Best Razer Headphones: Full Guide And How To Pick Right In 2022

Best Razer Headphones: Full Guide And How To Pick Right In 2022

There are a lot of different Razer headphones to choose from, but finding the best one can be challenging.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best Razer headphones on the market. Whether you’re looking for a gaming headset, a pair of earbuds, or something in between, we’ve got you covered.

What You Should Know About Razer Gaming Headsets

There are a few things to consider if you’ve determined that a Razer gaming headset would improve your performance. First off, just because Razer is by far the most well-known brand of gaming headsets doesn’t imply that all of its products are the best.

To be sure, the corporation produces a lot of excellent things, but it also creates a lot of products, some of which are garbage, frequently with similar names and aesthetics to outstanding products.

Razer Has A Lot Of Product Lines

Many of Razer’s headset models share 90% of their features and only differ by supporting Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, among other factors. In a sea of nearly similar neon-highlighted headsets, it’s simple to make a mistake. It’s crucial to know exactly what you need before purchasing a Razer gaming headset, especially if you’re looking for a deal.

Very few Razer gaming headsets are universal, so if you’re not attentive, you can end up with a headset that appears identical but doesn’t actually function on your preferred system. Depending on your budget, using a separate gaming microphone in conjunction with your headset can be more advantageous. To help you choose, read our guide to the various gaming headset lines offered by Razer.

On the plus side, you can typically find something to cover your specific bases despite that issue. If one of the items on the list doesn’t quite fit your needs, there probably is a headset that is very similar to it.

Don’t feel constrained by this list if something slightly off the usual road looks better; it’s only designed to be a starting point. After all, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the Thresher Ultimate function on PC have the same audio quality.

A gaming headset built for the PlayStation 5 won’t operate with the Xbox Series X/S utilizing a connection method other than 3.5mm, proving that this issue is still there with the latest generation of consoles.

Top Best Razer Headphones 2022

Top Best Razer Headphones 2022

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Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless

The finest Razer headset for gaming is the Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless. These sturdy gaming headphones may be tethered with their 1/8 “Low latency TRRS cable or wireless via their USB dongle.

They offer a special haptic bass feature that provides sensations to your audio, which can help accentuate sound effects while you game, unlike the majority of other gaming headphones on the market.

Additionally, you may alter its otherwise boomy sound to your taste by using the visual EQ and presets in their associated software. If you enjoy playing video games with others, their boom mic provides respectable overall performance, making it possible to hear one another even in noisy settings. The adjustable RGB illumination on the ear cups and the comfy fit of these headphones could appeal to some consumers.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer claims that they have a battery life of about eight hours when used continuously. Compared to comparable wireless gaming headphones like the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless, we measured slightly over five hours with their haptic bass characteristics turned to 50%.

It’s crucial to take the time to customize their fit to your head because they are prone to inconsistent audio transmission.


  • Fantastic microphone
  • With games, haptic feedback is effective.
  • Comfortable.


  • For movies or music, haptic feedback isn’t the best option.
  • For the price, the sound quality is average.
  • Made of plastic.

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Razer BlackShark V2

The Razer BlackShark V2 is the top wired Razer headphones that we’ve tested. These headphones are made for gamers, and they fit well and don’t move around much on your head. With a somewhat overemphasized high-bass range that can provide an extra boom to sound effects in action-packed games, their default sound profile is pretty neutral.

They function with excellent companion software that offers you access to a 10-band graphic EQ and several microphone tuning options if you prefer a different sound. If personalization isn’t a big deal for you, the Razer BlackShark V2 X are comparable, less-priced wired headphones that are compatible with any supplementary programs or applications.

Unfortunately, they lack ANC functionality and offer mediocre passive noise isolation results. Additionally, their USB sound card is incompatible with Xbox One. With its 1/8″ jack, the headset is still usable.

“These headphones are better suited for PC and PS4 players because they can be customized using the Razer Synapse software without the card when connected to a controller through the TRRS cable. They’re something to think about if you’re looking for wired gaming headphones.


