Does Total Wireless Allow Tethering? Best Things To Know 2022

Does Total Wireless Allow Tethering Best Things To Know 2022

A look at what you need to know about does total wireless allow tethering?. If you want to share your phone’s data and internet connectivity with other devices, Total Wireless is an excellent wireless service for tethering. In this article, we’ll go through everything to know the topic.

The Total Wireless Network

Total Wireless is an affordable option for those who don’t want to pay much money for a working wireless internet connection. It offers a low-cost mobile phone service that can do almost everything as an expensive one.

This telecom service may help you cut down on your monthly bills. TracFone is the network carrier that owns Total Wireless. It functions as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which uses Verizon’s towers for its Pocket-friendly services to all the customers along with the same great coverage.

The Total Wireless Network

What Is The Tethering Feature?

Tethering refers to sharing your mobile phone’s data with another device. It is used by many people and nearly all mobile network operators. You could also find it on many technology websites. What does this mean? What is tethering?

The tethering function is a simple way to turn your smartphone into an instant routing device. Your family and friends will be able to use your cellular data. You will need to give them the tethering password to use your mobile’s hotspot function.

You will allow them to access the wireless internet connection you have created with the help of a network carrier.

What Is The Tethering Feature

Does Total Wireless Allow Tethering?

Total Wireless Tethering For iPhone

To enable Wi-Fi tethering for iPhone using Total Wireless SIM, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Settings > Cellular to access your iPhone.
  • Now, tap on Settings > Personal Hotspot.

You will be able to choose from a variety of options. For more information, refer to the Apple iPhone mobile data sharing guide.

Hotspot For Android Phones

Follow these steps to enable hotspot for your Android smartphone:

  • Next, open Settings and select “Network & Internet
  • Choose from ‘Hotspot & Teling‘ or ‘Portable Hotspot‘ to see which mobile phone it works with.
  • Tap on “Wi-Fi Hotspot” to activate it.

Total Wireless Tethering Does Not Work

There are a few reasons why your hotspot may not work on your phone. These are some reasons hotspot may not work on your phone:

  • You don’t have a hotspot or you don’t want one
  • Your data limit might have been exceeded. Please refer to the above link for hotspot data caps.
  • Services could be temporarily unavailable

Wireless Hotspot Total Working

These steps are for hotspot and tethering problems.

  • Check your usage details to find out if you have exceeded your data limit.
  • Refrain from complaining about 5G not working

Total Wireless Mobile Hotspot Plans

Total Wireless Mobile Hotspot Plans

Total Mobile offers a variety of data plans that enable you to connect to other devices and create WIFI on your phone. These plans include:

35 $ per Month Single-Line Plan

This plan is the most affordable you will find on Total Wireless. This affordable plan offers unlimited text service to users at the cost of only 35$ per month.

The plan allows unlimited calls and no limit on the minutes you can use. You also get 6GB of data per month at 4G LTE speeds. The plan also allows for up to 6GB of mobile hotspot per line. Amazing, right?

50 $ Per Month Mega Plan Single Line

This plan is excellent and offers mega services that will give you the best value for your money. This plan costs 50$ per month and allows you to upload, surf, download, and stream at up to 4G LTE speeds.

You can also send and receive messages to anyone without any restrictions. You also get 10GB of mobile hotspot for every user.

60 $ Per Month Two Lines Plan

This plan is only 60$ per month. Unlimited text messages, unlimited calls minutes, and unlimited data per month at speeds up to 4GLTE are all included in the plan. You get 30 GB more shared data. You can also get 10GB of mobile hotspots per user for up to 2 users.

85$ Per Month 3 Lines Plan

This plan is also known as a family deal and allows for up to three devices or lines. All three users can call and send texts without restrictions for 85 dollars per month. These family plans include unlimited 4G LTE speed data as well as 10GB of mobile hotspots per user.

100 $ Per Month 4 lines Plan

Unlimited data, unlimited text, and unlimited minutes of call to a family with four members is included in the plan. Every user can also access a 10GB mobile hotspot.


FAQs About Total Wireless

Can We Share Mobile Data With Total Wireless?

Yes! Yes, you can share Total Wireless mobile data if you recharge with a hotspot account. You can see the list of hotspot plans here. Single-line plans for $33 allow data sharing of up to 5GB per month.

Is Total Wireless Worth The Cost?

It is worth paying $33 per month to get 5GB of shared data. If data sharing is a priority, Total makes sense.

Can My Phone Be Used As A Hotspot For Total Wireless?

Yes, you can use your smartphone to share mobile data between friends and family. Make sure you have the proper tethering plan. Please refer to the above plans and the data permitted.

Can Mobile Hotspots Replace Home Internet?

Mobile hotspot is unbeatable to home internet. Mobile hotspots are more expensive than DSL or cable internet. I wouldn’t recommend anyone replace their home internet with a portable hotspot. Because they are more secure than public Wi-Fi, mobile hotspots can be a great option for public use.

Can You Get Unlimited Data With Total Wireless?

Yes. Many Total Wireless plans are available that offer unlimited data, text, and phone calls. Prices for these plans can vary depending on how many lines or devices are involved.


As Total Wireless provides the most affordable plans, Total Wireless Tether is the best option for tethering and hotspot purposes. While other carriers often charge a premium for tethering and hotspot, Total Wireless lets you do both for an affordable price.

Rezence hopes you found this article useful and helped you make the right decision on which mobile phone carrier is the best option for you.  If this option doesn’t suit you well, don’t forget to check out our Metro PCS Vs Cricket Wireless article. If you would like to share your experience with other users, please write a comment below.

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