Beats Studio Wireless Vs Beats Solo 3: Which Is Better And Why?

Beats Studio Wireless Vs Beats Solo 3 Which Is Better And Why

The Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 3 are some of the best models available on the market, so it can be hard to decide which is better. Then you need to see this detailed comparison.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Vs Beats Studio Wireless Pros And Cons

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Beats Solo headphones were released on the market in 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular personal headphones. Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones offer 48 hours of playback from one charge. They also feature a quick charge feature that allows for three hours of usage after a five-minute charge.


  • Because of their portability and lightness, on-ear headphones are more popular than other types. They don’t fully cover the ear so they sound more natural. Although the Solo 3 doesn’t have Active Noise Cancellation as the Studio 3, they do a good job at reducing outside noise.
  • Although they do not cover the entire ear, the earpads fit snugly and are very comfortable.
  • To get 3 hours of playback time, the Solo 3 requires only 5 minutes of Fast Food.


  • The smaller earpads can slip easily if they are sweaty. They can also get very hot during exercise.
  • This model is made of inherently fragile plastic that is resistant to scratches and scuffs but more vulnerable to major damage.
  • Bluetooth connectivity will not work if you don’t intend to use an Apple product. Connectivity issues have been reported by some users after only a few months.

Beats Solo3

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Beats Studio3 Wireless

Beats Studio was released to the public in September 2017. It quickly surpassed the previous Beats headphones’ high standards and became one of the most popular in the world. Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones’ signature design is an “over-ear” earpiece. This means that the cushioning doesn’t touch the listener’s ears but surrounds it.


  • The over-ear design provides natural sound isolation and allows you to hear exactly what you want. Active Noise Cancellation can be your choice. The battery will last for 22 hours. Passive noise reduction is also significant thanks to the earpads.
  • These are considered heavier and bulkier, but consumers say they’re great for everyday wear. They are designed to be comfortable and fit snugly, so they won’t slip with movement.
  • Fast Fuel charges in just 10 minutes and allows for 3 hours of playback.


  • Beats recommend that headphones be kept dry as they don’t have the same water resistance or sweat resistance as other models. You might want to be cautious and not expose them to the weather or take them to the gym.
  • Although Studio 3 can be used with other brands, it is only compatible with Apple products for optimal performance. Android’s battery life and Bluetooth capabilities are not as strong.
  • Although it’s more expensive than the Solo 3 headphones, the prices are comparable to other noise cancelling headphones.

Beats Studio 3

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Vs Studio Wireless Headphones Comparison

Beats Solo headphones rest against your ears, while Beats Studio3 are on-ear headphones. Beats Studio3 Wireless is over-ear headphones that cover the entire ear and do not place any pressure on the ears.


The Beats Solo 3 headphones have a different form factor than the Studio Wireless headphones. The Solo 3 ear cups rest against your ear, while Beats Studio3 Wireless wraps around your ear. Both headphones are compatible with any ear design. This is what customers want to know about headphones.

This construction difference has many implications. Beats Studio3 Wireless is one of the great over-ear headphones, which can be used with any ear design. The Solo3 headphones are on the other side, but they offer better noise suppression or isolation.


Both buttons are invisible and can be found around the Beats logo. The logo acts as the pairing button. Both feature soft padding inside the headband and plush earcups that feel great against your skin.

The Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones come with built-in volume control so you can easily adjust the sound level to your liking.

A serious listener to us pays attention to the music industry or even just a few of their favorite artists.

We are willing to wager that most serious listeners won’t be able to wear headphones for longer than an hour. The Beats Solo3 wireless is an excellent choice for those people. The Studio 3 Wireless is a better option if you live with headphones on.

Connectivity And Pairing

Apple’s W1 processor is perhaps the most significant advantage of Apple-made headphones such as the Beats Solo3 or Studio. The Apple AirPods also include this chipset.

