How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On iOS, Android: Full Guide Of 2022

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On iOS, Android Full Guide

Have you accidentally left your headphones on and went about your day, only to realize that you’ve been blasting music for everyone around you? 

Or maybe you were in a meeting and realized that you’d been playing your music out loud the whole time. Whatever the case, it’s embarrassing, and it can be hard to find the right setting to turn them off. Here’s how to turn off headphone mode on your phone to avoid that awkwardness in the future.

What is Headphone Mode?

What is Headphone Mode

Headphone Mode is a new feature on the iPhone that allows you to use your headphones to control certain aspects of your phone. This can be useful if you want to use your headphones to answer phone calls or control your music.

To use Headphone Mode, connect your headphones to your iPhone and select the Headphone icon. You can then choose the type of headphones you are using. If you are using Bluetooth headphones, ensure they are paired with your iPhone before selecting them from the list.

Why Do Android Phones Get Stuck in Headphone Mode?

Why Do Android Phones Get Stuck in Headphone Mode

When you put a set of Android Phone stuck in headphone mode, the phone identifies the inserted devices and enters headphone mode.

Unfortunately, your phone might become trapped in headphone mode even after you remove the headphones. Even when the headphones are not connected, the phone believes they are.

When this occurs, removing the headphones causes the material to cease playing. And it won’t play again unless you re-insert the headphones. A headphones symbol appears at the top of the screen, suggesting that the phone is still in headphone mode even after the headphones are removed.

Getting your phone out of headphone mode may require hardware and software options. This is because the issue might be caused by a combination of hardware and software faults, such as:

  • Dust, grime, and lint being lodged within the headphone jack
  • Problems with the settings on your phone
  • Operating system issues with the phone

How to Turn Off Headphone Mode

How to Turn Off Headphone Mode

Software Issues: Simple Software Fixes to Get Your Phone Out of Headphone Mode

Plug And Unplug Your Headphones

Plug And Unplug Your Headphones

The first step is reconnecting your headphones to your phone and then unplugging them.

To plug and disconnect headphones, do the following:

  • Play music on your phone, then plug your headphones into the audio jack.
  • Gently yet firmly rotate the plug.
  • Music will begin to play through your headphones to indicate that your phone has detected the headset and is now in headphone mode.
  • Take out the plug.

The idea is to have your phone cease recognizing your headphones. You’ve solved the problem if the song continues to play on speaker mode.

However, it might be more difficult, and this solution will not help you. Fortunately, you still have a variety of alternative options to consider.

Restart Your Devices

Restart Your Devices

A background app or process may be causing the phone to hang in headphone mode. To resolve the issue, restart your phone. A reboot is always an option for most small issues and software malfunctions.

Reboot your phone as follows:

  • Hold the Power button down until the power menu opens.
  • Choose Restart.

Enable And Disable Airplane Mode

Enable And Disable Airplane Mode

It’s conceivable that your iPhone continues to believe it’s linked to an external audio source, such as Bluetooth headphones. It’s simple to resolve by switching the phone into and out of Airplane Mode.

Turning on Airplane Mode momentarily disconnects all networking on the phone, including Wi-Fi networks and, more critically, Bluetooth devices. If Bluetooth is at blame, disconnecting from the device should resolve the issue.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Open the Control Center in the manner appropriate for your iPhone model.
  • Tap the Airplane Mode symbol, which looks like an airplane.
  • Wait a few seconds before tapping the Airplane Mode symbol again to exit Airplane Mode.

Connect to  a Different Audio Source or Change Audio Output

Connect to a Different Audio Source or Change Audio Output

Connecting the iPhone to another audio source or changing its audio output is another option to reset the iPhone’s algorithm back to its usual state (without the headphone mode issue) (connecting to Bluetooth speakers or HomePods, for example).

To change the audio output, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Bluetooth on your iPhone. To activate it, click the button.
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth speakers, HomePod, or wireless audio output device.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the gadget through Bluetooth. Play a test file to determine whether the connection worked.
  4. After that, unplug and check to see whether your iPhone is no longer in Headphone mode.

Reset Your Network settings

Reset Your Network settings

The final tip in our list of iOS-specific remedies is to reset the network settings. Our objective here is to effectively “re-format” all saved and existing connections (including Bluetooth headphones) to compel the phone to restart its algorithms, hopefully returning headphone mode to its usual condition.

Follow these procedures to reset your iOS Network Settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings —> General on your iPhone.
  2. Click Reset and then Reset Network Settings.