  • Beautiful game audio
  • Excellent depth and acoustic detail
  • Excellent comfort
  • With the app, you may customize almost anything.
  • Great value for the money

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Razer Opus X Wireless

The great Razer headphones we’ve tried for mobile gaming are the Razer Opus X Wireless. If you enjoy playing games on your mobile device and need wireless headphones that don’t interfere with audio syncing, these are a good option. They offer a low-latency connection for iOS and Android smartphones with their “Gaming Mode.”

They have a great fit and are well-built as well. We measured 68 hours of continuous battery life, which is more than double the manufacturer’s claimed 30-hour battery life. As a result, they should easily endure lengthy excursions. The default sound profile of the headphones is quite well-balanced, but it can be altered using a visual EQ and presets in the app that comes with them.

They do not have an AUX connector; thus, if the battery dies, you are not able to use them passively. It’s unfortunate if you’re searching for headphones to use on a trip or during your everyday commute because its ANC technology also has trouble blocking out bass-range noise, such as the rumble of bus and airplane engines.

On the plus side, they are excellent at insulating you from background noises like a chit chat or a computer fan.

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Razer Kraken

The Razer Kraken is the most recent version of Razer’s well-known and well-liked headset for a reason. It may be used with a wide range of devices and provides excellent sound at a low price.

Despite having wide earcups, this well-liked Razer headset is light enough to wear for extended periods of gaming. The mid-range is a little murky in terms of sound, but the bottom is strong. You may even pick between circular or oval ear cushions in addition to the completely retractable, unidirectional microphone, which allows for a crystal-clear audio chat.

This is the best Razer headset to get good performance. Even a more simplified version of the Kraken, known as the Kraken X, maintains many of the headset’s positive qualities while being significantly repackaged into a less expensive pair.


  • Comfortable and light
  • Strong bass
  • For voice chat, the mic is excellent.


  • The mid-tones are missing.

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Razer Kraken V3 Pro

The most recent model in the Kraken series update from the titan of gaming hardware is the Razer Kraken V3 Pro. It’s not just a simple product range update, though; this is a complete overhaul of earlier Kraken models and an improvement in practically every manner. It’s also among the top Razer headsets now available for purchase.

The V3 Pro has two ways to deliver some significant firepower. The first to integrate the most recent audio advancements and developments from Razer. The audio drivers are superb and provide a wealth of information across the whole sound spectrum.

You can plainly hear enemy footsteps as well as the sound of the wind howling, and shooting, in particular, is a joy. Even meetings and music go well together. It’s a touch trebly out of the box by default, but fiddling is useful and manageable in Synapse as well.

The haptic feedback technology is the second area where the headset excels. I’m a fan of this because I used the Nari Ultimate for a very long time, and this function really does improve immersion. There are four options, including “off,” so some fine-tuning may be done. When used in single-player mode, it’s a feature that ought to be praised.

The one disadvantage of the haptics is that talking to your friends and teammates will also cause them to rumble, which can be a bit unpleasant. Hopefully, the haptics of the future will be able to distinguish between in-game audio and chat audio, enhancing the former while ignoring the latter.

Colleagues and teammates have commented that I sound a little bit thin, tinny, and lacking in richness. However, our communication was never hampered, so it really doesn’t bring the headset down.

Overall, another wireless gaming headset from Razer that is absolutely brilliant and well worth the money has replaced my BlackShark V2 Pro as my go-to daily headset.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Excellent comfort
  • The haptics are great.
  • Strong design


  • More expensive than some rivals
  • The mic is a little thin and tinny.

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Razer Kaira Pro for PlayStation

The Razer Kaira Pro for PlayStation is the simplest suggestion to offer if you’re seeking the best Razer headset for PS5 to connect with your new-generation system.

The headgear appears comparable while preserving the white and black color scheme of the console because it has many similarities to the Kaira series generally that we saw released for Xbox before the PlayStation range.

The addition of Razer’s most recent haptic feedback technology, though, is one of its main selling points in our eyes. In our testing, the inclusion of this blew us away, as it distinguishes this Razer headset as a set that will add to and improve immersion.

