How To Cancel QLink Wireless Service And Save Money - Best Full Guide 2022

How To Cancel Qlink Wireless Service – Best Full Guide 2022

You need to know how to cancel Qlink wireless service? Qlink is a service that allows individuals to cancel their service with just one phone call. With the ease of canceling, it is just as easy to sign up for Qlink Wireless. And this article will detail everything about the topic. So, let’s get started!

Let’s Look At The Reasons You Might Want To Cancel Q Link

First, your Q Link mobile phone has been stolen or lost and you might want to cancel the service. You can cancel the service immediately to prevent third parties from imposing additional charges on your account.

If you are unable to receive Q Link service due to financial circumstances, a change in your job, or a new job, your free phone calls plan may have to be canceled.

You may wish to cancel your service if it is not satisfactory or if there are plans to relocate. Q Link’s T-Mobile network in this area has either poor coverage or no services.

You may also decide to cancel your service because you aren’t satisfied with the current provider or you find a better deal elsewhere. You may be tempted by special discounts or other incredible deals offered by service providers to new customers and decide to cancel your current service.

Let's Look At The Reasons You Might Want To Cancel Q Link

What Do I Need To Do Before Cancelling Q Link Wireless Service?

You should consider the following factors before you permanently cancel your Q Link Service.

  • Back up your data: Q Link may want to take your device when you cancel the service. If you have your own device, Q Link will not be able to collect it. You can skip this step.
  • It is much more difficult to cancel your Q Link service if you have unpaid bills or other unfinished business. Make sure you have everything in order before you cancel your service.
  • You can keep or delete your old number: At the time of cancellation, you will be asked whether you want to retain your old number. If you do, it is important to make a decision sooner. If your account is terminated, Q Link may deny you access to your old number or reassign it to another subscriber.
  • Locate a new provider: If you find a better deal, make sure to switch to another provider.
  • Preparing the documentation: You may be required to provide documentation regarding your service during the cancellation process. Make sure you have everything in order to make the process as quick and smooth as possible.

What Do I Need To Do Before Cancelling Q Link Wireless Service

What Happens If You Cancel Service?

Your account will be canceled immediately. You won’t be able to make free phone calls, send text messages or use your data. If your account was canceled because you were no longer eligible to receive Lifeline service, you may reapply until you are eligible again for Lifeline.

There is still hope if you have to cancel this service or your account was canceled due to inactivity. You can easily activate your Qlink phone service to receive your monthly minutes, text and picture messaging free of charge, as well as data. Follow these steps if you wish to change your Qlink number.

Once your number is changed, you will receive a random number and cannot go back to your old number. You should note that changing your phone number will erase all voicemail messages. Therefore, you must keep any important voicemail messages from your old number. They won’t transfer.

To create a unique voicemail greeting, you will need to create one. If you have a number that you wish to transfer to Qlink Wireless, you will be able to receive unlimited data for 30 days.

What Happens If You Cancel Service

QLink Service Cancellation

Qlink Wireless can cancel any customer’s enrollment or permanently deactivate any Qlink Wireless customer’s phone for fraud, misrepresentation, or any other misconduct, as solely determined by Qlink Wireless.

Participation in the free government smartphone Lifeline Program. You must not rent, sell or give away the device or Qlink Lifeline Service to another person.

It is against Federal and State Law to sell or give away Qlink Wireless phone service or Qlink services to anyone outside your household. Any violation of this rule will result in the necessary legal authorities being prosecuted.

If Qlink Wireless determines that you have violated the prohibitions, it will do so at its discretion. Qlink Wireless will de-enroll you from the Qlink Lifeline Program and your phone will be permanently disabled. You will lose all of your personal information so you can no longer re-enroll with the Qlink Lifeline Program.

How To Cancel My Qlink Wireless Service

You can bring an existing phone number to Qlink Wireless, contact customer service at 1-855-754-66543, and get a bill from the former provider. Your former wireless carrier may charge termination fees or other fees if you switch to Qlink wireless.

Qlink will not reimburse you for termination fees or any additional costs incurred by other providers to transfer a wireless number. During enrollment, you must accept the Qlink Wireless number.

If you cancel the service, or your account is deactivated, expires, or terminates, the company may assign your cell phone number without notifying you. You can transfer your mobile phone number to another subscriber by calling Qlink Wireless Customer Support at 1-855 554 6543.

QLink Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Program

Qlink Wireless allows customers to bring their own phone, provided that it is compatible with Qlink Wireless’ network and services. If you don’t wish to bring your old phone along while porting to Qlink Wireless, you might also consider a Qlink Wireless upgrade.

Let’s say you want to activate your phone using the Bring Your Own Phone Program. You must ensure that your phone has not been locked and that it is compatible with Qlink Wireless Prepaid Service or Qlink Wireless Lifeline.