Hardware Issues: Hardware Fixes to Get Your iPhone Out of Headphone Mode

If none of the following changes worked, there might be a hardware problem.

First, ensure your headphone jack isn’t trapped within the port since this would be an apparent reason for worry. After that, take a look inside the headphone jack. Is there dirt, trash, or lint inside? This might be the source of the problem.

Let’s look at how to resolve this and other headphone-mode-related issues.

Remove any lint, debris, or dirt from the headphone jack.

Remove any lint, debris, or dirt from the headphone jack.

Begin by shining a flashlight into the headphone jack port to check if you can see any lint or dirt. Then, carefully slide a Q-tip or paper clip into the jack and wipe the interior. For further information, follow the steps below:

Use a Q-tip

  1. Reduce the amount of cotton wool at the Q-ends. Tip Most of the time, it’s much larger than the 3.5mm port, thus, thinning it down will assist you in getting it in there for cleaning.
  2. Insert it gently into the headphone jack and carefully spin it to capture any dirt or lint.
  3. Gently pull it out and clear any dirt lodged in the Q-tip.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until there is no more dirt in the Q-tips.

Use a paperclip (with tape)

  1. The idea is to use a paperclip with a small strip of tape at the end to form a small lint roller that will gather dirt and debris.
  2. Using a paperclip, cut a little piece of tape.
  3. Place it at the rear of the paper clip, the sticky side exposed. Could you make certain that it is safe?
  4. Insert it gently, then rotate it around to capture any dirt or lint.
  5. When finished, slowly take it out.

Use compressed Air

  1. This is the safest way because it does not involve inserting anything into the headphone jack.
  2. Purchase a pressurized air can or a portable duster.
  3. Spray 3-4 quick bursts of air into the headphone jack with the nozzle’s tip.
  4. This should be sufficient to force any dirt or debris from the headphone jack.

Wrapping Your Headphones Correctly

Wrapping Your Headphones Correctly

Did you know that leaving your headphones connected to the headphone port all the time might cause the connection to the motherboard to loosen?

When this occurs, the possibility of damage rises, resulting in problems such as your iPhone becoming stuck in headphone mode.

When the phone sound not working without headphones, keep your headphones disconnected and in a safe case or bag.

Check For Water Damage

Check For Water Damage

If cleaning the headphone jack does not solve the problem, water damage may be to blame. Water or a large amount of moisture might have gotten inside the headphone port.

Fortunately, there is an easy method to find out:

  1. Remove the sim card tray using a sim ejector tool.
  2. Shine a light inside the headphone port using a tiny flashlight or another light source.
  3. A little red dot indicates that the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) is engaged. When specific portions of the iPhone come into touch with liquids, a mechanism within the phone is activated (turns red).

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How to Get My iPhone Out of Headphone Mode if None of These Steps Work?

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get out of headphone mode, the next obvious step is to take it to an Apple-approved service facility for repairs. Avoid third-party stores you aren’t sure you can trust or rely on.


Can You Turn Off Headphone Controls On Android?

Unfortunately, Android does not provide direct access to headphone settings. However, there are a few apps that do. The audio balance is the sole function you can alter with your phone.

To adjust the audio balance on Android, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Choose Accessibility.
  • Look for Sound Balance.
  • Examine the many possibilities and choose the best one for you.

How Do You Get Out of Headphone Mode?

There are several methods for turning off your phone’s headphones mode. Try plugging and unplugging your headphones. Restart your device and do a soft reset. Override audio controls using third-party apps. If you want to go all out, factory reset your smartphone. This, however, will delete all of your phone’s data and contents.

How do I connect Bose headphones to an iPhone?

To connect Bose headphones to your iPhone, ensure Bluetooth is turned on. On your iPhone, download and run the Bose Connect app. It should recognize the Bose headphones immediately. A Drag To Connect notice will appear. Swipe down to start pairing your Bose headset with your iPhone.

How do I connect Sony headphones to an iPhone?

To connect Sony headphones to an iPhone, ensure Bluetooth is turned on. To enter pairing mode, press and hold the headphones’ power or ID Set buttons. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Other Devices on the iPhone and pick the Sony headphones from the list.

How do I make headphones louder on an iPhone?

To make iPhone headphones louder, click Settings > Sound & Haptics > Headphone Safety. Check that Reduce Loud Sounds is switched off. You should also clean your headphones, verify the file compression, and use an amplifier.


To conclude, the best way to turn off headphone mode is by using the physical button on your headphones. This will ensure that the feature is turned off, and you won’t have to worry about it accidentally turning on again. Thank you for reading this article!

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