The haptics are impressive in that they only require the presence of audio frequency to function, but we found one drawback with them: talking to your friends and teammates will also trigger them, which is a little annoying. Hopefully, the next generation of haptics will be able to distinguish between in-game audio to enhance and chat audio to ignore.

However, when the haptics in the Kaira Pro worked in tandem with a DualSense, our gaming experience was transformed into an immersive adventure (you can turn them off if that’s not your thing). The Kaira Pro’s superb audio quality will thereafter be your only entertainment, and it truly excels in producing everything from the loudest booms to the highest-pitched notes.

Despite lengthy testing, we discovered that the microphone should be improved. My friends complained that I had a somewhat tinny and thin voice, but this shouldn’t take away too much from the otherwise excellent PS5 wireless headphone.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Excellent comfort
  • The haptics are great.
  • Strong design


  • More expensive than some of its nearest rivals
  • The mic is a little thin and tinny.

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Razer Thresher for PS4

The Razer Thresher is a truly exquisite Razer headset in every way. It has a quality build and design, some of the best sound available for Razer PS4 headsets, a quality retractable microphone, a neat optical-to-dongle audio setup, and drivers that can carry loud booms to whisper-quiet tweets while also ensuring you can hear your teammates over both.

Due to its enhanced low-end range and its improved microphone, which carries much less excess noise down the line to my teammates, the Razer Thresher has replaced my SOny Platinum as my go-to PS4 headset. I still think the retractable boom mic on this generation of Razer headsets is excellent.

There are currently a few different iterations of the Razer Thresher PS4 theme available, but whichever one you choose, you’ll be very happy with the outcome. If you pushed me, I’d probably respond that upgrading to the 7.1 or Ultimate version is worth the extra money.

The variety of PS4 Threshers still available is represented by the pricing you see above. And the word “available” is crucial right now because attention will undoubtedly turn to a variety of PS5 headsets as it is likely nearing the end of its real-life span – you can frequently see it out of stock with Razer.

However, if you’re searching for a seriously good wireless Razer headset for your PS4 (without Nari’s additional rumble and haptics, for instance) that will last you for a long time, support you on PC, give you audio excellence, and give you high-quality chat and game sound, the Razer Thresher is it.


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Great construction and design
  • PS4 audio/port connection is neat.
  • Excellent comfort
  • Reasonable battery life


  • Fluctuating stock now that the PS5 generation has arrived

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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is a multipurpose headset that works with almost any gadget. There is a black version as well, which is a comfort for those of you seeking something a little more subtle. It is available in Razer neon green.

The THX Spatial audio and the bass, which can be adjusted across 17 levels to create your ideal audio profile, are the main draws. You can adjust the sound on the amp or with the Razer Synapse 3 software to get the ideal balance for both movies and video games.


  • A variety of gadgets are compatible.
  • A bass control with 17 levels of adjustment
  • Game/chat equilibrium
  • Aural Space


  • Massive form factor
  • An amplifier must be attached to the headset.

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Razer Kraken V3 X

The Kraken V3 X is the most recent model in Razer’s renowned Kraken headset series and the ‘X’ range, which was designed to provide an entry-level option in the gaming headset industry.

In summary, the V3 X improves on its predecessor in every manner and makes use of some of the most recent innovations Razer has to offer.

The microphone and the drivers are given the most attention, but the headset has been updated to integrate the newest innovations and improvements Razer has to offer.

The microphone is now Razer’s Hyperclear Cardioid mic, with greater speech pickup and noise cancellation, and the drivers are now Razer’s own excellent TriForce beasts, offering improvements across the sound spectrum. Together, these two features have been upgraded to almost be in line with Razer’s top-tier headset, the BlackShark V2.

Although it is a little tinier than the top-tier BlackShark headsets, we still found the sound to be outstanding in real-world, everyday, and gaming use. The 7.1 still shines on PC, where this is a PC-first gaming headset. The mic is also a great improvement, though some people won’t like that it isn’t detachable.

But for the price, this is a great gaming headset, especially for those wishing to enter the PC gaming headset market, and it comes with all the characteristics of Razer’s superior audio quality.


