Headset Vs Headphones: Difference & Which Should You Buy In 2022

Headphones vs HeadsetsDifference & Which Should You Buy In 2022
There is a big debate between audio experts as to whether headsets or headphones are better. Headphones are designed to give the user the best possible sound quality, while headsets are designed for comfort and portability.

The additional information you should be aware of about the headset vs Headphones argument is covered below.


What are Headphones?

What are Headphones

Two straightforward speakers that are connected to a band are used to create a headphone. The speaker of a headphone covers the wearer’s ears. As the sound source transmits a sonic play load into the user’s ears through headphones, the experience of listening to music is fully immersive.

In order to reproduce the sound, headphones cause vast areas of the room’s air to vibrate. Small amounts of air are moved around listeners’ ears via headphones. For the listener, this contributes to a unique and constrained Soundstage experience.

The majority of headphones deliver excellent audio quality. With headphones, you can hear the highest frequency range.

What are Headsets?

What are Headsets

Headsets resemble headphones but also have a microphone built-in. Depending on the function and make, the microphone can also be removed. The majority of headsets are used as telephone and computer headsets.

There are Bluetooth-enabled wireless headsets on the market. Headsets are ear-worn speakers and microphone combinations that provide you with an interactive audio experience. A head-worn audio device with a microphone is another name for the headset.

Headphone vs Headset: What Is The Difference?

You’re probably going to be referring to something with a connected or integrated microphone of some kind when you use the term “headset,” aren’t you? That is the first and most obvious consistent difference, I suppose.

A pair of headphones with an attached microphone is usually always referred to as a headset, although headphones without a microphone are simply headphones.

To be clear, the microphone that each headset will feature is the main distinction between a pair of headphones and a headset. Headphones if no microphone is attached. Headgear with an attached microphone.

Although there are some exceptions, the microphone that comes with a gaming headset is typically inferior to standalone microphones like the Mod Mic 5 or the Blue Ice.

Although not the only one, the gaming headset recognized for having a great mic is the HyperX Cloud II. Just off the top of my head, there are also Sennheiser GAME ONE and Sound BlasterX H7.

Difference between headphone and headset

Design and Build Quality

On the one hand, if you get cheap headphones or a cheap gaming headset, there is a good risk that they won’t last forever. If you’re lucky, you might be able to replace a cord here or fix a problem here and there, but in general, you pay for durability. Thus cheap items typically don’t last.

However, compared to headphones, gaming headsets are typically less robust. The main reason for this is economics: a gaming headset with a lot of features, such as a big microphone and virtual surround technology, has less money in its budget to spend on premium materials than a pair of headphones that only need to sound nice.

Therefore, they have been yours for decades if you choose a pair of high-quality, well-built headphones. Many headphones are made to last a very long time with even frequent use. You could need to replace a part every few years, and you might even need to get something repaired over a long enough length of time.

While a high-quality gaming headset may offer comparable opportunities, there are many more things that may go wrong over time, and gaming headsets are frequently put through longer, more rigorous usage than most headphones do.

You may expect gaming headsets to typically not last as long as a good pair of headphones. There are game headsets with exceptional build quality, but on average, they’re less-priced items with more features.

Comfort and Fit

difference between headset and headphone

It’s frequently a matter of personal preference how comfy something is that lays on top of your head and over your ears. Then, there are a plethora of various designs and materials to choose from, various weights to take into account and numerous other factors that affect comfort.

The ability to wear a good gaming headset comfortably for four, six, or even eight hours or more at a time is its distinguishing feature. Although this can and will be done with headphones, comfort is perhaps less of a defining characteristic.

While some people may undoubtedly wear headphones over the course of a workday or perhaps an entire long-haul journey, the typical headphone listening session is far shorter. However, because gaming sessions can extend for hours, comfort is considered even more crucial, even at the starting level.

A gaming headset should typically feel fantastic even after extensive usage, while the comfort of a particular pair of headphones tends to vary somewhat unless you’re getting something extremely cheap.


Headset vs headphone connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, headphones often keep things quite straightforward with a 3.5mm connector, a wireless connection (almost commonly Bluetooth), or both.

Between their source and headphones, the dedicated (of whom we hope you are one) might employ a USB amp/DAC, but that’s typically as complex as it gets.

With gaming headsets, it’s a bit less simple. Some models, especially the more affordable ones, will only feature a 3.5mm connection, but many will also come with a USB cable for usage with a computer.

Wireless is ubiquitous, of course, but it always requires the use of a proprietary dongle that very definitely only functions with one or possibly two of the gaming platforms that are currently available.

Why not use Bluetooth to make things simple? Because Bluetooth audio is not supported by Xbox and PlayStation systems.

Using Bluetooth adapters, there are innovative methods to get around this, but in general, wireless gaming headsets just choose to use 2.4Ghz wireless technology over Bluetooth, which is why you need a dongle.

