Arctis Pro Wireless Vs Astro A50: Which Is Better In 2022?

Arctis Pro Wireless Vs Astro A50 Which Is Better In 2022

This article discusses the differences between Arctis Pro Wireless vs Astro A50. Both are top-notch wireless gaming headset market that offer similar features. However, the Arctis Pro Wireless focuses on sound quality and comfort while the Astro A50 focuses on advanced features and design. In this post, we’ll go through everything there is to know about these gaming headsets.

Astro A50 Vs Arctis Pro Wireless Pros And Cons

Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless


  • Compatible with both PCs and consoles
  • It is super comfortable and perfect for long gaming sessions.


  • Battery life is shorter
  • Due to the GameDAC, it requires some space.

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Astro A50 Vs Arctis Pro Wireless Pros And Cons

Astro A50 Wireless


  • It has long battery life. It can last for the entire day.
  • Fast charging. You can play up to 4 hours on a 15-minute charge
  • You can enjoy a more immersive experience with virtual surround sound.


  • The bass is slightly recessed so adjust the EQ to get louder gunshots.
  • Only the Astro A50 works with this base station. It won’t work with any other headphones.
  • It is not retractable nor detachable so the mic remains visible even when you aren’t using it.

Steelseries Arctis Pro Vs Astro A50 Comparison

Design And Build

The two wireless headphones can’t be used together, mainly when they are being used for playing game. The Arctis Pro Wireless has a DAC, which makes it compatible with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Astro A50 wireless also comes with a dock. You can choose between a dock to play on Playstation or Xbox. These will be discussed in greater detail later.

The headphones are solid and sturdy. Even if they were dropped, they wouldn’t be broken or damaged. The Arctis pro wireless is a little heavier than the Astro A50.

Both headphones have a volume control on the earcups. The Arctis Pro Wireless DAC offers a variety of functions. We’ll talk more about this later.

Comfort And Fit

The headphones feature soft ear pads made of comfortable material. Even after hours of gaming, they don’t heat up. The Astro A50 is lighter, so it’s easy to wear for long hours.

The Astro 50’s cushioned headband reduces pressure on your head and adds comfort. The elastic strip on the Arctic’s headband does the same thing. The flexible option is convenient because you can adjust it without having to touch the headband.

Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Vs Astro A50 Comparison


The mic of the Astro A50 is not removable. It cannot swivel upwards or downwards. When it is not in use, you can swing it up. The mic has an auto-mute feature that automatically mutes it when it’s up. When you bring the mic towards your mouth, it will unmute and begin working.

The retractable microphone is available for the Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming headset. You can also push it in when not in use, but it is not removable.

Although the Astro A50’s microphone captures your voice well, it is still a bit more expensive than the Pro Wireless headset.

Additional Features

Let’s now talk about the attachment devices that make these headphones compatible with all consoles or PCs.

The Astro A50 includes a dock. The docks are also known as base stations for the Astros. The docks are different for the Xbox and PlayStation 4. You can use these docks to charge headphones or pair them with your consoles. You can connect to the PC via USB.

The optical audio, aux, and USB ports are located at the back of the base station. This is used to connect to your console. You can connect your Xbox or PS4 to your TV via HDMI if it does not have an optical port. Connect the TV to your base wireless station using the optical audio port.

In some ways, the Arctis Pro Wireless GameDAC looks similar to Astro’s base station. It does not charge your headphones. You can pair your Bluetooth headphones with your PS4, Xbox, and PC. The GameDAC has many features that let you control the performance of your headphones.

You can adjust the EQ and mic pairing settings, among other things. The screen is small and interactive. The GameDAC can be used with other headphones, which is a big plus. This is a great deal.

SteelSeries Arctis pro wireless features a retractable microphone,  ClearCast mic for clear, studio-quality vocals and Background noise cancellation

Audio Performance

Gaming headset must have excellent sound quality. This is especially true when there are high stakes. Both sound fantastic, and they were both captivating.

You will be amazed at the amazing audio quality of the Astro A50. Our gaming session was a blast, with a variety of games including Risk of Rain 2, Overwatch and Doom. The unit’s heavy music and excellent sound quality were a big hit with our testers.

They did not, however, overshadow the other minor sounds that were coming in from around. It was easy to see where the trouble was coming from, which enhanced the game. You could clearly hear the bombs and gunshots.

You have two options: you can use stereo sound effects, or you might prefer to use normal audio performance. You will enjoy high-quality sound with the Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headphones. The bass is very audible and can be felt. If you’re interested in listening to the guitars and drums, you can play along with them.

The mid-range music was also very pleasing to us. You can clearly hear the highs and lows. It was possible to hear your teammates speaking loudly and clearly. It was very detailed.

Battery Life

Winner: Astro A50

The specifications show that the Astro A50 can run for up to 15 hours while the Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless can last up to 20 hours. These numbers might make it appear that Arctis Pro has the longest battery life. However, this is not true.

