Does The A51 Have Wireless Charging? Best Things To Know 2022

Does The A51 Have Wireless Charging Best Things To Know 2022
You need to know does the a51 have wireless charging? Wireless charging might be more practical than many belief. If you’re on the go, wireless chargers are advantageous. They’re compatible with smartphones without the need for plugging them in.

If you own an A51, you can harness its power to charge your device wirelessly. Qi wireless charging might be more practical than many belief. This article will detail everything about the topic. Please keep reading!

Is The Samsung Galaxy A51 Capable Of Wireless Charging?

Although this phone is a recent model (released in 2020), it doesn’t have wireless chargers. Many customers were disappointed that Samsung didn’t include this feature.

The majority of Samsung’s budget phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy A21s, do not support wireless chargers.

Perhaps you’d like to know: What Samsung phones have wireless charger? They are pretty numerous. Samsung phones with Qi wireless chargers support most recent devices, including Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note3, Galaxy S6 Active, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge.

This includes Galaxy Note3, Galaxy Note3, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note3, Galaxy S6 Active, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Is The Samsung Galaxy A51 Capable Of Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy A51 Overview

The Samsung Galaxy A51, one of the most current devices in the Galaxy A series by Samsung Brand, is the Samsung Galaxy A51. The Octa-Core processor makes the phone very fast. It also comes in different versions. You have the option of 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, or 6GB RAM with 128GB storage.

This product is very popular with customers due to its camera system. The phone features a quad-core camera that includes the primary camera as well as depth and ultra-wide cameras.

This phone has more to offer than just the camera. The battery life is a whopping 4,000 mAh. This may seem odd considering that many Android devices have large battery capacities, but it is still noteworthy because you get long usage hours.

Let’s get back to the question. Is it possible to charge wirelessly the 4,000 mAh battery?

Samsung Galaxy A51 Overview

How To Charge The Samsung Galaxy A51

The traditional wireless charging method for this smartphone is used. A USB cable can be attached to an adapter and plugged into a power supply. You can insert the USB type C USB cable from any side. This adds some convenience.

This product supports a fast charge of up to 15W. This allows you to charge your phone quickly from 0% to 100 percent in just minutes. You can activate this feature from the device’s settings.

Here’s how:

  • Open “Settings” on your device
  • Select “Device care”.
  • Choose “Battery
  • Choose “Charging“.

Turn the switch to activate Fast Charging.

This is it. You’ll see the light sign when your device is plugged into. You should be aware of the following information regarding charging your Samsung Galaxy A51 with Fast Charge enabled.

First, you need a fast charger to activate the feature. This is the one included in the box. It won’t activate if you use a regular charging source.

Fast Charging cannot be activated or deactivated if your device is plugged in. To perform these functions, you will need to unplug your device. Fast charging automatically deactivates when the device is hot to prevent escalation.

How To Charge The Samsung Galaxy A51

Does The Samsung A51 Have Wireless Charging

Although the Samsung A51 doesn’t support wireless charging, you can still charge it wirelessly by using an external device. You can use external devices such as wireless charging cases, adapters, and pads to charge your device wirelessly.

Although Samsung offers a wireless charging case, it is only compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones. You might also want to look at products made by other brands. You might have trouble finding the right one.

Wireless charging adapters are the best. They are available for USB type C devices. You need to connect the Qi receiver patch connector as a regular charger. Place the Qi charging receiver patch on the back of your phone, and you are good to go.

Is the Samsung A Series equipped with Qi charging?

Samsung Galaxy A series comprises the Galaxy A51 and A10s, A20s and A30s, A01 to A11, A50s, and A21s. The Qi wireless charger is not available on any of the A-series devices. If you want to purchase a different A-series device with charging, it is impossible.

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FAQs About Does The Galaxy A51 Have Wireless Charging

Is It Possible To Charge The Samsung Galaxy A51 Wirelessly?

Although this smartphone doesn’t support Qi charging, you can still charge it wirelessly using an external device. You can use external devices such as wireless charge cases, adapters, and wireless charging pads to charge your device wirelessly.

Why Is My Samsung Wireless Charger Not Charging My Phone?

If your wireless charge device is not working, restart the phone to try again. Get the latest software update. Software errors can cause Android problems. Go to Settings>Software Update>Download and Install.

How Can I Wirelessly Charge My Samsung Phone?

Plug the power adapter of the wireless charger into a power outlet. Next, connect the USB cable to the wireless charger. When you connect the cable, the indicator light at the base will turn on.

Once you are ready to go, connect your phone or another compatible device (such as a smartwatch or earbuds) to the wireless charger.


Wireless charging is an intriguing feature that Samsung should have included in its Samsung Galaxy A51 2020 device. But, the A51 is still a great phone. The Galaxy A51 is more than capable of handling anything you throw at it. Rezence hopes you found this article helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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