Wireless Access Point Vs Repeater: Which Is Better And Why In 2022?

Wireless Access Point Vs Repeater Which Is Better And Why

Still, comparing wireless access point vs repeater? Not sure which one would be proper for your home or office? Then you need to see this detailed comparison.

What Is Wireless Access Point?

Access Point mode allows you to connect your router to the Internet via cable. Access Point mode is a different method than the default way to connect to the Internet. While the default method plugs directly into an Internet source, Access Point mode lets you connect via cable to another router.

Wireless Access Points are excellent if you need to extend your WiFi range, but the router you are using is not too far from the main router. You won’t experience any interference with WiFi signals and will get the fastest speeds possible between your access point and the central hub.

This is an excellent choice if you need to extend your home’s WiFi connection beyond a wall or other obstructions. Connect the router to the hub and place it on the opposite wall. Then, turn it into access point mode.

What Is Wireless Access Point


  • Wireless Access Points allow hundreds or even thousands of users to access the network at once. Wireless AP is ideal for campus networks, allowing users to move freely from one room to the next without being hampered by network interruptions.
  • Wireless Access Points provide better wifi network performance than a range extender. The wireless signal won’t be affected by the increased number of APs deployed.
  • Wireless access points can be deployed anywhere there is an Ethernet connection. PoE standards can be used to connect wireless access points. One Ethernet cable is sufficient to connect both data and power. This eliminates the need to have additional power lines.
  • Access Control List (ACL), which can be used to identify and manage access points, is a way to increase security and control users on the wireless network.


  • Wireless APs must be hardwired to a router or switched by a network cable.
  • If power is unavailable, a PoE injector or PoE network switch is often required to power them. It is possible to upgrade non-PoE devices that aren’t yet deployed to PoE devices for some applications.

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What Is Wireless Repeater?

A wifi repeater is also known as an “extender,” and it’s a wireless networking device that extends the coverage area of your wireless network.

Repeater mode is similar to Access Point mode in that it does the same thing, but it communicates over WiFi. This mode is not as effective at getting around obstacles as an access point.

An access point can be placed before any obstacle, but a repeater must be angled around it. Repeaters have the advantage of not needing a cable to connect with the central hub.

If your problem with WiFi is not due to distance, you can place a repeater at the halfway point to extend your signal.

A repeater mode router can be used to receive the signal from an ISP that has public-broadcast WiFi signals. This is especially useful if your Internet goes down.

What Is Wireless Repeater


  • The range extender is an inexpensive and simple way to increase wireless network coverage. It’s much easier to install and configure range extenders rather than setting up APs for a wireless network.


  • Although extenders are simple to set up, Wi-Fi speeds can be reduced by half compared to the signal received from the main router.
  • It is crucial to know exactly where extenders will be placed. Too far away from routers could cause internet connectivity problems.
  • Range extender creates more interference in Wi-Fi networks because it must use the same frequency channel and frequency to communicate with the primary router.

The Difference Between Wireless Repeater Vs Access Point


While the terms extender and access point are sometimes confused, they serve different purposes in networking.

An AP is a wireless network device that connects to a wired network via wireless technologies like Wi-Fi.

An extension, also known as a repeater, is a device that extends your wireless network coverage.


Access points are physical device that acts more as a hub in a wireless network. They allow a wide range of wireless devices to access any network resources the user or device may have permission to.

The AP connects to a router using an Ethernet cable or is part of a router. The wireless extender repeats your router’s wireless signal to increase its coverage. It creates a second network that eventually boosts the range of the primary router.


The range extenders can increase your network coverage by approximately 50 percent, compared to the 100 percent gain provided by access points.

It’s much more cost-effective to purchase a few extenders than setting up new APs. You will need to run wires through your home and set up power-line devices to connect to the repeater.

While extenders can be great for small businesses, they are not efficient enough for large networks.


Wireless extenders can reduce throughput as wireless LANs allow for two-way communication, but not simultaneously.

This means that data throughput may be affected. Data throughput drops to half every time data crosses a wireless link that uses the same frequency.

If a physical wired connection exists, it should be used to establish an access point connection and not an extender.


What is a PoE Switch?

PoE stands to Power over Ethernet. PoE technology is for devices that are mounted high or far away from power sockets. This includes repeaters, security cameras, and other devices.

PoE technology eliminates the need for additional cables or new power sockets to reach the device. Instead, power is transmitted over Ethernet.

PoE technology may not be suitable for all devices. It can even be dangerous if it is not used correctly. For the best results, it is essential to install the technology properly.

You can use an Ethernet cable to power devices via a PoE switch. A PoE switch can power IP cameras, video phones, and TVs. Some devices require lower voltage, while others require higher voltage.

Is Speed Reduced By Access Point?

No one claims that an access point will reduce bandwidth, but many people believe that a repeater will increase bandwidth.

Access Points Are Better For Businesses?

Although range extenders can be great for Wi-Fi network at home, they are not effective for businesses. They can only support 20 devices at a time.

Although range extenders can increase coverage, they don’t increase the Wi-Fi router’s bandwidth. A range extender can slow down your connection depending on how many devices you connect simultaneously.

Access points can also handle more than 60 simultaneous connections per access point. Access points are installed throughout the office so users can move freely between rooms without interruptions to their network. Users can move seamlessly between access points as they go through the building without losing their connection.


A repeater is a good choice if you’re looking to improve your home’s wireless network. An access point is the best solution for offices. Rezence hopes you found this helpful article and helps you choose the right wireless solution for your home or office.

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