  • Fantastic 7.1 surround sound on a computer
  • Comfy
  • Affordable


  • Non-removable microphone
  • 7.1.1 only for PC
  • USB-only connectivity

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Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds

Some of the greatest earphones available are these tiny yet powerful earbuds. The Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds won’t let you down and are designed with mobile gaming in mind, but they can compete with pretty much any audio (to a point). They are portable and simple to use because of their small size and clever storage and charging pillbox design.

The accompanying app is straightforward and well-organized, and once you get used to them, the controls are generally simple and intuitive. The battery life isn’t amazing, and the Bluetooth connection could be a little stronger, but hey, they are tiny earbuds with superb audio, so there will be some slight tradeoffs.

It’s difficult to top what Christian said to conclude his assessment of the Razer Hammerhead headphones: “The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds can satisfy your need for a mid-priced set of wireless earphones.

Although they are not ideally suited for audiophiles, they offer reliable performance and excellent design at an unquestionably fantastic price.

These are the AirPod opposite—though you can still use them with iPhones, of course—and are the ideal match for a svelte, black Android mobile. The Razer Hammerhead earphones are ideal whether you enjoy watching a few bouts on your phone during your lunch break or just want a simple wireless setup for Netflix binges during your daily commute.”


  • Excellent visual design
  • Overall, the sound quality is excellent.
  • Outstanding value


  • Not very impressive bass.
  • Bluetooth and battery life may be improved.
  • Touch controls are inconsistent.

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Razer Kraken X Lite

The Kraken Lite X shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the more expensive gaming Razer headsets. Okay, so the audio quality isn’t the best on the block. And it wasn’t made with high-quality materials. It still merits your time, despite this. For less than $50 / £50, it still sounds fantastic, looks excellent, and gives a lot of value.

Another feather in its cap is a strong but lightweight 230g frame, and the pleather ear cups ensure that it doesn’t look or feel cheap. Along with the included noise-canceling mic, the addition of digital 7.1 surround sound on the PC (available as downloaded software) raises the Lite above what you might anticipate from a headset in this price range.

What distinguishes the Kraken X Lite from the original Kraken X, then? In addition to being more expensive, this one lacks internal volume controls; you must instead control everything through your PC or laptop. When the headset is this inexpensive, that’s an acceptable compromise.

If you were in a bind and needed a cheap Kraken-range headset, we’d probably advise saving up for one of the Kraken models further up the price spectrum, but the X Lite will serve you very well and will definitely satisfy your demand.


  • Comfortable
  • Very reasonable Kraken-range headphone
  • 7.1 digital surround sound


  • Lack of an integrated audio control
  • 7.1 surround sound only on PC

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Razer Tetra

Just starting out with online gaming or looking for something simple that prioritizes online chat over in-game audio? The Razer Tetra is a fantastic piece of equipment then.

The Razer Tetra offers excellent build quality, a two-year guarantee, and good chat audio from the earpiece in contrast to the less expensive single-ear chat headsets that are overtaking internet merchants.

Thanks to cardioid technology, which blocks out background and side noise so you can still be heard over the audio coming from your TV or home theater setup, the adjustable mic is incredibly clear. You may change the volume or mute the mic without accessing any settings menus, thanks to in-line controls on the cord.

For late-night sessions where you might wish to keep the TV level low or muted, you now have the option of playing game audio through the earpiece.

There are several more Razer headsets on this website that will meet your needs if you want something with stronger bass and volume, as well as stereo or virtual surround sound.

This is perfect if you simply want to have clear communication with online friends, teammates, or coworkers (I also use this for online meetings at work on my laptop) with a budget-friendly headset that doesn’t take up much space while not in use.


  • High-end microphone
  • Very light (but not flimsy)
  • Simple plug-and-play technology


  • The audio in-game has little impact.

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How Does Razer Measure Up to Other Brands?

(Pro 1) Available THX Spatial Sound: Many Razer headsets feature virtual surround sound technology created by THX. This allows users to focus on the action sounds in games where directional cues are crucial, giving PC and console players a three-dimensional, immersive audio experience.

