Are Bluetooth Headphones Better Than Wired: 9 Reasons To Consider Before Buying

Are Bluetooth Headphones Better Than Wired 9 Reasons To Consider
The argument between wired and wireless headphones has been raging for a while. However, as a newcomer in this field, it’s simple to become trapped between the two sides.

It can be difficult to choose the best headphones. This is especially true if you are unaware of the various factors you should take into account.

It is tempting to choose wireless headphones in order to stay current with technology. However, wireless headphones typically cost more than tethered ones. Will it be worthwhile in the end?


What are Wired Headphones?

The setup for wired headphones is plug-and-play. It only requires that you plug it into your audio device for it to begin playing audio. They eliminate the possibility of any unwanted wireless interference and pairing difficulties.

What are Wireless Headphones?

Wireless headphones are those that connect to a device without the use of a wire or connection, such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer, or other electronic device.

Are Bluetooth Headphones Better Than Wired Ones? Here Are 9 Reasons You Should Take A Look Before Deciding

are wired headphones better than wireless


Although wireless headphones are more convenient, the cost to benefit from that convenience is significantly higher. Simply put, it costs more to produce a pair of wireless headphones than tethered ones.

Wireless headphones’ bill of materials, or the total cost of all the intermediate items needed to build the finished product, is increased by the additional components that make them wireless. You as a consumer must pay more the higher this expense is.


Although there are few exceptions to this rule, wired headphones are often more robust than wireless ones since they have fewer internal parts that could potentially fail in the event of a fall.

Because of this, they are less likely to sustain significant damage and may withstand greater abuse than their wireless equivalents. Some expensive wired headphones are so well-built that they can actually last a lifetime.

The Weight

Why wired headphones are better

The fact that wired headphones do not contain any additional parts makes them lighter than wireless ones as a byproduct. If you use your headphones frequently, you are aware of how crucial comfort and weight are for headphones.

Because headphones rest on top of your head for extended periods of time, they must be light and comfy to prevent listening fatigue.

After a listening session, you will feel more discomfort the heavier your headphones are. As they make your neck hurt and your ears perspire, you’ll find that you desire to remove them more frequently.


Charging headphones

Having another device to occasionally recharge is a significant hassle in this day and age where nearly every product comes with a battery.

Wired headphones, on the other hand, don’t require charging because they already have an audio socket; the convenience of “plug and play” is not something to take for granted.

Additionally, because you don’t have to constantly recharge them, they assist you with a small amount of electricity savings and power bill reduction. Even while that might not be a significant factor for you, it is still a bonus.

Latency Issues

The latency that was once present in wireless headphones has significantly decreased over time. However, in terms of pure performance, wired headphones will always be superior to wireless headphones.

This is entirely related to physics and has nothing to do with how much they cost. Even the most expensive wireless headphones cannot match the latency of inexpensive connected headphones.

When simply listening to music, you might not notice the delay, but if you enjoy playing video games, you are likely well aware of how noticeable those milliseconds can be.

Sound Quality

Wired headphone Sound Quality

You might adore your Airpods Max, but did you know that there are plenty of other wired headphones available that can provide significantly superior sound quality for the same or less money? This is due to the fact that wireless headphones are still a relatively recent development in comparison to corded headphones.

Because they have had so much time to develop, wired headphones are a tried-and-true technology. Even if they are fantastic, wireless headphones lean more toward the avant-garde. However, if you want the greatest sound possible, wired headphones are more likely to get it.


There is a good reason why almost all headphones of professional quality are connected. There are a number of factors, but the main one is that wired cans are more dependable and tailored to certain uses than wireless ones, which are created for the general public.

Headphones are a professional investment for mixing and mastering music for artists and audio engineers, not a listening device for leisure. This implies they must be calibrated in a very specific way and always perform as desired.

The majority of consumer-grade headphones feature a “V-shaped” sound signature that is lively and energetic. The goal of the sound signature is to alter the sound in a pleasant way while sacrificing precision and detail.

To provide the highest level of accuracy and precision in sound reproduction, professional wired headphones typically feature a flat or balanced characteristic. Musicians need their track to sound as realistically as possible; they cannot afford to not be aware of how it sounds.

Cost of Repair

Wired headphones pros

This one is relatively simple. Wireless headphones are more difficult and involved to repair because they contain more parts.

