SkullCandy Crusher vs Beats Studio 3: Which Is The Best Headphone In 2022?

SkullCandy Crusher vs Beats Studio 3 Which Is The Best Headphone In 2022
There are many different types of headphones on the market today, but two of the most popular are the Skullcandy Wireless Headphones vs Beats. Both of these brands have a lot to offer, but which one is right for you?

Let’s take a look at the Skull Crusher vs Beats Studio 3 and see which one comes out on top.


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

The design and comfort are excellent, and the design is also straightforward, fashionable, and lightweight, making it valid for travel as well. Like other high-end models, the sound of these headphones is heavily bass-driven.

SkullCandy Crusher Vs Beat Studio 3

Beats Solo 3

These headphones are the Beats Solo2’s replacement and the Beats Solo Studios’ understudy. Therefore, these are Beats’ more cheap headphones for regular folks.

The headphone has a lovely design, is quite comfortable, and is much lighter than other headphones. Those who enjoy this style of music will undoubtedly enjoy these headphones because of the bass-heavy sound.

What Are The Differences Between SkullCandy Crusher And Beats Studio 3?

The Skullcandy Crusher and Beats Studio 3 virtually appear to be produced by the same firm at first appearance and during use.

However, each set distinguishes itself from the others through the use of little but distinctive features in both their appearance and sound.

Both headphones provide a high-quality listening experience with very dependable signal strength and impedance.

What Are The Differences Between SkullCandy Crusher And Beats Studio 3

A few features of the Skullcandy Crusher’s design offer it a modest advantage in terms of sound quality. It has some cutting-edge acoustics that enables it to provide a stereo image that is noticeably more apparent than the Studio 3.

The Studio 3 headphones’ low weight and over-ear style may appeal to fans of ergonomic design.

Anyone who wants headphones for more active use, such as working out at the gym or running, should choose the Studio 3’s headset to fit due to its wider range of flexibility. Additionally, the Crushers are 30% heavier than the Studio 3 headphones.

The battery life and wireless capabilities of both sets of headphones are comparable.

Skullcandy headphones vs Beats, both have a 40-hour battery life with noise cancellation. Both businesses offer a one-year warranty.

SkullCandy Crusher Vs Beats Studio 3


Brand Skullcandy Beats
Model S6CRW-K590 MNER2LL/A
Headphones Form Factor Full size On-ear
Headphone Technology Wireless Wireless
Sound Output Mode stereo stereo
Frequency Response 20Hz–20KHz
Impedance 33 Ohm
Diaphragm 1.6 in
Audio Controls answer/end, next/previous track, volume answer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, volume
Controls Volume, answer/end, next/previous track Volume, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous track
Width 7.95
Depth 8.35
Height 3.55
Weight 9.7 oz 7.58 oz
Battery Life 40 hour(s) 40 hour(s)
Features Bass without boundaries. Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth with your device for wireless listening.
Your favorite bass experience now with Bluetooth functionality. The award-winning sound and design you’ve come to love from Beats.
Delivers our notorious and celebrated bass Immersion Tech with an upgrade in aesthetics, audio quality, and wireless functionality for a one-of-a-kind media experience that goes wherever you do. Up to 40 hours of battery life for multi-day use.
With Fast Fuel, 5 minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of playback when battery is low.
Adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use.
Sleek, streamlined design that’s durable and foldable to go everywhere you do.
Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls.
On-Board Call and Music Controls, On-Board Volume Control, Beam-Forming Mic for Optimal Call Clarity.


First up are the Skullcandy Crusher headphones,  which are intended to deliver a dependable listening experience at a reasonable price.

In light of this, it’s significant to point out that these headphones’ construction materials are solid but not premium. The headband is constructed of a sturdy metal frame covered in plastic.

Soft pleather covering the foam-based earcups helps to protect the headphones from dust and moisture.

Additionally, the earpieces have little rotation and maybe a little rigid for those users who need flexible headsets.

Build- beats or skullcandy

The Beats Studio 3 headphones, on the other hand, were created with a functional purpose in mind.