You must also ensure your phone meets all applicable federal laws. Additionally, you will need to purchase any hardware and software that is required for the service.

You should note that not all QLink Service is available for all devices activated under Bring Your Own Phone. You may also be unable to access certain functions or features on other networks that are included with your phone when you use the Qlink Service.

Cancellation Of Automatic Service

Q Link reserves all rights to terminate your service for violating its terms and conditions. In the following situations, your Q Link service may be cancelled automatically:

All stolen and lost mobile phones will be permanently disabled

If you become non-Lifeline-eligible or fail to complete the annual Lifeline certification within 60 days of receiving the notification. If you are eligible, you can reactivate your service through Q Link Wireless Lifeline.

Your account will be considered inactive if it was not used for at least 45 days. You will be notified within 15 days of the inactivity. You will be de-enrolled or deactivated if you do not comply.

You can reactivate your service in this instance by redeeming Q Link Wireless minutes or purchasing new service days.

Misrepresentation, fraud, or other misconduct: Q Link’s terms and conditions state clearly that customers are not permitted to rent, sell, give away or allow anyone else to use their Lifeline service.

Federal and state law states that selling or giving away Q Link phones to anyone outside your household will result in appropriate legal authorities being brought into play.

You may also lose your service if you lie to an agent, threaten or commit violence to them, harass them, use insensitive language, allow anyone to tamper your device, steal Q Link Wireless, modify it, interfere with Q Link operations, and so on.

Any violation of Q Link’s policies can result in your permanent de-enrollment and deactivation of your phone. You will lose your personal information and will not be permitted to re-enroll in Q Link Lifeline in the future. You can read more at


FAQs About How To Cancel Qlink Wireless Service

What Is The Cancellation Time For Q Link Wireless Service?

It’s impossible to predict how long it will take to cancel your Q Link Service. This depends on the reason and how you cancel it. If you cancel your Q Link service over the phone, it should take only minutes.

When your Q Link Wireless SIM card is rendered inoperable, you will know your service was canceled successfully. You won’t have the ability to make calls, send messages or use data.

How To Transfer Q Link Lifeline Benefit

Transferring your Q Link Lifeline benefit can be done at any time. You cannot transfer your Lifeline benefit, however, because this would be a violation of Federal or State law.

Contact another Lifeline provider to request that your Lifeline benefit be transferred to them. To confirm your eligibility for Lifeline, you may need to reapply to the National Verifier. To process your Lifeline transfer, the new company will require the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Your Social Security number (the last four digits), or Tribal identification numbers
  • Address
  • Telephone number

Written or verbal consent acknowledging that you may lose your Lifeline benefits with the previous provider. Consumers cannot have more than one Lifeline benefit per household.

Can QLink Itself Cancel My Wireless Services At Any Time?

Q Link Wireless reserves all rights to terminate your service at any time if you violate its terms. In the following situations, your Q Link service may be cancelled automatically:

  • Report your mobile device stolen or lost.
  • If you become non-Lifeline-eligible or fail to complete the Lifeline recertification within 60 days of receiving the notification, you will be deemed not eligible.
  • Your account will be considered inactive if it was not used for at least 45 days. You will be notified within 15 days of the inactivity. You will be de-enrolled or deactivated if you do not comply.
  • You may be charged with violating Q Link’s terms. You can read more about the company’s policies at

Are There Any Charges To Cancel The Q Link Service?

Q Link does not charge cancellation or termination fees. You have the right to cancel your service at any moment without having to pay a penny. Follow the instructions below to cancel the service at any time. If you are required to pay a termination fee, contact Q Link’s customer support. This would be considered fraud.

In certain instances, however, you may be charged by the company. If you want to make a replacement phone, you will need to pay $25. Or if add-ons are required to your current plan.

Can I Keep My Phone After Cancelling Q Link Phone Service?

Q Link could decide to take your device when you cancel the Q Link service. However, it’s not clear if they will. It is impossible to know if they will let you keep the device or take it away. Q Link Wireless will not accept your device if you bring it in. This will make it easier to switch to another provider as you don’t need to purchase another device.

How To Call A Live Person In Q Link Wireless Customer Service?

Follow these steps to reach a Q Link Wireless customer representative.

  • Contact Q Link wireless customer service at 1-855-754-66543
  • Press 4
  • Speak “Other
  • Keep your feet on the ground.

You can connect to Q Link Wireless customer service representatives by using the automated phone system.

Q Link customer support is available Monday through Friday from 8 to 12 EST and Saturday from 9 to 6 EST, as we’ve mentioned.


You may need to cancel Qlink services for several reasons. You may have to cancel your Qlink services if your phone is lost or stolen, or if you no longer need them. If you want to cancel your Qlink services, you can do so through your Verizon Wireless My Account page. You must be registered as the Primary Account Holder or an Authorized Contact for your account.

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