About A4WP

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) is an independently operated, not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a global wireless charging ecosystem based on Rezence™ technology.

The A4WP’s goals include:

  • Evolving and publishing Rezence technical specifications
  • Maintaining global testing and certification processes
  • Actively promoting the benefits of Rezence technology throughout the industry

Since the organization’s formation in early 2012, the A4WP has grown to include leading brands from a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, mobile services, wireless technology, automotive, furniture, software and more.

A4WP and its member companies are working cooperatively to create a wireless power transfer (WPT) ecosystem that leverages Rezence technology to deliver a superior consumer experience and a more flexible solution for industrial designers.

Rezence technology will be used to turn almost any surface into a wireless charging surface capable of powering any Rezence-enabled mobile device. This includes retail environments, airports, automobiles, and home and office furniture. Rezence technology will also be integrated into other devices such as laptops and portable chargers, creating world’s first truly mobile wireless charging power sources.

If you are interested in becoming member or getting more details on the development or usage or Rezence technology, visit our Membership Levels and Benefits page.


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