The headset is constructed with high-end plastic components and a metal frame. The headphone design doesn’t have any extra clamps or protruding wires, which should increase its durability.

The Beats Studio 3’s earpieces and headlamp are finished with a soft material, which feels significantly more pleasant on the head for prolonged periods of focused listening.


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless has a small amount of padding that feels pleasant against your head, and since these ear cups are made of genuine leather, they are also reasonably soft and velvety. They are undoubtedly fairly tight in terms of clamping force, but you can find a lovely comfortable place for them to rest. Most people would, after all, find things tolerably pleasant for at least a few hours.

If you have a larger head, you can’t extend the headphones because they appear to rely solely on friction inside the top of the ear cup. Just keep that in mind if you want to maintain a really exact position with it, but aside from that, the build quality is good overall.

Now, they are over-the-ear Beats Solo 3 headphones, and they don’t even slightly bother my head. They definitely fit my head well, which surprises me because most headphones wind up hurting my head after wearing them for a while.

Comfort skullcandy vs beats

However, these headphones don’t hurt my head after using them for a few hours, which is also really incredible. Because of how soft the ear cups are, they can really multiply the ear and get a great seal. Although these headphones have a good seal, they do not feature noise-canceling. However, you can upgrade to the beats solo studios, which do.

In addition to the attractive faux leather ear cups on top of the headphone, there is a wonderful cushion as well. At first, I didn’t believe this would necessarily work, but it turned out to be really comfortable despite the fact that it is just a beautiful rubber pad, which is very intriguing, but it works well.

These headphones also come with a carrying case, which is excellent, and they can fold up into a cute small compact package. This is a really thoughtful feature because packing anything in your backpack while traveling is really cumbersome.


SkullCandy makes up for any structural design flaws with its superior sound quality and performance.

Users can choose their preferred low-end response for these headphones’ optional bass augmentation features, allowing for more comfortable listening.

Although the Skullcandy Crushers may not produce the most precise sound and are not appropriate for serious music production, the signal is constant across the frequency map and does not contain any harsh peaks.

Sadly, these headphones do not have any noise-canceling features, so keep that in mind.

For solitary listening, the Beats Studio 3’s basic noise-canceling features do a reasonably noticeable job of eliminating ambient noise.

Sound beats vs skullcandy headphones

They don’t have any functions for frequency boosting as the Skullcandy headphones do.

Instead, for mixing and sound design reasons, these cans provide more precise frequency response and a passable stereo picture.

Both when used in wired and wireless modes, these headphones’ sound performance level is consistent. If you want high-quality audio, this is a frequently disregarded yet important design component.


The Skullcandy Crushers offer a selection of practical accessories and features that enhance the use of their headphones.

You can use the included microphone, for instance, to manage audio calls without taking off your headphones.

The Crushers also have a long battery life; even when used wirelessly, they can playback and speak for up to 40 hours.

On the side of the headphones are touchpad controls for basic track and volume adjustments.

With its quick-charge feature, the Beats Studio 3’s durable battery pack can perform for 22 hours after only 10 minutes of charging.

Features beats vs skullcandy

On the side of the headset, users are given access to a highly intuitive touch control system that enables them to carry out a number of tasks without the use of software or apps.

In addition to voice commands, the Beats Studio 3 supports Bluetooth pairing with a sizable number of devices with relative ease.



According to Skullcandy, the headset has a 40-hour battery life for functionality, and based on my experience thus far; this seems to be largely accurate. You’re probably looking at a little less than that, but if you’re prepared to charge it, perhaps once a week, I think they’ll be rather helpful if you frequently commute, especially if you prefer to listen to music on public transportation.

The Beats Solo 3 headphones include a micro USB charging port, but they also have a 40-hour wireless playback time function that is really incredible and something I’ve never truly experienced before. Because of this, you can listen to these devices for 40 hours, which is incredibly lengthy battery life, in my opinion.

This feature, which is perhaps my favorite aspect of these headphones, has absolutely insanely long battery life.