Both headphones have incredible Bluetooth range and stability thanks to Apple’s W1 chip. I took the buds to a friend’s house that was 2 rooms away and was able to walk all around the house and garden and still maintain good reception.

I’m sure if you left the house you’d probably be out of range, but this is far better than any other Bluetooth headphones I’ve used. The only downside to using Apple’s W1 chip over the standard BLE protocol is that it’s only supported by iOS devices.

Apple states that the headphone “can tell when you’re listening and talking,” making it an exceptionally capable piece of hardware designed with modern customers in mind.

The pairing process is also made easier by this chipset, especially if you have an Apple iPhone. Android users are unfortunately out of luck. However, it is still possible for both headphones to be used with Android phones using the traditional Bluetooth pairing process.

How does pairing with the W1 Chip work? This is an NFC chip with a wider range. The pairing card appears as soon as the headphones are connected to your iPhone.

You need to hit the confirm button. Although it’s only a slight improvement in usability, it’s very easy to use and difficult to live without after you’ve had it for a while.

It is also worth noting that the W1 processor has a positive effect on the battery life of both headphones. But we’ll get back to that later.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Vs Studio Wireless Comparison

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Studio 3 headphones are also a winner for audio quality. Beats Studio has slightly better audio quality overall, while Beats Solo is also a great audio system.

Both are so distinctive in audio quality that they are often mentioned when referring to headphones made by other brands. This means that there are accentuated lows and forward mids as well as decent highs.

It is the perfect combination for listening to pop, hip hop, and dubstep. However, it doesn’t mean that headphones with the Beats audio are good for jazz, classical, and rock music.

Apple wants to make Beats headphones less stereotypical. Although the Beats Studio3 Wireless has a lower volume, the on-ear headphones are still louder than the Beats Studio 3 Bluetooth headphones. However, the difference is not significant.

The EQ settings of your smartphone can quickly produce the same effect. Future versions of these headphones are expected to improve the quality and balance of the audio.

Both headphones provide the Beats experience, which is excellent, pumping bass and warm sound. Beats Studio3 Wireless’s over-ear design can help keep the bass contained, but the Solo3 headphones are unable to handle volume above 60%.

Prospective buyers need not worry about the range of these wireless headphones. Both come with Apple’s W1 chip and offer a range of up 80 feet.

Noise Cancellation

Both headphones have active noise cancellation (ANC) enabled. This allows for great suppression of background noise while you are deeply engaged in your music. It’s a common feature in wireless headphones these days, so it shouldn’t surprise to see it on these two models.

This background noise clear sound transmission and sending also require cancelling.

Studio3 Bluetooth headphones offer superior noise cancellation thanks to their Adaptive Technology Noise Cancelling Technology.

Apple’s Transparency Mode is compatible with only Apple devices like the iPhones. It allows you to disable active noise cancelling and listen to what’s going on in the background. Apple points out that

Battery Life

Beats Solo3’s sound leakage is mitigated by its better battery life. The manufacturer can playback for up to 40 hours, while Studio 3 only plays for 22 hours. Beats Studio3 Wireless has a new, more powerful chipset that can give you up to 22 hours of playback.

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless has a clear advantage in terms of battery life. However, Transparency Mode and other features can reduce battery life. You can reduce the playback time by using noise-cancellation or transparency mode.



Are Beats Available Wirelessly?

Both the Solo 3 and Beats Studio3 Wireless are compatible with the RemoteTalk Control Cable with a 3.5mm connector for wired operation.

Why Are Prices So Inconsistent?

Different retailers can set different prices based on other factors. Beats recommend that you only purchase from authorized retailers to ensure you get a simple device. You can find many knockoff devices online.

FAQs About Beats Solo 3 Vs Beats Studio Wireless


Beats Solo and Beats Studio, both high-quality personal headphones made of premium materials, were released by Beats approximately 18 months apart. The Beats Studio are the better headphones if you can justify the significant price increase. However, for those on a budget, the Beats Solo is a great option.

Rezence hopes you found this article useful and could help you make the right decision.

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