Wireless Headphones For Music

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Wireless Headphones

Best Bluetooth headphones for audio quality

The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 wireless headphones are worth looking at if you want active noise cancellation.

The PX7 headphones can reduce noise and sound quality with a refined aesthetic.

They also come with aptX Adaptive, which improves stability and latency between your headphones and device.

[amazon box=”B07WK5XT8T” template=”horizontal”]

Sony WH-1000XM4

They look the same as their predecessors, but the Sony WH1000XM3 has a few new features like multipoint pairing, DSEE Extreme scaling, conversational awareness, and auto-play/pause with a built-in sensor. These features help the WH1000XM4 claim the best headphones overall for 2022.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless noise-cancelling headphones are a great pair. These headphones deliver everything they promise, and more thanks to their outstanding noise cancellation and cutting-edge codec support.

In addition to the above adjustments, the Sony WH1000XM4 supports Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format. This allows spatial audio on stereo headphones and the LDAC codec, transmitting a bitrate up to 990 kbps. Unfortunately, it does not support aptX and aptX HD. Your hi-res audio support may be limited.

[amazon box=”B08MVGF24M” template=”horizontal”]


  • Noise cancellation improved
  • DSEE Extreme audio upscaling
  • Multipoint pairing


  • Water-resistant

Best Wireless Headphones For Running

Best Wireless Headphones For Running

JLab Flex Sport

The JLab Flex Sport set over-ear headphones are sweat-resistant and comfortable. It also has washable, moisture-wicking padding.

The JLab Flex Sport set is the perfect choice for you, whether you don’t like the feeling of earbuds or prefer the visual message that over-ear headphones send your fellow gym-goers.

The headphones are lightweight and comfortable. You can adjust the headband to make it more secure. This helps ensure your headphones remain in place even during vigorous movement.

The controls can be used by touch, the hear-through awareness mode makes it easy, and the headband cushion and earpads are machines washable.

Plus, the storage bag can double as a laundry bag. Although you can use the moisture-wicking earpads to control temperature and pull sweat from your face, they must be washed after each workout.

These headphones can withstand sweating without causing damage. JLab provides a 2-year warranty if anything goes wrong.

Koss FitClips KSC32i

The best budget-friendly wired earbuds to work out

Although the Koss FitClips KSC32i earbuds are much more expensive than they sound, their microphone quality is poor.

You’ll need a pair of wired earbuds that you can keep in your gym bag. The super-cheap Koss FitClips KS32i is the best choice. These workout headphones are flexible and comfortable, thanks to their hook-over-the-ear design. The sound quality is far better than the price tag.

These earbuds can be charged wirelessly, so you don’t need to worry about them. However, you might need an adapter for the headphone-jack connector, depending on your smartphone. The microphone in this FitClips pair doesn’t work well for phone calls.

[amazon box=”B00WUT2IGS” template=”horizontal”]

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Syryn

These are the best lap-swimming headphones

This package includes waterproof headphones and an MP3 Player for a low price.

The Underwater Audio Swimbuds Syryn Earbuds seal out water. They stay put even when you push off the pool wall, flip turns or practice aggressive strokes like the butterfly.

Syryn includes everything you need for diving right in: a waterproof MP3 Player, wired headphones (because Bluetooth won’t work underwater), as well as plenty of tips.

You can clip these waterproof earbuds to any suit or goggles discreetly. The cable is also adjustable so that you can comfortably listen in and out of the water. These are the best waterproof headphones that we have found suitable for swimming.

[amazon box=”B018YKTD1Y” template=”horizontal”]

AfterShokz OpenMove

Best-value bone conduction

AfterShokz’s new entry-level OpenMove bone conduction headphone is listed at $100 but sells for $80. The new model replaces the Titanium model that is still available (it costs $80) and has some design improvements.

It was comfortable to wear, and although it does not sound great, it is still a good bone-conduction headset. However, you should be careful about your expectations regarding the sound quality, or you will be disappointed. This is an excellent headphone for running, listening to podcasts, and audiobooks while running.

The model can be charged via USB-C and comes with a simple carry pouch. The battery life is up to 6 hours.

[amazon box=”B09BVZ22H8″ template=”horizontal”]

Beats Powerbeats 4

The Powerbeats 4 is very similar to the Powerbeats Pro. However, it lacks some features or colors and has a wireless design. Is that to say it is inferior? Not at all. For instance, it still uses the H1 processor to provide iPhone users with exceptional wireless performance.

The Beats app makes pairing earphones with Android phones easy and connects instantly with all Apple products.

The Powerbeats 4 is a better upgrade to the Powerbeats 3 because of its stronger aesthetics and superior sound quality. Beats Pro uses the same beamforming mics and drivers as the Powerbeats Pro.

This is not surprising. The wire between the earpieces can be irritating after a while. However, this is easily overlooked considering the entry price.


  • High-security fit
  • Amazing sound quality and call quality
  • Battery life is the best


  • Interfering wire
  • After a while, you may feel uncomfortable

How We Tested The Best Wireless Headphones

How We Tested The Best Wireless Headphones

We have tested each pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth connectivity is the first. We also tested the Bluetooth connectivity for wireless sound quality. There’s nothing worse than losing track right as it gets to the good stuff.

Next, we wanted to make sure the headphones were stylish and comfortable. They were comfortable for long periods of time and looked stylish enough.

Audio quality was an important consideration. We have moved on from wireless headphones that were poor in sound quality.

You also considered additional features like noise cancellation and AI assistant integration. Although not all the headphones on this list offer extras, it is worth considering – especially if your budget is large.

We also looked at the price of wireless headphones on this list to see if they were affordable. We didn’t want to limit our selection to budget headphones. However, we wanted to ensure that all the devices in this guide were comparable to their price tag, even if they were expensive.


It’s not difficult to find good headphones. It’s not difficult to find good headphones. You just need to know where to look. The best wireless headphones are a selection of many great options. Some of them excel at a specific aspect. Rezence hope you found this article helpful in your search for the best headphones.

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