Of course, this does not imply that fixing wired headphones is inexpensive. The cost of repair depends on how expensive your headphones are. But as a general rule, it takes more time to fix wireless headphones.

Impacts for Environment

Due to their durability, repairability, and lack of battery degradation, wired headphones are much less detrimental to the environment than batteries. Due to the fact that they are completely hardware, they are also less susceptible to deliberate obsolescence than wireless ones.

If you treat them well, a good set of wired headphones around $100 will easily last you three to six years, if not even longer. The same-priced pair of wireless headphones almost certainly won’t last as long because their battery capacity will degrade over time.

Is It Worth Buying A Wired Headphone Instead of a Bluetooth Earphone?

Purchasing wired headphones in the era of wireless technology might occasionally feel like going backwards. But many audiophiles will agree that they are incredibly underappreciated. By most measures, wired headphones are still a better value even if you are not an audiophile or artist.

They do have cords, which makes them somewhat inconvenient, but you receive a lot of value for your trouble. Wired headphones are a great deal and worth your money because of their superior sound quality, longer life, and lack of latency.

Which One’s for You?

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

Even though they have poor sound quality, wireless headphones are nonetheless useful and great tools in some situations.

Good for people who are active: Bluetooth headphones are great for listening in noisy environments, traveling, or working out because you can move about freely without a cord tying you down. However, they offer inferior sound quality.

Convenient: Since a long cord does not restrict your movement, Bluetooth headphones are well-known for being excellent workout headphones. Wireless headphones also allow you to leave your phone in a bag, which is quite practical if you’re on the go.

Wireless headphones frequently come with extra features, such as an FM radio, SD card input, auxiliary cord connection for wired listening, microphones, and manual controls.

When traveling or if you prefer to keep all of your listening devices in one location, Bluetooth headphones can be practical and adaptable because they frequently contain features that wired headphones do not.

Wired Headphones

Wired Headphones

The additional advantages of wired headphones may make them the best headphone option for you.

Improved sound quality: For audiophiles and recording artists, wired headphones are fantastic because of their superior sound quality. The majority of recording artists utilize wired headphones in the studio for a reason. The sound quality on wired headphones is better and more complete, and they play all file types without issue.

Reliability: Since the sound won’t leak out, using wired headphones for phone calls and recording audio is also more reliable. If you frequently have lengthy phone conversations, your Bluetooth headphones may lose sound or the battery life may run out in the middle of a chat. Wired headphones are the best for phone calls and recording since they are dependable and won’t run out of battery on you.

Wired headphones also don’t run out of power, making them more convenient for extended listening sessions and gaming. If you frequently wear headphones while playing video games, the prolonged sessions may drain the headphones’ battery. To avoid losing connectivity in the middle of a game, you may want to utilize wired headphones.

Cheaper than Bluetooth headphones: When looking for new headphones, the price difference between Bluetooth and wired headphones is frequently a deal-breaker. The lower cost of wired headphones combined with all the sonic advantages makes them the complete package.

Wired headphones are straightforward and simple to use. When utilizing wired headphones, you won’t have to worry about your sound running out, and you won’t need to charge them.

They are an excellent option if you don’t want to fuss with charging your headphones and connecting them to your devices because they are more simple to use than Bluetooth headphones.

Can be utilized with a variety of devices: While not all audio-producing devices have Bluetooth capabilities, most do offer a headphone jack or aux wire output. Wired headphones are convenient to have about because you may use them with electronic instruments, record players, TVs, phones, mp3 players, computers, and more.

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wired vs wireless headphones which should you choose

What Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones on the Market?

There are many great Bluetooth headphones on the market, but some of our favorites include the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, the Sony WH-1000XM3, and the Sennheiser PXC 550-II.

How Do I Choose the Right Earphone?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best earphone for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. However, some things to consider when choosing an earphone include the following:

  • The type of earphone (in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear)
  • The size and shape of your ear
  • Your budget
  • The style of music you listen to
  • The frequency response of the earphone
  • The impedance of the earphone
  • The sensitivity of the earphone


Although Bluetooth and wired headphones have better sound quality, the variations between the two are not so significant as to make Bluetooth an inferior choice.

Bluetooth occasionally modifies audio files by deleting the lowest and highest sounds from the audio wavelengths using its digital reception format.

Additionally, some audio files are difficult for Bluetooth headphones to play, and they can skip noises that they are unable to decipher

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