However, it’s interesting to note that many gaming headsets today come with Bluetooth connectivity and dongles for console use, allowing you to use them as regular wireless headphones with other devices like your phone.

Sound Quality

Difference between headset and headphones

When comparing a pair of even low-end audiophile headphones to a gaming headset, the overall sound quality is frequently the second biggest difference.

Yes, there are some excellent headsets available that can undoubtedly compete with low- to mid-range audiophile headphones, but they are uncommon.

Due to the fact that headphones only need to concentrate on one core function—great sound quality—even a mid-range pair, like the Turtle Beach 450, will outperform most headsets, costing twice as much.

I’m not suggesting that gaming headset sound quality is poor, but you’ll almost always receive superior sound quality from a pair of specialized headphones.

Even if headphones like the HyperX Cloud II and Razer Kraken provide incredibly immersive sound stages and good overall quality, they still fall short of most less expensive audiophile models.


headphone and headset difference

We come to the convenience element in third place.

In terms of VoIP, headsets are objectively more convenient than a set of headphones for the main reason that the headset will typically have an attached microphone of some kind; some mics will be permanently fixed to the headphones, while others (typically higher quality headsets) will have detachable mics.

This usually simplifies the situation if you need a pair of headphones and a phone when traveling.

The alternative, which can be burdensome depending on what you’re using, is frequently carrying around both a pair of headphones and a standalone microphone.

You now have to worry about something occurring to two (presumably expensive) pieces of technology. We also discussed the issue of wired vs. wireless gaming headsets because of this.

Mod Mic 5 is another choice, which I have discussed. To effectively make your own headset, it can stick to pretty much any set of headphones. However, you will pay more upfront, and there will be an additional cable that you must manage.

For the most part, a headset with an excellent detachable microphone will probably be your most convenient choice.

Price and Value

headsets vs headphones

In terms of price vs. performance, it’s difficult to compare a headphone + mic combination to a $50 headset because gaming headsets can provide a feature that most headphones cannot—an attached mic.

A gaming headset can surely provide value that headphones can’t if you’re the type of person who dislikes a lot of thick cords or you’re always on the road – without tweaks or packing more than you need to.

Having said that, finding a decent set of headphones and a separate mic for under $50 is not impossible. When combined with a cheap $10 microphone, there are several excellent gaming headphones under $50 that would perform very similarly to a headset for the same overall cost.

Everything comes down to personal taste. Go for a high-end pair of audiophile headphones and a solid standalone mic over a headset if money is not an issue and you simply want the best overall sound quality possible.

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FAQs about headset vs headphones

What Are the Benefits of Using Headphones vs Headsets?

There are a few benefits of using headphones over headsets.

  • First, headphones tend to be less expensive than headsets.
  • Second, headphones are typically more comfortable to wear for long periods of time than headsets.
  • Third, headphones provide better sound quality than most headsets.
  • Finally, headphones are more portable than headsets, making them easier to take with you on the go.

How Do I Choose the Right Headphones or Headset For My Needs?

There are many types of headphones and headsets on the market, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

For example, if you are looking for headphones to use while working out, you will want to choose a pair that is sweat-resistant and has a secure fit. If you are looking for headphones to use while traveling, you will want to choose a pair that is compact and has noise-canceling features.

What Are Some of the Best Headphones or Headsets on the Market?

There are many types of headphones and headsets on the market, so it really depends on what you are looking for. Some of the best headphones for music listening are the Sennheiser HD 800, Beyerdynamic T1, and the AKG K702.

If you are looking for a good headset for gaming or for use with a computer, then some of the best options are the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22, the Astro A40 TR + MixAmp Pro, and the SteelSeries Siberia 840.

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Should I Get a Headset or Headphones for Music?

It depends on what you need and want. If you need something for gaming or for work, then you should get a headset. If you just want to listen to music, then headphones would be the better option.

Which Should You Buy?

Gaming headset vs headphones Which one should choose

Why Should You Buy Headsets?

For call centers or gaming, headsets are perfect. The headset has to surround capabilities in addition to excellent sound quality. It provides a microphone, which enhances the sound quality.

There are certain gaming headsets available that provide complete clarity so you can enjoy playing against your opponents. A headset is an ideal option for you if you require headphones with an integrated microphone.

Why Should You Buy Headphones?

The majority of people prefer to purchase headphones while traveling because they are portable. This type of headset is ideal for studio use since it gives you a surround sound experience.

Foldable headphones are portable and easy to bring with you. You have the option of choosing between wired and wireless headphones, depending on your needs. To learn more, check out this article on wired and wireless headphones. The most popular option for listening to music is headphones. If a microphone is not necessary, go with headphones.


It’s necessary to compare features before purchasing headphones or a headset. Choose the one that is ideal for your studio demands or music needs after comparing the two.

You may experience the highest sound quality and immersiveness with headphones made for audiophiles. Find the best solution by searching for the ideal one. After all, a good-sounding experience depends on having headphones or a headset.


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