Bluetooth Vs Wireless Mouse Which Is Better And Why

Bluetooth Vs Wireless Mouse: Which Is Better And Why?

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Still comparing bluetooth vs wireless mouse? Not sure which one would actually come out on top?Then, you have come to the right page. You need to see this detailed comparison.

What Is A Wireless Mouse?

What Is A Wireless Mouse

Radio frequency is used to connect the wireless mouse to the computer. An adapter is attached to the USB port, which acts as a receiver and transmitter for wireless mice.

It is as easy as connecting it to your computer, and then you can start using it. Before you can turn it on, a wireless mouse will have a non-chargeable battery.

Only one transmitter is required for wireless mice. The adapter is the only transmitter that the wireless gaming mouse can use. It cannot be lost or stolen.

What Is A Bluetooth Mouse?

What Is A Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth mice connect directly to your computer. If you don’t have any ports on your computer, a Bluetooth mouse is a great option. It’s efficient and simple to use.

Compare Bluetooth Mouse Vs Wireless Mouse

Compare Bluetooth Mouse Vs Wireless Mouse


Wireless mice are computer mouse devices that use radio frequency (RF) to communicate with their computer. The RF transmitter connects it to the computer’s USB port.

It communicates with the computer by using signals. It uses 802.11b or 802.11g radio frequencies. It can reach speeds of up to 54 Mbps and 11 Mbps.

Bluetooth SIG introduced the Bluetooth mouse. It uses a short-range wireless standard. Bluetooth SIG is a technology that allows devices to communicate and connect. Data transfer speeds are approximately 3 Mbps

They share many similarities, mainly in their connectivity speed. Both allow for fast and reliable transmission between the transmitter and receiver.

Both RF and Bluetooth use a small bandwidth which allows for faster transfer rates. Both operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency range.

Bluetooth Vs Wireless Mouse Differences

The critical difference is in the method of connection. Bluetooth is an integrated feature of the computer, and the mouse only needs to connect with it.

For RF, a transmitter must be plugged into your computer. Bluetooth does not require a USB slot. It has a broader range and a faster data transfer speed.

Although Bluetooth can transmit data through objects, the wireless frequency can be disrupted by walls and other physical objects.

All new laptops and desktop computers now have integrated Bluetooth. This technology is more practical and economically feasible. A wireless connection requires an electrical connection.

Its use is limited. It can be used anywhere and anytime as long as you have a computer with a Bluetooth or USB transmitter. It is better to use it than wireless.

Bluetooth Vs Wireless Mouse Differences

Connecting To The Device

A Bluetooth mouse does not require an adapter. This makes it easier to use. A transmitter connects the Bluetooth mouse to the computer’s built-in receiver.

The Bluetooth mouse won’t work if the computer doesn’t support Bluetooth. To use a Bluetooth mouse, you must have Bluetooth support on the device you want to connect to.

Other Devices Required

An adapter is not necessary to connect a Bluetooth mouse to a computer. Bluetooth can be used to click the mouse to any computer that supports it.

Compatibility With Other Devices

A Bluetooth mouse is more compatible than a wireless one. Bluetooth mice are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Bluetooth mice easily connect devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops that support Bluetooth technology.

Response Time

The Bluetooth mouse is less responsive than the wireless mouse. It can take a while to connect to the device.

It is not recommended that gamers use a Bluetooth mouse because its Bluetooth signals could become disconnected mid-sentence if there are obstacles between the Bluetooth receiver, the Bluetooth mouse, or both.


The Bluetooth mouse is more expensive than the wireless one. Bluetooth wireless mice are more expensive than those using USB receivers.

Also, not all computers can use them. Most computers include USB ports. However, not all computers have Bluetooth antennas.

Before using Bluetooth mice, your computer must have either a Bluetooth antenna built-in or an adapter purchased.


Only the way Bluetooth mice connect to your computer is different from USB mice.

It doesn’t use a separate receiver that you plug into your computer but instead uses your computer’s Bluetooth antenna to pair the mouse with it.

After completing the pairing process, your computer will automatically pair with the mouse whenever you use it again.

When presenting, Bluetooth mice are very useful. Bluetooth mice allow the user to move away from the computer up to 33 feet. It does not restrict the user from using the mouse only in one location.

Ports Available

It is not necessary to connect the Bluetooth mouse with the port. It leaves an open port for connecting any other device, such as a smartphone.

Physical Weight

Although a Bluetooth mouse is not likely to get wires tangled and messy, it is still lighter than a wireless mouse.

The Bluetooth mouse stores all of its power in its battery. It is heavier than the wireless mouse because it uses AA batteries.

Battery Life

To maintain a Bluetooth connection, a Bluetooth mouse must be turned on for more extended periods. Otherwise, it takes longer to connect.

The battery can then drain. The battery life of a high-quality Bluetooth mouse can last for up to one year.

Travel Friendly

Bluetooth mice are easy to transport without having to worry about tangled wires. It’s small and can be carried anywhere.


Bluetooth mice are ideal for those who want to use a single mouse with multiple Bluetooth-enabled systems. However, it consumes more power than an RF mouse. The RF wireless mouse, which is available at a reasonable price, is the most popular peripheral. Both mice are top-rated and have their fan base.

To be able to make the best choice, you can refer to the wireless and wired mouse comparison article. Rezence hopes you found this post useful and wishes you a productive day.

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