How To Connect 2 More Devices With A Bluetooth Headphone

How To Connect 2 More Devices With A Bluetooth Headphone: Should Use Multipoint?

Bluetooth is a straightforward connection that enables two devices to talk to one another. It has significantly enhanced wireless audio applications as well as those for other devices like computer mice and keyboards. However, Bluetooth does have certain drawbacks. 

Continue reading to learn more about the problem of utilizing multiple pairs of headphones.

What Is Multipoint And How Does It Work?

Multipoint bluetooth pairing

To address the need for headphones that can connect to two devices at once, Bluetooth multipoint technology is required. Sadly, the multipoint technology’s mention of Bluetooth prevents wired headphones from using the capability.

A single pair of headphones can connect to two devices, such as mobile phones, simultaneously thanks to Bluetooth multipoint. In the past, Bluetooth headsets could only connect to one device at a time, but more recent headphone releases have Bluetooth multipoint technology built in.

Like their predecessors, headphones can connect to two devices at once; the only distinction is that the connection process must be completed twice. Bluetooth headphones with multipoint capabilities may need manual setup or may do so automatically, depending on the manufacturer.

Contrary to popular misconception, there is no master-slave setup procedure for the network surrounding a multipoint powered Bluetooth headset while configuring the various devices. From the perspective of the headphones, both devices are equally powerful rather than operating in a master-slave manner.

The outputs from both connected devices can be heard simultaneously on the headphones when using Bluetooth multipoint, with the volume differences being controlled at the individual device level.

How to Use Multipoint To Connect 2 More Devices With a Bluetooth Headphone


Sony bluetooth multi pairing

The Sony WH-1000XM4, one of Sony’s most popular noise-canceling Bluetooth headphone models, supports multipoint. To apply:

  1. Connect the headphones to your phone and PC.
  2. the Sony Headphones Connect application
  3. Turn on “Connect to 2 devices concurrently” under the System tab.
  4. Tap on the name of the connected device under the Status tab.
  5. Choose the other device you want to connect to from the list of available devices.
  6. Verify that both devices are now shown under “Device Currently Being Connected.”
  7. By swiftly tapping the touch sensor twice, you can now listen to music from either source and change to an incoming call.

Only the Bluetooth codec AAC is compatible with Bluetooth multipoint. So, especially with Android devices, don’t expect the best audio quality. However, it functions satisfactorily for casual listening at your workplace or at the gym.


Bose 700 multipoint

The Bose Noise Cancelling 700, the company’s premier wireless headphone model, supports Bluetooth multipoint. To apply:

  1. Activate the Bose Music app.
  2. the name of your headphones by tapping it.
  3. Select Source.
  4. If devices that have already been configured don’t immediately sync, tap the slider next to their name to do it.
  5. Select “Add new” to add a new device while another is synchronized.

Although the Bose Noise Cancelling 700 can simultaneously connect to up to eight devices, only two of them can be used with Bluetooth multipoint. One can play music or videos, while the other can be paused and switched between as needed.


Jabra Elite 75t multipoint

Bluetooth multipoint is supported by the Jabra Elite 75t and Active 75t, Elite 45h, Elite 85h, and Elite 85t. Jabra refers to it as “Multiuse.” The procedure is identical to that used when syncing a new Bluetooth device. The Jabra Sound+ app allows you to store a list of up to eight devices and allows two devices to connect at once.


Jaybird multipoint

Bluetooth multipoint is supported by numerous headphones made by Jaybird, including the Freedom, Freedom 2, X4, and many others. Different models have different steps, but generally speaking:

  1. Bluetooth-enable one device only
  2. Replacing your headphones in pairing mode
  3. Connect the second device to it
  4. Now that one device can play music and movies, the secondary one is used for taking calls or responding to notifications.

When you pause music on one device, it will also pause on the other. The music stops when you receive a call so that you may respond.