(Con 1) Not Everyone Should Use Chroma RGB Lighting A user-selectable Razer Chroma RGB lighting system is included with many Razer gaming goods, including headsets. Some gamers may adore this feature, while others may feel it adds unnecessary complication.

(Pro 2) Razer’s wireless gaming headset models, such as the Razer Kraken wireless, use the same “Hyperspeed” wireless communication as other Razer PC gaming peripherals, allowing them to share a USB dongle and free up a port.

(Con 2) Limited Mobile Device Compatibility: Mobile gamers may find it difficult to connect their preferred Razer headset to a mobile device without a headphone jack because most units rely on 2.4GHz wireless technologies, USB ports, or 3.5 mm audio jack wired connections.

How Does Razer Measure Up to Other Brands?

(Pro 3) Haptic feedback is available on some models, including the more recent Razer PS5 headphones, to provide an even more immersive gaming experience.

(Con 3) Some Premium Competitors Outperform Headphones in Frequency Response: The frequency response range of the majority of Razer gaming headphones, including the Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless, is approximately 10Hz–20kHz, which is a little less than what other high-end competitors offer. The frequency response of the microphone might not be as good as the greatest boom alternatives offered by rival brands.

(Pro 4) Low Latency: Razer, a company with a gaming-centric focus, provides highly low-latency hardware in general to the eSports community. This also holds true for their gaming headsets, with products like the Razer Blackshark and Razer Thresher offering ultra-low latency connectivity.

best razer wireless headset

(Con 4) A Bit Bulky: This might not be a problem for many gamers who are used to larger headsets, but if you’re used to earbuds like the Apple AirPods or a lightweight headset, you could find the size of the top-rated Razer headset models to be a little uncomfortable. The claustrophobic sensation can be exacerbated by the closed-back design of Razer’s over-the-ear headsets. However, because of their superb build quality and ear cup design, devices like the Razer Kraken offer passive noise isolation.

Why Should You Buy a New Razer Gaming Headset?

PC Incorporating a new Razer wireless gaming headset is likely to be the most practical method to integrate high-quality audio in a new gaming setup that includes other Razer peripherals. The Razer companion app offers a relatively simple setup procedure in addition to better sound quality.

If your PC or monitor has been upgraded, you might also want to consider a new headset or set of gaming headphones if you want a more immersive experience where the audio matches the excellent images.

Why Should You Buy a New Razer Gaming Headset?

If you’re a console gamer who is just starting to utilize a current-generation console, you might want to think about getting a new headset for your PS5 or Xbox in order to fully appreciate the latest consoles’ acoustic realism. For instance, the most recent Razer Thresher offers a feature set specifically designed for the newest consoles, with variants for the Xbox Wireless and PS4/5.

If you’re heading into more competitive gaming or streaming, a new Razer headset with THX Spatial Audio would also be a great option. Gamers can localize in-game sound with better positional accuracy thanks to increased spatial audio offered by new eSports-focused models like the Razer BlackShark Pro. The Razer HyperClear cardioid microphone in these latest Razer versions also offers better microphone performance.

New models can now produce more potent low-frequency sounds and a more omnidirectional virtual surround sound experience thanks to the upgrade to 50mm audio drivers from the more traditional 40mm audio drivers found on most premium headsets.

best razer headsets

A new, high-quality headset provides a significant improvement in sound quality, better mic quality, and background noise filtering compared to prior models, making for a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

Even the most affordable Razer headset will probably offer better latency and more responsive audio performance when compared to earlier headsets. The USB and USB-C dongle designs now make it simpler to attach peripherals to a wireless network, and wireless connection speed has increased.

The battery life of modern wireless devices is outstanding. The Razer BlackShark Pro Wireless, for instance, can operate for up to 24 hours on a single charge. Custom-tuned dynamic drivers, THX spatial audio, and Xbox One compatibility are among the most recent additions. Additionally, upgrades to the Razer Synapse 3 app make it simpler to configure a new headset’s customized features and settings.

How Long Do Razer Gaming Headsets Last?