  • A reasonable asking price and appealing simplicity
  • Sound performance for a reasonable price.
  • constant signal strength and dependable battery life in Bluetooth and wireless modes


  • The stereo image and audio response are correct when the original signal is played again.
  • Comfortable and reasonably flexible fit
  • The use of quick charge solutions is advantageous for commuting and traveling.



  • Even with the current microphone, there are no voice instructions.
  • Comfort levels are decreased by the headset’s limited flexibility.
  • In harsh conditions, leather earpieces may prematurely wear out.


  • After a few hours of vigorous use, users have reported that these headphones overheated.
  • The headphones’ padding could become damaged by heat or sunlight.
  • Greater cost than crushers

Expert Reviews of Skullcandy Crusher Wireless:


Do you desire a set of high-end wireless (Bluetooth) headphones with bass that can actually make your head shake? Happily, the bass can be readily turned down, so perhaps these aren’t just for those. Now let’s examine the Skullcandy Crusher.

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Although there isn’t much else to the Skullcandy Crusher, the bass is really powerful. These headphones might be your thing if you’re a bass fiend, but there are far better alternatives.

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The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones cost less than £150/$150, and while their sound quality isn’t spectacular, there are many worse headphones available at this price point. Although they don’t appear to be the most costly headphones.

Expert Reviews of Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

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Skullcandy unveiled the Grind Wireless earlier this year. It improved the phones by taking the Grind headphone and integrating Bluetooth technology. The Crusher Wireless is a brand-new style that is quite likely the best pair of earbuds we have ever tried. The latest Crusher…

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Even bass enthusiasts might find the levels of Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless headphones’ Bluetooth audio to be excessively loud.

Expert Reviews of Beats Solo 3:

By PCMag

The Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones provide bass aficionados with a balanced Bluetooth audio experience and employ Apple’s W1 chip for simpler interaction with iOS devices, but they do feel a little pricey.


Although the Beats Solo3 headphones are decent, they nevertheless fall short of their asking price. There are considerably better solutions available if you’re considering paying $300 on wireless headphones.

By TrustedReviews

Smart new technology for iPhone users, but these new Beats headphones perform poorly overall.

Expert Reviews of Beats Solo 3

By TechRadar

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless changes little in certain areas while making significant advancements in others. No matter if you use an Android or an iPhone, its top accomplishments are class-leading battery life and wireless capability on par with the best.

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Sound Quality is Good but Not Great, Plastic Feels Cheap, the Full MSRP of $299 is Overpriced, and Android Users Miss Out on the Best…

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FAQs about skullcandy wireless headphones vs beats


Are Beats earbuds superior to Skullcandy models?

Our Opinion. Better headphones than the Skullcandy Venue Wireless are the Beats Studio3 Wireless. While still sounding exciting, the Beats feature a more balanced sound profile, particularly in the mid-range. They are comfier and better constructed.

How durable are Skullcandy headphones?

With ANC and BT turned on, the battery life of the Venue is up to 24 hours. Plug in for a wired ANC experience, which should last up to 40 hours if you want to save battery life. Your headphones should last about three years if you never use them! But we advise making use of them!

What causes Skullcandy headphones to malfunction?

Verify whether anything is obstructing the charging pins on the bud or in the case. If the detachable in-ear gels are not properly positioned on the acoustic port, the earbuds may not fit snugly inside the case.

Are Beats earbuds a good investment?

Easily the best-sounding earbuds Beats has ever produced are the Beats Studio Buds. They sound amazing, are comfy to wear, and offer active noise cancellation. Unfortunately, they lack Apple’s H1 Wireless Chip and have poor call quality.

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After much anticipation, the final showdown between Skull Crusher and Beats Studio 3 has finally come to an end. In a surprising turn of events, Beats Studio 3 emerged victorious, much to the dismay of Skull Crusher fans. Despite its underdog status, Beats Studio 3 managed to put up a good fight against the more popular Skull Crusher. In the end, it was its superior sound quality and comfort that won over the judges and helped it take the crown.

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