Anker multi pairing bluetooth headphones

The Life Q35 and Q30 are two examples of Anker Soundcore headphones that support Bluetooth multipoint. To be sure, consult your manual, but generally speaking:

  1. Bluetooth-enable one device only
  2. As if you were installing a new device, switch to Bluetooth sync mode.
  3. Sync your Anker headphones with a different device.
  4. The primary device is the first, and the secondary device is the second

The primary device is the one you use to watch and listen to media. If a phone call rings, it will take precedence over all other material. Playback can be switched between devices by pausing it on one and starting it on the other.


Galaxy Buds Pro multipoint

If you have a Samsung compatible mobile with the Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Live, or Galaxy Buds Plus, things get a little more interesting. All of these models do not support Bluetooth multipoint, but if you properly sync them on each device, each headset can transition between devices as soon as you press play on any of them.

You don’t have to swipe, tap, or delve into the settings menus. For this feature to function properly, make sure the same Samsung account is signed in on all of your Galaxy devices.

You can manually switch between sources even if you only have the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and no other Galaxy device that works with them:

  1. Launch the Samsung Wearable app.
  2. Hit the Menu button (three vertical lines)
  3. The top of the list displays the connected device.
  4. To simultaneously connect two devices, tap a different device.

Naturally, using this approach prevents automatic switching. Instead, you will need to manually start and stop the music on each device.


Bluetooth multipoint is supported by a few Sennheiser headphone models, including the HD 450BT, HD 350BT, MOMENTUM 3 Wireless, and PXC 550 II. The setting can be found in the Sennheiser Smart Control app under “Connection,” and its effectiveness varies.


Bluetooth multipoint is supported by a few V-Moda headphone models, notably the Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition and Crossfade 2 Wireless. To add devices and connect to two at once, use the V-Moda app for iOS or Android.

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AirPods Pro multipoint

You’ll be pleased to learn that the AirPods and the AirPods Pro can switch between devices instantly if you’re already a part of Apple’s cozy environment. The functionality of these depends on compatible Apple devices, just like the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The same Apple ID must be used on each of these devices, too. Calls come first, and if one is received, the earbuds will switch to your iPhone. Devices from any other brands will not function with this. However, we don’t advise you to try.

Your listening experience canbe made more seamless using Bluetooth multipoint. Your wireless headphones might change as you transition between devices and tasks.

Consider the possibility of working from home while still watching TV and receiving phone notifications, for instance. The options are almost limitless, and finding the ideal multipoint Bluetooth headphones might completely transform the way you listen to music.

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FAQs about can bluetooth headphones connect to 2 devices at once

Can Multiple Headphones Be Synced to Produce the Same Output?

Although it is feasible to sync numerous headphones to generate the same output, this is not currently practicable with headphones and other products that are available for purchase.

Producing the same output as though each headphone were set up to operate in accordance with the broadcast signal is one technique to synchronize the headphones.

Due to the high power consumption and the lack of input or control from the headphones over the transmitting equipment, this broadcasting method is fairly impractical for regular consumer use.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks to Make Your Headphones Last?

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Headphones Last

Wireless headphones need the same maintenance as their wired counterparts in order to increase their longevity. Here are some suggestions you can apply to make sure your headphones stay by your side for a longer period of time and provide you with the ideal sound.

  1. Keep them clean: The charging port on most wireless headphones is frequently overlooked for a while. When not in use, the charging dock can easily accumulate dirt in the ports if it is not properly maintained. It should work if you regularly clear the ports with little items like pins.
  2. Use caution when charging: The batteries in your wireless headphones can only be fully charged so many times before they start to deteriorate, just like most other battery-powered gadgets. When the battery is fully charged after being fully discharged, it is regarded as having received a full charge.

Avoid using the headphones until the batteries are totally dead to extend the life of your headphone batteries. Instead, you should unplug when the charge is almost finished and only recharge when the low battery notice comes.

  1. Only use multipoint when necessary: Limiting the amount of time your headphones are connected to various devices helps to keep the batteries in good shape. This is important to take into account because using two devices at once will use twice as much power from the headphones as using just one.

What Are Some of the Things You Should Consider Before Buying Headphones?