Two batteries are included in the Arctis Pro Wireless. Each can hold a charge for up to 10 hours. The combined battery life of the Arctis Pro Wireless is 20 hours. When low on charge, these batteries can be removed and recharged using the base station.

The Astro A50 headphones can be charged for longer periods of time. In terms of charging, the base station for the Astro A50 is much more efficient. You won’t need to worry about keeping the batteries charged for long periods of time once you have them fully charged. It is easier to keep the batteries charged longer than it is to take them out and charge them.


The Astro A50 is a great model that works with many devices and consoles. Gamers can connect to their computer, laptop, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X via their PS5, PS5, or Nintendo Switch.

Astro A50 models come with 15 hours of work-life per single charge. The unit will still work even if you lose the charge. This is the time when the unit is not being used. This feature is especially great on top-end wireless gaming headsets.

This greatly improves the compatibility and operation time of the headset. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless provides 10 hours of use on one charge. You can also swap out the second battery when it is not in use.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless cannot be used with your phone, tablet, or laptop. It cannot be used with your Xbox One. You might want to consider other options if you have a specific preference about how it is operated using your Xbox One.

Two gaming headsets are extremely compatible with most consoles and devices. The A50 is a better choice than the Arcits Pro model. You won’t be disappointed if you love the Xbox One.


It is not surprising that this review will be about high-end gaming headsets. The Astro A50 is under $300, but it isn’t cheap.

However, if you take a look at all the features, it is tempting to buy them. Everything has been well done, from the design to battery life. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless costs less than $330

The gaming headset is a great choice because it has amazing features and outstanding functionalities. These two stunning models are priced at $300 and worthy of gaming.

What Should You Look For When Shopping For Gaming Headphones

Here are some things to consider before you buy a gaming headset.

Gaming Headsets Or Headphones?

Gaming headphones and gaming headsets might seem like interchangeable terms. You’d be shocked to learn that they are very different.

Gaming headphones can be used to listen to music or as a stereo pair. They have extra features, such as surround audio and accurate detail retrieval that make them unique for gaming. These headphones have a separate microphone, which is a significant feature that sets them apart from other audiophile headphones.

Gaming headsets are better suited for gaming. These headsets have a retractable microphone, special gaming features like virtual surround audio and on-the-fly configuration of games, as well as a retractable microphone. Gaming headsets are only intended for professional gaming purposes.

Wireless Vs. Wired headphones

Gaming on the PC is made easier by wired headphones. These headphones can be connected to either a regular 3.5mm connector or a USB.

Wireless headphones are more convenient and can be used when you’re playing on a console. They can be difficult to use if you plan to play for long hours as they require charging.

Microphone Quality

A microphone and a headset are essential for Valorant and CSGO players who need to communicate with their teammates. Mice can be either unidirectional, or omnidirectional.

Unidirectional microphones transmit sound in only one direction, focusing on your vocals. Omnidirectional microphones pick up sounds from all directions. A unidirectional microphone is better suited for gaming.

Before you buy a gaming headset, make sure to check the properties of the microphone. Boom microphones are better at capturing voice and offer noise cancellation. You can also check for a mute function to protect your privacy.


Are The Headphones Capable Of Delivering Surround Sound?

Stereo sound, surround sound or three-dimensional sound can all be achieved with headphones

Stereo audio is included in audiophile headphones, which are headphones that can be used to listen to music. Surround sound is a way to manipulate the audio so it sounds like it’s coming through multiple speakers.

Gaming headphones must have surround sound. To ensure an immersive audio experience, each earpad has multiple drivers.

There are many types of surround sound, including Dolby 7.1, Windows Sonic, and DTSX 2. For FPS gamers, surround sound is an important feature as it allows you to locate your enemy’s position.

Are The Headphones Comfortable?

A happy gaming experience is only possible if you feel comfortable.

Gaming takes patience and time. Your ears will need to be cared for if you are going to wear headphones for a long time. Pick the right headphone for you.

We recommend that you test the headphones before purchasing. Pay attention to the material used for the earpads. Sometimes, the padding might not be sufficient, and feel uncomfortable. You should also make sure that the headband is adjustable to ensure it doesn’t clamp too tightly to your head.

Is The Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Worth It?

SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless headset is worth the investment. It has low latency, sounds great, can be used on PCs, mobile devices, and consoles has a comfortable fit and noise canceling.

Are Pro Gamers Wired Or Wireless?

Professional gamers prefer the wired headset. This is because it receives audio frequency via the cables. It produces better audio quality and clear vocals than wireless headsets.

FAQs About Astro Gaming A50 Vs SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless


Two gaming headsets offer excellent options and are a close match. We haven’t even touched on the price. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless currently costs around $100 more than the Astro A50.

Which one should you choose? Well, it depends. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headset is one of the great gaming headsets. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and produces impressive sound. The Astro A50 is a better 7.1 surround sound gaming headset.

Both are excellent gaming headsets, and each is tailored for a different market. We recommend the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headset if you are still unsure. Rezence hopes found this article useful and could help you make the right decision.

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