Technical Specification

The objective of the A4WP’s Rezence specification is to closely match real-world charging situations, while minimizing the difficulty to build compliant products. Rezence is a specification for the wireless power transmitter and receiver, mutual coupling, and mutual inductance - leaving most options open to members.

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To pair wireless power with real-world conditions, spatial freedom allows for higher variability in coupling coefficient, device size, load conditions and separation between the power transmitter and receiver. This offers wireless power product designers greater latitude in implementing charging systems, and results in a superior consumer experience.

 Electronic products intended for Rezence integration should address several factors:

  • Power dissipation and layout
  • Integration of resonator to device
  • Miniaturization
  • Integration of communication link to on-board radio

Designers may specify and source their own out-of-band radios, power amplifiers, DC-to-DC converters, rectifiers, microprocessors – discrete or integrated – and assemble them as they require.

As long as the components conform to the specification, they can utilize any topology. The specification reserves only the interfaces and model of transmitter resonator to be used in the system.


For more in-depth technical information about Rezence technology, visit our Technical Publications page.