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AirFuel Multi-Mode Inductive and Resonant Solutions Support Wireless Charging from sub 1 Watt all the Way to 70 Watts


A4WP and PMA Reveal New Brand Identity, AirFuel Alliance

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA), industry leaders in wireless charging technology, today announced a new combined organization and brand identity – AirFuel™ Alliance. Now with a unified vision, AirFuel Alliance further strengthens a commitment to improve user experience through the development of advanced wireless charging standards.


New organization focused on advancing wireless charging availability for consumer, industrial, medical and military applications




In an interview with, Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director of electrical and electronics research, said America’s number two automaker has decided on a wireless charging strategy as well, though he declined to provide specific details. Ford has said previously that the technology was not ready.