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Headphones

In addition to the multipoint Bluetooth functionality discussed in this post, here are some more recommendations for you to keep in mind the next time you’re out purchasing headphones.

  • Simple access to replacement parts, such as charging cables.
  • Dimensions and adaptability.
  • The list cost.
  • User testimonials and reviews found online.
  • Requirements for pairing and battery life in technical terms.

What Issues are Resolved By Connecting Headphones to Various Devices?

What Issues are Resolved By Connecting Headphones to Various Devices

You might be wondering why all of this could be necessary after hearing how one set of headphones can connect to two devices at once. Depending on your specific preferences, you might find this technology useful in ways you hadn’t even considered for your daily life.

Imagine you’re watching a movie on your computer and your phone rings.

In the past, you would have to pause the video to answer the call. With headphones that can connect to two devices at once, you may continue watching the film. Depending on the headphone manufacturer, your headphones will automatically reduce the output volume of your movie and allow you to take the call while simultaneously watching your movie in the background.

In this era of virtual meetings, you may find it easy to connect to the following scenario. Let’s say you’re taking an online test, and one of the requirements of the test system is that you don’t have any other unnecessary processes running on your computer. Multipoint Bluetooth headphones are ideal for you if you’re the type of person who likes to listen to music to unwind.

You may swiftly and easily continue taking the exams while having the headphones connected to your phone and laptop. You can write away on examinations while your preferred mixtape is playing without the examiner noticing.

How Many Pairs of Headphones Can You Connect to One Device?

How Many Pairs of Headphones Can You Connect to One Device

While it’s true that we live in arguably the most technologically advanced period of history, the opposite of multipoint Bluetooth headphones connectivity is regretfully still a dream.

There are no devices available right now that can connect to numerous folding or around-the-neck headphones and provide the same output. Even if multiple pairs of headphones can be attached to the same device at once, only one of them can be utilized to emit sound at once.

You should take into account that not many devices can output from their internal speakers while utilizing Bluetooth headsets to demonstrate how far we have to go until we have devices that can emit the same sound on different Bluetooth headsets.

The feature could still be present in wired installations despite the limitation of our existing wireless technology. It’s not unusual to see multiple persons using a pair of wired headphones in non-commercial settings like recording and broadcast studios. They each listen to the same sound output at the same moment.

One of the following methods can be used to get the same output from several headphones.

  1. Even with numerous distribution ports to fit each headphone device, all wired headphones can be linked to the same physical link. This configuration is typical in environments like motorsports, where a group of engineers and other staff members will all be linked for secure communication of the driver’s updates.
  2. Because each set of headphones has a different and preconfigured receiver, a broadcast can have a consistent output across all of the headphones. This strategy may achieve the goal of playing the same track on many headphones, but it would be no different from listening to a radio broadcast because the headphones wouldn’t be able to control the transmitter.

Which Headphones Are Best for Connecting to Multiple Devices?

Which Headphones Are Best for Connecting to Multiple Devices

You could easily become perplexed in the sea of headphone manufacturers when choosing headphones with multipoint Bluetooth connectivity because they are all replete with technical jargon. But you might want to think about:

  • WH-1000XM4 headphones
  • JBL Live 650BTNC
  • LG TONE Flex XL7

Is It Safe to Connect Headphones to Multiple Devices?

The majority of Bluetooth headphones can only be synced at this time to operate on two devices at once.

It’s important to keep in mind that your headphones might play sound outputs from two different devices at once while still preserving their connection. The dual connection of the headphones will result in increased power needs for the headphones.

Even though the majority of multipoint Bluetooth headphone makers concentrate their research efforts on making sure their headphones operate at their best when needed, repeated use of the multipoint technology will wear down the headphone batteries.

We advise you to connect to two devices concurrently only when necessary to ensure the longevity of your multipoint Bluetooth headphone batteries.


Bluetooth multipoint does not always imply simultaneous media streaming from two different devices. Few headsets can support this adequately. The majority of headsets designate one device as a media player and the other as a push notification device.

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