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The Alliance for Wireless Power, more commonly known as A4WP, are one such group. They’re backing technology known as Rezence, and we asked A4WP president Dr. Kamil Grajsky for his thoughts on how it will succeed in bringing wireless charging to the masses in a way that other projects have failed to.


Reflecting the stability and maturity of its magnetic resonance technology for wireless power transfer, the Alliance for Wireless Power is pleased to make the Rezence Baseline System Specification Version 1.2.1 (BSS v1.2.1) available to the public.

  • Membership base expands beyond cellphone and smartphone sector
  • Rising mobile network operator and consumer electronics interest
  • Only industry-sponsored resonant wireless charging specification from 1-50W+
  • CES technology showcase to include a variety of Rezence™ devices and charging surfaces, including the addition of intelligent wireless charging

Creating a single entity to address consumer needs, move wireless charging to the next levelCreating a single entity to address consumer needs, move wireless charging to the next level


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. and LONDON, Jan. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Gill Electronics, Inc. and Chargifi Ltd. today announced an agreement for Gill to provide its wireless power transmitters and receivers to Chargifi. Chargifi will be installing and distributing these products along with its smart wireless charging network solution globally, with installations beginning in January of 2015. It is expected that this rapid deployment of next generation wireless power technology will set the standard for how wireless charging should be experienced in public places.