How To Make Earbuds Louder And Sound Clearer? Best Ultimate Guide 2022

How To Make Earbuds Louder Best Full Guide 2022
If you are looking for how to make earbuds louder, there are a few things you can do. One is to make sure that the earbuds are inserted properly into your ears. You can also try adjusting the volume on your device. If you still need more volume, you can use an app to boost the sound. By utilizing the information above, you can ensure that you are getting the best sound quality possible.

Tips On How To Make Your Earbuds Louder

How To Make Headphones Louder – The Right Size Does Wonder

The best way to get the perfect volume and sound quality are to make sure you have the correct size earbuds. If you have a low volume issue, ensure that you are wearing them correctly. If you want to use your earbuds for a long time, make sure they are the right size.

These are some tips for those who haven’t worn their earpieces correctly for years.

  • The right bud should go to the right ear and the left to the left ear. For Earphones, make sure to choose the correct silicon and foam tips to seal them in your ears.
  • If one earbud is louder than the others, this can be due to the difference in the size of each ear. A perfect size creates a vacuum and will boost earphone volume.
  • Wrap the cord around wired Earpieces. You can also wear them hanging down.
  • To secure the cables, use the adjustment tube. You can place this behind your head or in front.

To insert the earbuds, pull your ear up and outward to straighten the ear canal. Then, take them behind your ears and pull the loop to a length you like.

The sleeves seal will determine how good your frequency response and sound isolation are.

Check the seal between your ears and the buds if you aren’t satisfied with the sound output.

Earbuds can be purchased with a variety of sleeves.

Make Sure To Clean Your Headphones

It is easy to overlook the most simple solutions. If you are using Small headphones Sometimes, earbuds or headphones may not be working properly due to misplaced or dirty phones.
There’s a good chance that your headphones will accumulate dust and ear wax if you use them often. You can prolong the life expectancy of your wireless headphones by using cotton swabs or alcohol wipes.

Use an alcohol wipe to remove the outer earpads gently. After they have dried, use a cotton swab to clean any crevices with rubbing alcohol. Use a small cotton cloth or alcohol wipe to rub it gently to clean the mesh. Before reassembling, be sure to dry both sections.

Use a small toothbrush or a slightly damp cotton swab to lightly scrub the mesh of wireless earbuds until it is clean. You can remove any silicon tips from the ends of the buds and soak them in soapy water for 3 to 5 minutes.

Make Sure To Clean Your Headphones

Increase The Volume Of Your Music App

Playback can sound very different depending on the media used.

Each streaming platform and app has its default preferences. You can adjust the volume settings of your streaming music apps. You need to know how to get to them to increase your sound volume.

Spotify allows you to tap into the Equalizer settings. You can get bass boosts and surround-sound experiences, which can help increase the volume of your bluetooth headphones.

The Pandora app has an Advanced settings menu that allows you to toggle the Higher Quality Audio feature. However, music may skip.

Tidal users have the volume option to enable normalization and change sound settings. You can do this by accessing the Settings menu under the My Collection tab and selecting Loudness Normalization.

To increase the volume at normalization, drag the Preamp slider to your right after you have tapped Enable Normalization.

Use Volume Booster Apps Or Adjust EQ Settings App

How to make headphones louder? Next, here are some of the best volume boosting apps.

In trying to improve our lives, tech has made incredible strides.

Volume-booster pro apps are simple volume booster tricks that can be used to improve the sound quality of your earpieces without spending too much time.

Before downloading the app, check the maximum volume limit of your device before you start.

While Volume-boosting apps can make your sound louder, they may also reduce quality. You can increase the volume up to the desired limits.


  • Equalizer Pro Volume Booster
  • KaiserTone Audio Player
  • Bass Booster
  • Boom Music


  • Volume Booster Pro
  • Equalizer FX
  • Volume Booster GOODEV
  • MX Player
  • Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio

Also, you might want to check the EQ settings of your phone. These sound settings may be “optimized” by manufacturers, but they might not suit your listening preferences. You can play around with the settings until it suits you.

Equalizer Pro Volume Booster App

Get A Headphone Amplifier

These sound settings may be fine, but they could indicate a problem with the power output.

Headphones are simply speakers. All speakers need an amplifier. Space can be a significant limiting factor for smaller headphones. The amp’s size will determine the headphones volume output.

You will experience a reduced volume and quality if you use not powerful headphones. You’ll hear distortion at “max”, and headphones won’t sound as loud as you would like if you raise the sound volume.

You can do this with a standalone amplifier for your headphone amps! We don’t expect you to spend much money on an external device to increase your headphone volume, but it’s worth considering buying better headphones.

We’re not suggesting that you buy an external device to improve your headphone volume (why not just get better headphones?