Razer headsets often include solid construction and design characteristics selected for toughness and durability in intense gaming or eSports. In spite of this, the durability of a set of gaming headphones or a headset will differ greatly depending on the type of headset, how it is used, and where it is kept.

The typical lifespan of headphones and headsets is three to five years. Since wireless headsets may be constrained by the life of their internal battery cells, they often have shorter lifespans than wired headset models. As standards change, wireless products may also encounter compatibility problems.

How Long Do Razer Gaming Headsets Last?

Over-the-ear headsets usually last longer than earbuds do. Due to their reduced portability and more durable structure, on-ear headsets might require a longer time to be stored safely.

Heat, dampness, and intense mobile gaming use are factors that increase headset wear and tear. The headband and audio cables may get more stressed if you wear headphones frequently on and off.

Store your headset somewhere generally dry and away from extreme temperatures to help it live longer. A sturdy headset stand or under-desk hook can help protect your headset from drops and beverage spillage. A detachable cable, top-notch ear cup hardware, and a flexible or adjustable headband are characteristics that increase durability.

Razer Warranties

Normally, a 2-year limited warranty covering parts and manufacturing flaws is included with Razer headsets. As usual, proof of purchase from the Razer store or another approved Razer merchant is required for warranty returns.

The speakers, retractable boom mic, if present, original equipment cables, USB sound card, and ear cups are among the internal and external components of the headset that are covered by the guarantee.

Razer Warranties

It offers some technical help and might address problems with the original pre-installed software, but it does not cover any extra or customized software that might have been uploaded using the Razer companion app, Google Assistant, or other methods. Additionally, it does not include alterations, ordinary wear, and tear, or unintentional harm.

Furthermore, it does not cover damage caused by voltage spikes or incompatible wireless chargers when charging wirelessly.

With help typically offered for setup and connectivity issues as well as DOA (Dead On Arrival) goods, the Razer warranty is average for premium gaming headset warranties.

How to Pair Razer Headphones?

To engage Bluetooth pairing mode when the device is powered on, press the Bluetooth or Multi-function button until the status indicator lights up or until you hear a tone. To pair your device with your headset, adhere to its instructions. The status indicator will briefly turn to static blue after the headset is linked. Read also: How To Pair Wireless Earbuds Together? Best Things To Know 2022

How to Pair Razer Headphones

How to Reset Razer Bluetooth Headphones?

  • Put the charging case with the two earbuds inside.
  • The lid should be closed after at least five seconds.
  • Remove the earphones from the charging case to check if the problem has been resolved.


What is the special edition Razer BlackShark V2?

The Razer BlackShark V2 Special Edition is an exact replica of the standard version of the headset. The Special Edition’s only distinguishing characteristics are stronger green accents on the headband and the presence of a carrying case.

What are the top smartphone gaming headphones?

The finest gaming headset you can purchase on mobile is simply whatever the best headphones are, more so than for any other platform. Most gaming features don’t transfer well to mobile platforms, and Bluetooth isn’t supported by the majority of dedicated gaming headsets (those that do typically have pretty limited codec support).

Use your favorite wired headphones instead if you have them; they won’t occasionally have latency problems like Bluetooth headphones do.

What are the top smartphone gaming headphones?

What’s better for gaming, wired or wireless?

The best and most dependable headphones and headsets are those that are wired. In comparison to wireless headsets, wired headsets are less susceptible to interference and quality problems because all of the signal throughputs run through a cable.

However, technology has advanced significantly in recent years, enabling almost lag-free gaming without the hassle of connections. Wireless headsets will work if convenience is your top goal. The greatest option for the highest level of audio quality and the least degree of lag is a wired headset.

Are Apple computers and Razer headsets compatible?

Razer USB headsets have been successfully used with Macs by users, but the platform is not officially supported. Since Razer’s most recent Synapse 3 software is incompatible with Mac computers, accessing software controls will also be challenging.

Since they make use of a standard 3.5mm wire for audio connectivity, headsets like the Razer Hammerhead Duo earbuds will function just fine.


There are a lot of great Razer products on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Hopefully, our guide has helped you make a decision and narrowed down your options. If you still can’t find the perfect Razer product for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help!

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