Model O Wireless Vs G Pro Wireless: Which One Is Best To Buy?

Model O Wireless Vs G Pro Wireless Which One To Buy
If you are looking to compare the Model O Wireless vs G Pro Wireless, and confusing which is actually suitable for you? Then, you have come to the right page. Let’s get started!

Pro Wireless Glorious Model O Review

Glorious Model O, the lightweight, wired mice with a lot of power, is available. The body is strong and rigid with a honeycomb design.

These switches are Omron Mechanical Rated switches with a lifetime of 20 million clicks, which is excellent. This mouse is extremely comfortable. G Skate, the lightweight mouse with smooth-gliding feet, is great for gaming industry.

This model is perfect for playing games. This mouse is well worth the effort. It works well on multiple OS platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Glorious Model O Review


  • Flawless sensor performance
  • Excellent selection of components
  • Different surface-treatment options
  • MTBF of 20,000,000 clicks switches
  • Nice-looking RGB lighting
  • Extremely light


  • Side buttons could be more useful
  • High pressure can cause the sides to flex inwardly
  • Cleaning is required frequently

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

Let’s now get to the G-pro wireless gaming mice review.

Logitech’s wireless mouse has made a considerable impact. It boasts a one-millisecond reporting rate and wireless light speed technology.

The wireless mouse’s 1ms reporting rate is remarkable. Logitech G Pro Wireless uses the HERO 25k sensor from Logitech, which is the most precise Sensor ever made.

You can customize the mouse. Logitech G Hub software allows you to program the buttons. This mouse is extremely lightweight at just 80 grams.

This product will feel extremely light. This mouse is very responsive and can be moved quickly across the screen. You won’t have any problems using it for long periods of time. This mouse is a gaming beast.

Gaming will be a fun pastime that you can enjoy for hours without any problems. It is essential that the battery life can be recharged. It will last 48 hours if the default lighting is enabled. If the lighting is disabled, it will only last 60 hours.

If you play for four hours per day, your game will last 12 days with default lighting.

G Pro Wireless Review


  • It is supremely comfortable
  • Amazing sensor performance


  • Too small for some
  • High prices

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The Differences Between Model O Vs G Pro Wireless

The Differences Between Model O Vs G Pro Wireless

Shape G Pro Wireless Vs Glorious Model

The Logitech design is great. It features an ambidextrous design.

The Glorious Model O wireless has the Honeycomb design on the top. It looks incredible. The Model O’s gaming experience is enhanced by the honeycomb design.

It was known as the Logitech FK before the Logitech G Pro was released. This is because its shape is similar to the Zowie FK Series. Many CS professionals have made the FK a famous ambidextrous mouse. Logitech decided to make a wireless version of the FK.

However, the Glorious Model O wireless could be considered closer to the FK in terms of its shape. You should pay attention to the G Pro wireless’s rounded hump.

It can also be used by palm grip more than the Glorious Model O. The G Pro’s back is also curvier than the Glorious Model O, which is flatter.

Because it has a flatter back, the Glorious Model O wireless is perfect for fingertip and claw grip mice. It doesn’t touch your palm when you move it forwards or backward.

The table below shows the size comparison. The Logitech G Pro is slightly shorter than the Model O wireless (40mm vs. 37.5mm), but it’s slightly taller (40mm, 125mm vs. 128mm). This is why it’s more suitable for palm grip players than its counterpart, the Model O wireless gaming mouse.

The Model O is 120mm in length and 58mm in width. If you add a thumb, my hands measure 17.5cm by 9cm. This should help you decide if your hand fits.

The Logitech model recommends small hands no larger than 18-18.5cm in palm grip for palm grippers and 22cm in claw grip for players. For fingertip players, you can use larger hands because of the nature and function of the grip type.

The Glorious wireless is more extended, and I recommend it for palm grip with hands between 19-19.5cm and claw grippers 22/23cm.

Finally, the Glorious is small, and you will have trouble gripping it unless your hands are no bigger than 16cm. For claw grip, you’ll need to measure between 17-18cm (or thereabouts) and 21cm (or thereabouts).

It would help if you also were concerned about your weight. This is more a matter of personal preference than anything, but these gaming mice are the lightest available for the range of their specification. With a weight of 80g, the G Pro gaming mouse is the weakest.

The Glorious Model O wireless is very lightweight at 67g in the matte and 68g in the glossy versions. For comparison, the Model O- weighs 58g in the matte version and 59g in the glossy version.

10g is a huge weight difference. You can notice a significant weight drop when you switch from the Logitech G Pro model to the Model O. The Glorious Model O is 20g lighter than another one.

Depending on your preference for lighter or heavier wireless mice, what works best will determine which type of mouse you use. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is lighter, but it does not make it better.

The Logitech G Pro side grips are less noticeable than the Model O’s. This is due to its very straight shell.

Although the Model O’s grips are easier to hold, especially for those with sweaty hands, both wireless gaming mice can benefit from skins that improve their grip.

Model O Wireless

G Pro Wireless Vs Glorious Model O Wireless Buttons

Logitech mice are known for having the best buttons. Mouse 1 and 2 are highly tactile and crisp, and I have yet to find a mouse that feels as good. The buttons on the Model O are not wrong.

Glorious did a fantastic job on the buttons. They feel premium, especially considering the Model O’s lower price tag compared to Logitech G Pro Wireless.

The Glorious Model O wireless has finger grooves similar to the Finalmouse Ultralight series, which I prefer to the G Pro flat ones.

The G Pro gaming mouse also wins in the category of side buttons. These buttons are modular so that you can disable them on either side. The clicks are unique.

The Model O’s buttons are similar to the Zowie FK Series, and, like the G Pro, they have minimal pretravel, aren’t mushy, and are a steal at $50.

Logitech is ahead of the curve when it comes to scroll wheel, even though I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. Logitech wireless mice feel stronger, more solid, and crisper than any other mouse on the market. The scroll wheel click is precise, and each step is clearly defined.

The Model O is not far behind. The Logitech product steps are clearly defined, and the wheel has deeper ridges.It requires more force to click the scroll wheel than the Logitech G Pro.

Although it may seem like the Logitech G Pro Wireless won this category, keep in mind the price difference. A mouse costing twice as much should have more buttons. The Model O is an excellent mouse for the price. It also has the most clicks, so it all comes down to your budget.

Battery Life

Glorious Model O Wireless offers maximum functionality. Battery life This means that it can last up to 71 hours. Logitech G Pro Wireless, on the other hand, has 48 hours of battery life. This means that it can last up to 71 hours. Logitech G Pro, on the other hand, has 48 hours of battery life.

Connectivity G Pro Wireless Vs Glorious Model O

The ascend cable connects the Glorious Model O mouse to the computer or laptop. The ascend cable is lightweight and flexible.

The Logitech wireless gaming mouse is a wirelessly connected device that uses Lightspeed technology.

Logitech’s Wireless is equally as good in terms of connectivity with the Glorious wired connectivity.

Feet Glide Glorious Model O Vs G Pro Wireless

Glorious has created their own mouse feet, which they call “G-Skates.” These feet are made of PTFE and can glide over any pad. These feet are superior to the Logitech G Pro Wireless standard feet, which are solid but not as smooth.

It is still a good idea to invest in hyperglides, especially for the Logitech G Pro.

G Pro Wireless


Each mouse can be considered “ambidextrous” in terms of its shape, but the Logitech G Pro Wireless is truly ambidextrous because it has buttons on both ends. This should make it an easy choice for lefties.

In conclusion, Rezence hopes you found the article helpful, and let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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