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When the A4WP opened its doors for business two short years ago, it launched with a total of eight companies. In fact, membership didn’t move above 20 companies until we entered 2013. For this and many more reasons, A4WP members take great pride in announcing in June that our membership surpassed the century mark,100 companies – and it continues to climb. The roster of current members can always be found at This chart illustrates how quickly the membership totals have grown.


For the first time, the Alliance for Wireless Power is pleased to make the Rezence Baseline System Specification Version 1.2 (BSS V1.2) available to the public.

Rezence BSS V1.2 defines a system reference model and a host of features, including:

  • Rezence™ first standard to wirelessly charge higher power devices with spatial freedom
  • Fujitsu, Hon Hoi (Foxconn), Lenovo, Logitech, and Panasonic join as membership tops 100 companies

PC World

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) said Wednesday that it had more than tripled the available power for its Rezence wireless charging standard to 50 watts, making wireless charging feasible for tablets and notebook PCs as well as smartphones.