Now, a headphone amp doesn’t work in every case. These are usually only used for better-quality headphones. You can safely assume that your earbuds send the maximum volume limit if they’re in use.

You can check the impedance of your headphones if you are interested in buying an external headphone amp.

High impedance headphones (300 ohms or more) will require a boost to move their drivers. These are planar magnetic headphones which are very popular. An amplifier won’t work if you have more efficient headphones, such as those in the 20-25ohms dynamic range.

Get A Headphone Amplifier

Turn Off Volume Limit On Headphones

Sometimes all that is required to remove your device’s volume limit is to turn it off. The law sets the volume limit for smartphones and MP3 players at 120 decibels in the US, and 85 decibels in Asia.

If you live in Europe, however, your Android device can reach 100 decibels. You can turn off the volume warning that appears when you increase the volume on your phone.

The following steps will allow you to adjust your iPhone’s volume limit:

Settings -> Music > Volume Limit -> Off.

You can also do the same on Windows PC by downloading Quiet On The Set and running it.

How To Make Headphones Louder Volume – Adjust Volume Settings

Most devices today have volume limits presets. This preset is intended to protect your ears. If the preset isn’t loud enough, you can adjust the volume control settings.

Here are some ways to improve the headphones sound quality of your Apple earbuds:

  • Click on Settings and then Music.
  • Scroll to the bottom, and choose playback
  • You can set the volume limits to increase the audio devices.

Here’s how to make your headphones louder on Android devices

  • Select Settings from the menu. There are many ways for Android to access settings
  • Locate the application in your drawer
  • You can also swipe the notification panel to the bottom and tap the settings icon
  • Select sounds and then choose volumes
  • There will be different volume controls for different functions, such as music, video and games, ringtones, notifications, and alarms.
  • Use the sliders to adjust system volume

These settings allow you to adjust the volume using the buttons on the phone. However, you can’t go beyond the max volume settings. These steps are dependent on your Android Operating System version, make, and model.

All The Knobs Are Up

You may also have a problem with your phone, player, or headphones if they are set too high. Turn your volume control bo to check.

Tips: Don’t forget to adjust the volume control on your phone for individual apps. You may also be able to set different audio settings depending on which app you are using.

If an app is too quiet, or if you notice that others are clearly coming through, check the settings and your windows control panel.

What To Look For When Buying Earbuds?

What To Look For When Buying Earbuds

How To Choose The Right Gadget

The best earbuds are the ones that you choose. The right pair doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive but should provide good sound quality and bass. Earpieces are affordable and can be used to protect your ears.

To find the best pair for you, look at a variety of pairs before deciding. To test the quality of the music, you can mix old and new songs. You should also know if you prefer open or closed formats.

In-ear headphones that are closed can cause sound distortion and isolation from outside sounds. Open headphones allow airflow and sound to pass through. Although it produces high-quality sound, it does not isolate you from outside noises.

These are the points that will help you to understand this information in a few words.

  • Sensitivity is denoted by the SPL (sound pressure level) and is the reason for Earbuds’ loudness. This converts the electrical signals into acoustic. For sensitive ears, you should choose earbuds with medium or high sensitivity.
  • Impedance is the opposition to current flow. The Current flow is affected by the headphone impedance.
  • Frequency Response is simply a measure of whether or not your earbuds have good bass. Different frequencies (Hz) can produce different sound qualities.

These are just a few options. You can also choose whether you want earbuds with rubber, plastic, or silicone tips. Silicon tip, rubber, and foam are better for small earholes. These earbuds are known to be the best, as they don’t cause any harm to small ears. For larger ears, plastic earbuds are best.

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About Ear Candi

Ear candi refers to a custom-molded system that takes the form of an ear or bud. Noise isolation issues can occur if you use in-ear headphones.

External noise can interfere with the audio output, causing you to increase the volume to unacceptable volume levels. This can cause damage to your ears.

This problem was solved by purchasing expensive, active noise-canceling, in-ear headphones. Ear candi is an alternative solution to this problem.

These silicone inserts are custom-made to fit your ears. They provide the best sound isolation and keep the drums sounding rich and full. They can also keep your buds in place while you exercise.


FAQs About How To Make My Earbuds Louder

How Often Should My Headphones Be Cleaned?

Many factors influence how often you should clean your headphones. Your headphones should be cleaned on average once per month.

Are There Good Headphones Amplifiers Under $100?

Yes. You can purchase a good amplifier for as low as $100.


These types of devices require specialized technical solutions. These methods will help you make your earbuds volume louder. This will help fix the volume of your earbuds and improve the sound quality.

But first, you should try to fix them by yourself. So you will not spend money on replacing your earbuds. If you fail, you can take the earbuds to the repair service. Hopefully, you found this article useful, and let us know what you think of it.

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