How To Connect Access Point To Wireless Router Without Cable? Best Things To Know 2022

How To Connect Access Point To Wireless Router Without Cable

There are a few ways on how to connect access point to wireless router without cable. One way is to use an Ethernet cable to connect the two devices and then use the wireless router’s configuration utility to create a virtual network interface for the access point. Another way is to use a wireless bridge to connect the two devices. Let’s look at both in detail.

How To Connect Access Point To Wireless Router Without Cable?

Is It Possible?

Before you start to experiment with something like this, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it is possible.

It is possible to connect Access Point to Wireless Router using an Ethernet cable. It is possible, provided you are careful about compatibility and configuration.

You must ensure that the router and access points are capable of wireless connection.

You can easily resolve this issue by ensuring that both your Access point and router are from the same manufacturer. Or, you can also check online for compatibility. After you are certain they are compatible, it is time to set them up. Here’s how:

How Do You Configure It?

The majority of Access Points on the market have the default mode set to work as wireless access points. You don’t need to worry about this part. These allow you to increase the range of an already transmitted wireless signal from your router.

You will most likely need a computer or laptop connected to the router. Other devices may also be required.

Once your PC or laptop is connected to the same network as the Access Point, you can use the Access Point admin panel to configure the Access Point mode using the network credentials you used on the Wireless Router.

After you have entered the credentials and verified that the Access Point has sufficient Wi-Fi signals to connect, you should be able to use the wireless connection without needing an Ethernet Cable.

If that is not possible, contact your AP manual to have it made.

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How To Connect Access Point To A Wireless Router Without Cable

Bridge Mode: Use To Connect Two Wi-Fi Routers Wirelessly

Wirelessly connecting two Wi-Fi routers can be used for many purposes. Because it is invisible, the first benefit of wireless connections is that they don’t affect the appearance of your house or office. You can connect wireless router wirelessly bridge.

You can connect your DVR, NVR, Network printer, and other network devices using a wireless connection without laying a physical connection.

Use WiFi router bridge mode to connect your non-wireless desktop via LAN cable.

You can transform your non-WiFi camera into a wireless camera by connecting to a WiFi router.

Wirelessly connect two offices or locations where physical cables are not possible.

First WiFi Router Configuration To Support Wireless Bridge

First WiFi Router Configuration To Support Wireless Bridge

Two routers must be connected wirelessly and each one must be set up individually.

Connect your router and log in using the default settings or settings you have created in your device.

First WiFI router operating mode as Access Point (AP), mode

You will set up the first router in AP mode. You will need to set the wireless name, password, and channel settings.

For any other brand Router, go to Operation or Working Mode.

To apply settings, select the Access Point and click the Save button.

Wireless settings for the first WiFi router

  • Go to Wireless-Wireless Settings
    Wireless Network Name: Type the wifi name in this box
  • Select a region to be compliant with the telecom regulation.
  • Channel: (1-13) Choose the channel number you want (use the wireless analyzer for interference levels for each channel)
  • To save settings, press the Save button

First WiFi Router Configuration To Support Wireless Bridge

Wireless Security Settings for First WiFi Routers

  • Wireless-Wireless Security
  • WPA/WPA2- Personal: (Select the circle to use this)
  • Wireless Password: Enter the password into the box. This password is used to connect to the second router wirelessly.
  • To save settings, press the Save button

This is the first Router configuration. Do not switch off the router. To connect to the second router, keep the power on.

Wireless Security Settings for First WiFi Routers

As Client Mode, Second WiFi Router Configuration

As Client Mode, Second WiFi Router Configuration

The second TP-Link wifi router will now be configured as client mode in order to connect wirelessly with the first WiFi router.

If you are using the WiFi Router for the first time, change the IP address.

To avoid network conflicts, access the WiFi router and follow these instructions.

Go to Network- LAN

IP Address: 192.168.o.254. This is the default IP address of the TPLink router. Change the IP Address here to reopen the device with a new IP Address.

Now, Change The Client Mode For The Second Wifi Router

Now, Change The Client Mode For The Second Wifi Router

  • First, change the operation mode to client mode.
  • Move to Work Mode
  • Select Client mode from the drop-down menu and click the Save button.
  • Now scan and connect the first device wirelessly.
  • Go to Wireless settings
  • Click here to complete the Press Survey
  • All the Wireless names will be available at the same place.
  • Using the steps above, locate your router’s wifi name.
  • You will be taken to wireless settings after you press the connect button.
  • Enter the password for the Access Point mode WiFi router that was configured first.
  • Password: To connect wirelessly, enter the password for the AP device.
  • To apply settings, press the Save button and reboot your device.

Once your device is connected successfully, you can configure the wireless bridge mode. You can use it to view CCTV, NVR, network printers, and other network devices.

To avoid disconnection problems, please ensure Access Point (first Wi-Fi router) is visible from the client (second Wi-Fi device). To provide stronger wireless bridge connectivity, the line of sight must be clear. The status page allows you to check the signal strength of the bridge device.


Is It Possible For An Access Point To Connect Wirelessly With A Router?

Sometimes called an Access Point (AP), or WAP, a device that can connect wirelessly to a network to access it. Technically, a router can be wired to the network, and an AP to a router can also be wired.

Is It Necessary To Connect A Wireless Access Point To A Modem To Use The Service?

Access Points are usually attached to routers but can also be connected to modems (though connecting all devices to the latter). You can then connect to it, and the signal will run through your modem and router to reach the internet.

Is Access Point The Same As Modem?

Modems convert between broadband and baseband by either modulating or demodulating signals from the broadband medium. A wireless access point connects wirelessly (usually 802.11) to a wired network.

What Is A Wireless Access Point?

An access point can be thought of as a switch. The only difference is in the physical connections and hardware. Wireless signals are used to connect the access points. The access point does not perform any routing.


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